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How to Record Your Screen Video 2021: Safe, Quick, and Free [for All Devices]

How to record your screen video? Find the quickest and easiest way to record your screen here. It's 100% safe and free!

Where there is a demand, there is an ideal product. The video recorder is not exceptional. For business, people sometimes record conference call to make a backup copy; for education, teachers record online courses, spreading knowledge whenever and wherever they are; and for the Internet, we-media bloggers usually use a video recorder to make gaming vlogs, and some make video tutorials in fields such as food, make-up, dressing, and so on. It is so powerful.

Indeed, the video recorder is playing an indispensable role in our daily life. How to record your screen video? This page is going to introduce you free and powerful video recorders to best meet your needs. Stay tuned!


How to Record Your Screen Video on Andriod?

ADV Screen Recorder is a free yet functional application for Android devices. It bears literally every feature that a desktop recorder possesses. Besides the most fundamental operations like pause, edit, and annotate video, ADV Screen Recorder also allows you to record video screen with your narration and your camera (both front and back).

Step 1. Download and open ADV Screen Recorder.

Step 2. Tweak settings – You can customize the options like FPS, Video Bitrate, Resolution. Also, you can decide whether you want to record with Mic and Camera or not.

Step 3. Hit on the little green icon and press the first button to start recording.


Step 4. Feel free to annotate your screen during the recording. And once the mission is accomplished, hit the first button again to stop recording.

How to Record Your Screen Video on iPhone?

From Google, Apple hit 1.5 billion active devices running iOS in 2020, and thus naturally, a big part of users have a demand on how to record your screen video. Otherwise, the Apple team would not have updated the recording function to its iOS 14. There are two ways to easily work out how to video record your iPhone screen.

How to Video Record Your iPhone Screen with Third-Party App

There are many best screen recorder apps on the market. If you are an iFans who would never give up using iPhone, then here is a friendly video recorder for you to try. TechSmith Capture brings powerful screen recording technology to your mobile devices. You can easily record apps and other content for video demos, presentations, and tutorials. The possibilities are endless. 


How to Record Your Screen to Make a Video with TechSmith

TechSmith's iPhone screen recorder lets you record your screen without jailbreak. Easily reach it without hesitation!

Step 1. Enable screen recording on your iOS device (in Control Center > Customize Controls, scroll down and click the plus sign next to Screen Recording).

Step 2. Set up your screen recorder (Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the screen recording button. Then select TechSmith Capture.).

Step 3. Record your screen (Tap Start Broadcast when you're ready to start the recording. Then close the Control Center and walk through the process you want to record).

How to Video Record Your iPhone Screen without Third-Party Apps

If your iPhone storage is almost too full to download any other apps, while the question of how to record your screen to make a video is truly the pressing need, don't worry, you can make it with the original iOS system!

Before getting started, in order to guarantee you will enjoy a smooth process, you can in advance go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap the plus icon next to Screen Recording. When it is done, the surface will be like this:


Then the following steps are:

Step 1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the screen recording button when you are ready to start the recording job. 


Step 2. Just by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and press the button again. You can stop recording whenever you want. After it is done, you can easily find the video in the Photos gallery.

How to Record Your Screen Video on PC?

Except for the demand for using the video recorder on the Mobiles, there is also an increasing need on that of PC. No matter it is for the conference calls, online courses, video tutorials, music videos, or HD films, a powerful video recorder on PC will be definitely working perfectly and professionally beyond mobile apps. Please feel free to have iTop Screen Recorder downloaded by hitting the button below:

But How to video record your computer screen? Check the easy and quick tutorial before you start recording!iTop-screen-recorder-records-screen-video

iTop Screen Recorder Records Screen Video

Why Choose iTop Screen Recorder?

iTop screen recorder can record any area of your screen with no limits on the recording time. What's more, it records HD videos with no watermark.

  • Free to answer how to record your screen video

To enjoy sorts of powerful functions within will not require a penny. It costs 0 to get a 100% high-quality service.

  • Easy to answer how to record your screen video

Holding the user-friendly philosophy, each step is elaborately designed to make a beginner a master within a few seconds. 

  • Powerful to answer how to record your screen video

iTop Screen Recorder supports taking screenshots while recording. And more than 12 output formats are supported to be stored and converted to other formats you want. Besides, no lagging while HD recording is also guaranteed here.

How to Start iTop Screen Recorder

Now, here are easy 3 steps to enjoy this amazing tool. Download the high-quality videos with iTop Screen Recorder now!

Step 1. Set up your preference. Record hot videos by at the highest 4K definition and 0 lag technique.

Step 2. From the entire display to a small dialog box, you can select any area of your screen to start recording. 


Step 3. Save and edit. iTop Screen Recorder provides you with basic editing functions, which is no barrier to use. No matter video or audio, every single frame is under your control.


The Bottom Line

The above are 3 ways to answer the question of how to record your screen video. You can find out the one that best suits your needs. However, we can't deny that recording on the computer is more common, popular, and convenient for most people. Here is a powerful tool that is 100% fast, safe, and free to meet your needs. Easily make HD videos on PC with iTop Screen Recorder now!

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