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[Ultimate Guide] How to Record Your Screen Video on PC

How to record your screen video? Get the ultimate guide of how to record a screen video with audio and webcam in Windows 11/10 PC with ease.

Along with the popularity of remote work and study during the pandemic period, more people start searching for the way of how to record a screen video on computer for later sharing with teams or groups. For example, you can capture a copy of online conference, make a presentation for class, create a how-to tutorial of program, or save live streaming videos with the help of screen recording. So, how to record your screen video? Can you record screen with audio and webcam? Follow us to get the answers.

How to Record Your Screen Video

Best Screen Record to Record Your Screen Video on PC

In fact, you have to make use of screen recorder to record video from your screen. The market has gathered numerous screen recording tools, some of which specializes in capturing screen videos while some of which unboxes more features allowing you to record and edit in one stop. Well, what is the best screen recorder that can record your screen video perfectly?

iTop Screen Recorder is is the most recommended desktop screen recorder for PC. It dedicates to delivering the best user experience to record your computer screen, no guesswork and no complex settings. Even you are a very beginner, you can get started with it effortlessly. Certainly, it has an array of useful features that meet nearly all your needs.

Record Any Area of Your Screen

iTop Screen Recorder gives you several options of capturing area. You can freely record part of screen, full screen or a window like software wizard/browser tab. It also enables you to record screen with fixed aspect ratio, 4:3 or 16:9.

Record Any Activity on Your Screen

You can capture anything within the recording area using iTop Screen Recorder, the mouse movement, keyboard inputs, online contents and everything happens in a running program. That is, you can record Zoom meeting or any other online meetings, live streams, gameplay and so on.

Record Your Screen Video with Audio & Webcam

iTop Screen Recorder will automatically capture a screen video with system audio. In addition to this, it can also record screen with your voice and face at the same time through the support of internal or external microphone and webcam. Therefore, you can easily create a training or reaction video. What’s more, it has a audio-only capturing mode to record music from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and other platforms with no quality loss.

Record Your Screen Video in HD with No Lags

iTop Screen Recorder utilizes hardware acceleration (with full support of Intel, AMD and Nvidia) to make screen recording smoothly. It produces no lags or shutters when you capture high quality videos, saying clips in 4K, 1080p HD, 60fps etc. And its low CPU usage can help you run multiple tasks without slowing down the computer.

Record and Edit Your Screen Video

iTop Screen Recorder builds in a video editor that enables you to enhance your recording. You can cut, split/merge, flip/rotate video clips. You can add music, transitions, effects, text and more elements to the recording. You can change video size, aspect ratio and quality. The inbuilt tool can server as standalone video editing software to make fast and easy editing for local videos on your computer.

Output Your Screen Video to Multiple Formats

Unlike some tools that has a few of output formats, iTop Screen Recorder enables you to record a screen video to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, TS and make a GIF from recording. If you record an audio file, you can export it to MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC.

Safe and Free to Record Your Screen Video

iTop Screen Recorder is a 100% safe and clean tool, no virus, no bundleware, no malware. Due to offline recording, you don’t need to worry about data leakage. Also, it is free to record screen in Windows 10, 8, 7 and the latest 11. You can enjoy its recording features with no cost.

How to Record Your Screen Video - Ultimate Guide

With straightforward interface, you can use iTop Screen Recorder to capture a screen video in a few of clicks. In the following, let’s get the ultimate guide of how to record your screen video on PC.

Step 1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your computer. It is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.

Step 2. Customize Recording Settings

Launch iTop Screen Recorder. Click three lines on right top of the interface and select Settings. Click on the tabs on the left sidebar and adjust corresponding settings. For example:

  • Click on Record to change recording destination, enable hardware acceleration and other recording options;
  • Click on Webcam to change webcam overlay position/size;
  • Click on Format to adjust video size, format, frame rate as well as audio format, bitrate, channel and more parameters.

How to Record Your Screen Video - Settings

Step 3. Start Recording Your Screen Video

Click the arrow next to Full Screen to select recording area from the drop-down list. Then, you can get ready to record video from your screen.

  • If you just need to record screen with system audio, turn on Speaker and click REC to start recording.
  • If you want to record screen with voice from microphone, turn on Microphone and click REC to start recording.
  • If you want to record screen with your face, turn on Webcam and click REC to start recording.
  • You can also turn on all options (speaker, microphone, webcam) to record your screen video with audio and webcam simultaneously.

How to Record Your Screen Video - Start Recording

Step 4. Stop Recording Your Screen Video

After 3-second countdown, the recording toolbar appears. When you finish, click the Done (red square) button to stop recording.

How to Record Your Screen Video - Stop Recording

Step 5. Edit or Upload Your Recording (Optional)

The recorded video will be automatically saved to My Creations in iTop Screen Recorder. Click More (...) button.

  • Click Edit to launch the inbuilt video editor. The recording track is already added to the timeline. Now, you can cut video to remove unwanted part, add special effects, text to video, and do more editing as you like.
  • Click Upload to directly share your recording to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or save it to Google Drive/Dropbox.

How to Record Your Screen Video - Edit or Upload

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The Bottom Line

How to record your screen video? It’s not a big trouble when you get a really helpful screen recorder. iTop Screen Recorder is assuredly the best screen recording software for Windows. It shows powerful abilities to record everything on your screen. You can record streaming videos, gameplay clips, conference and video calls, personal presentations and lectures with high quality and no lagging. It supports capturing audio and webcam as well. Download it to enjoy the best performance and experience to record a screen video.

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