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How to Choose the Best Video Recorder for PC [2022 Updated]

How to choose the most suitable video recorder for PC in 2022? There are 3 simple steps to help you find it.

People's demand for watching visual materials over and over again as needed has proved that recording videos is becoming one of the most effective ways to transmit information.

At present, there are so many kinds of screen recording services available out there, but the features of the products are uneven. So, the issue that how to choose the most suitable screen video recorder for PC might bother you. This article will give a detailed introduction and pertinent advice on selecting a video recorder for PC from three aspects, computer configuration, expectations of recording, and the further operations on the recorded videos.

Video Recorder for PC

How to Choose the Most Suitable Video Recorder for PC – 3 Steps

Here are 3 steps that will help you filtrate out the best video screen recorder on PC for your private computer.

Choose Video Recorder for PC: Learn about Your Own PC

First, you should find out the basic step - checking your computer's configuration. Seek answers for questions such as which version of Windows you are using, what type of processor and graphics card it has, and how much RAM it has. Then use this information to choose proper software that matches the configuration of your computer.

Select Video Recorder on PC: What Kind of Recording Do You Want

List your expectations of the recordings, in other words, you must have a clear idea of what kind of recording do you want. As is known, a video recorder for PC can record sessions, videos, internal and external audios, your face, and it also supports capturing screenshots.

In order to make a proper choice, we have to step into details about these functions.

When it comes to recording screen, we need to pay attention to 3 key points, including clarity, fluency, and export format.

A high-definition recorded video of 1080p and 60 fps always wins much more attention than a video of 720p recorded and 30 frame rate per second. And the different output video formats provide you more options for later uploading to other platforms.

Next, audio quality is the second decisive factor for selecting a video recorder for PC. Especially when you need to record tutorials or presentations, high-quality audio with 12 Mbps is a must. >> How to Record Screen and Audio at the Same Time on PC

Other influential references depended on different requirements like time limitation, watermark, web camera recording, mouse recording, internal and external sound, and so on.

The above criteria are not the only ones to judge the importance of video recorder in PC. They need to be decided according to your actual needs, but they are of great reference value for those who do not know how to choose the right software.

Install Video Recorder in PC: What Would You Do After Recording

After completing the recording process, you might tend to do some further operations on the recorded videos. For instance, you can edit the recordings by trimming the unwanted parts. Or you can choose to make the interesting part of videos into a gif, and you can also make a meme out of the captured screenshots. Finally, you can share them with your friends, families, or viewers on your social platforms.

Tip:< em>Besides desktop video recorder for PC, there're lots of online video recorder programs that are available for recording screen on Windows. If you don't want to install an application and just require basic recording, this kind of software is suitable for you. But we should notice you that most of them has limited features.

Get the Most Suitable Video Recorder for PC – 1 Step

If you have no ways to find the right video recorder for PC, you won't have to work hard to get it. Because we’ve already prepared the most suitable video recorder on PC for you. That is iTop Screen Recorder which is able to reach all the demands mentioned in the former paragraphs. 

Low Requirement for Your Computer

Although the iTop Screen Recorder is equipped with powerful functionality, it has low requirements for computer configuration. It empowers you to record screen on Windows 10, 8, 7 and the latest 11 with no effort at all. Furthermore, it doesn’t take so much CUP as other screen recorder does. So you needn’t worry about lagging when recording import live videos.

Multiple Video Format, Audio Recording and High-Definition Support

The iTop Screen Recorder supports a variety of video formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, GIF, and so on. All these are commonly used in mainstream electronic products. It also allows simultaneous recording of system sound and microphone sound. Therefore, teachers can use it to record online classes, tutorials, and presentations conveniently. Additionally, it also has a wide range of video sharpness options which ensure you get a good re-watch experience.

Video Format, Quality and Frame Rate of a Video Recorder for PC

Also, a Video Editor for You

In order to meet the needs of different groups, it also built in a simple video editing function, providing users with a convenient one-stop service. Since we mentioned before that iTop Screen Recorder support converting recorded videos to GIF format, so you can keep the funny video clips and output them into GIFs. Then, you can share them to the ones you want to share happy moments with.

Yeah, you heard me right. This treasure-like video recorder for PC is completely free, and you don't have to worry that it would suddenly watermark your video when you export videos. Excited about these features? Download and use it as soon as possible.


To summarize the whole article, we remind you of 3 steps to choose the most suitable video recorder on PC and one step to get it. The whole article sums up these three steps as checking the computer's configuration, writing down recoding expectations, and listing further operations on the recorded videos.

Finally, we realize that iTop Screen Recorder basically contained all the functions and features required for a video recorder in PC. It not only has low requirements for computer configuration but also supports multiple video formats, audio recording, and high-definition video recording. In addition, it also allows users to edit and share their recorded creations.

So, this software was the most suitable Screen recording software for users. Fame follows merit. Don't hesitate to have a try at once.

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