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How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with Sound [Free]

Don’t know how to record your screen windows 10? This passage will equip you with two quick methods, both are easy, free, and don’t require learning curves.

Screen recording on Windows 10 is a useful way to share things or make tutorial videos, especially among young people who'd like to share content with others via all kinds of social media platforms. To record the screen, you need an optimum tool to help you. What's the best screen recorder tool to record screen on Windows 10? How to record your screen on Windows 10? The article shows 2 easy ways to record your screen on Windows 10 free. One most convenient way is to use the native screen capture tool built-in Windows 10, while another way is to use a professional screen recorder to record screen on Windows 10, or other Windows versions in various formats, ratios, and qualities.

How to Record Your Screen Windows 10

How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with A Native Screen Capture Tool

Having installed Windows 10 operating system for a long time, some even don't know that it has a built-in screen capture tool - Xbox Game Bar. As its name suggests, it is primarily designed for gamers to record clips of video games. Even though, it is convenient to use and works well in most apps used as a screen recorder tool. Let's go to see how to find the native screen capture tool and how to record screen on Windows 10 with it. 

First and foremost, you need to find and turn on Xbox Game Bar

Step 1. Click the Start button at the bottom and the Gear icon to open the Settings.

Step 2. Select Gaming. Then the Xbox Game Bar section load by default. On the right, there is a toggle shat is to turn on or off the Bar. If it reads Off, click the toggle and turn on the video capture tool. Then you can start to record your screen on Windows 10.    

Record Your Screen on Window 10 with Xbox Game Bar

Then here are steps to solve 'how to record your screen on Windows 10' with Xbox Game Bar 

The screen recorder tool does work in regular apps, but it still has some disadvantages. Not all actions on Windows 10 can be recorded by the tool. Desktop, File Explorer cannot be recorded. So before starting press the shortcut key to open the Xbox Game bar, remember to open the app you want to record at first. Otherwise, it will notify that gaming features aren't available for the Windows desktop or File Explorer. Then you could follow the steps to record screen Windows 10 instantly.

Step 1: Press the shortcut key Windows Key + G to open the screen recorder tool built-in Window 10. 

Step 2: Click the Start Recording button (or press the shortcut key Windows Key + Alt + R) to start recording your screen in Windows 10. You could click the Setting button and change default settings, such as choose to record audio or not.

How to Record Your Screen Windows 10 - Step 2

Step 3: On the top right of the computer screen, you could see the Capture Status, which shows the time of the recording. To end the recording, just click the green button. 

How to Record Your Screen Windows 10 - Step 3

To view the video you've recorded, press the Windows Key + G and open the Xbox Game bar. Click the Widget Menu, choose Gallery, and you could watch all videos you've recorded. These videos are saved as MP4 files. Another way to find your recorded videos in Windows 10 is to go to the Captures subfolder under the Videos folder. 

Cons of the Screen Capture Tool:

  • Cannot record full screen or specify a resolution to capture.
  • Cannot pause while recording.  
  • Limited video editing features.
  • Sometimes the gaming features not available for the Windows desktop
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How to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with Free Screen Recorder Software

To help you record screen and sound on Windows 10 with more options, we recommend a professional and free screen recorder for Windows 10 (suited for other Windows operating systems too). The 100% free screen recorder is iTop Screen Recorder. Designed to record your screen on Windows, including Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, it offers high-quality service to record video with high-definition visual performance without lagging on the frame. Different from Windows 10's built-in screen capture tool, it allows you to record any area of your screen according to your demand. You can record HD videos, no watermark, no time limit.  

 Main Features of the Free iTop Screen Recorder:

  • Record screen with sound. Open the app and you can choose to record system sounds, microphone, and mouse clicks. All sounds can be completely recorded.
  • Capture screen to record flexibly. The screen recorder offers 4 options to choose the screen region to record: full screen, a specific region, fixed ratio (4:3 and 16:9).
  • Support various output and convert formats. After recording, you could save the video in over 12 formats compatible with mainstream digital devices. Audio can be saved in MP3, AAC, and other formats. More than that, it assists you to convert a video to any format you want.  
  • Edit videos after recording. iTop Recorder has more functions than recording. After the recording ends, you could click the Edit button to edit the video with basic edit functions and save it instantly. Every single frame is what you want.
  • Upload videos to social media platforms immediately. Right-click a video and choose the Upload option. You can upload a video from the Screen Recorder to popular social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Next, we'll show you how to record your screen on Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder step by step.

Steps to Record Your Screen on Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1: Free Download iTop Screen Recorder on Windows 10 or other Windows versions and install it right now.

Step 2: Open the recorder and set up preference. For more settings, click the Settings to choose the video size, format, frame rate, and quality. You can also set the audio format and frame rate.

Step 3: Start to record screen on Windows 10 by clicking the red circle record button. (Or press the hotkey F9 to start recording.) 0 lag technique. Press F10 to pause the recording and F9 to end it. 

Start to Record Screen

When you end the recording, the video is saved automatically. Under the video list, you can see all recorded videos and edit a video by clicking the edit icon. 

If you're accustomed to recording screen on mobile, there are 13 best screen recorder apps for Android and iPhone with useful features for your to choose.


"How to record screen on Windows 10" is a simple question to answer.  To record your screen on Windows 10, its native screen capture tool is convenient. But if you are seeking a screen recorder software for a well-done screencast, iTop Screen Recorder is your best choice. It works on all Windows versions and helps you record high-quality videos without one penny. Try it free now to solve "how to record your screen on Windows 10" and share content with others.

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