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How to Screen Record Protected Videos [Completed Guide]

How to screen record protected videos? This article will show a simple trick to screen record protected videos on Windows PC and mobile without black screen.

Some media players’ ability to screen record videos while playing is really helpful when you want to get the video for repeated viewing or collecting. However, you may have noticed that some videos can’t be downloaded or recorded because of copyright restrictions. Tons of users reported black screen issues when recording protected video even with OBS, Bandicam Screen Recorder, or other popular screen recording utilities. It seems to be a daunting task at first to screen record protected videos. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how to screen record protected videos. It’s a simple trick, requiring only a useful screen recorder. 

How to Screen Record Protected Videos

Disclaimer: This article is only aimed to solve user’s problems about how to screen record protected videos. The unauthorized recording of protected videos is prohibited. We don’t encourage any illegal recording activities. 

Why You Cannot Screen Record Protected Videos

You can’t screen record protected videos because encrypted videos block screen recording and the screen capturing feature is not available. A black screen pops up when you try recording videos protected by DRM mechanics. Tons of users reported that they were not allowed to screen record DRM protected videos with OBS or Bandicam Screen Recorder. Screen capturing APIs are blocked and all the recordings result in a black screen with only audio. Chrome browser can also prevent screen recording DRM videos even if you capture lectures or other learning material for personal use. 

Thankfully, iTop Screen Recorder is one of the few screen capture utilities that support recording protected videos. Scroll down to learn how to screen record protected videos on Windows with iTop Screen Recorder. With the screen recorder anti block, you can bypass black screen problem and lagging issue when capturing 4K HD protected videos. 

How to Screen Record Protected Videos Without Black Screen on Windows

How to screen record protected videos without black screen on Windows? iTop Screen Recorder offers a hassle-free way to record protected videos on Windows 10/11 directly. It requires no third-party help or plugin. No users encounter black screen issues. Below are some worth mentioning features offered by iTop Screen Recorder before we drop into how to record protected videos. 

Screen record protected videos with audio. The screen recorder can capture encrypted screen videos with multiple audio recording options at the same time, including internal/external sound from the microphone.  

Screen record 4K/1080p 60fps HD videos without lagging. With support for hardware acceleration, the tool can screen record protected videos in 4K UHD, 1080P 60fps without lagging. Smooth video screen recording is guaranteed with an average of 80% CPU usage. 

Record protected videos with multiple output formats. It outputs videos in a wide range of video and audio formats, covering MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3, FLAC, and more for good compatibility with media players, devices, platforms, and social media sites. You can easily share and upload your recorded videos without format issues. Additionally, it enables you to record a short clip and convert it to GIF for sharing on your SNS. 

Built-in advanced editing tools. It comes with built-in editing tools to make your recorded videos professional easily. The tool enables you to cut, trim, split, merge videos, add effects, text, stickers, subtitles, and more. 

Steps to Screen Record Protected Videos on Windows 10/11

Here’s how to screen record protected videos on Windows 10/11 with iTop Screen Recorder. It’s quite easy to get started even for beginners. 

Step 1. Free download the protected screen video recorder on Windows and install it. It’s free and clean, with no ads, no plugins, and no malware. Launch the tool after the installation completes.

Step 2. Set up preferences, such as recording area, speaker, mic, mouse, and webcam. It will screen record protected videos with a full screen by default. To get more setting options, click the Setting icon and adjust the recording video frame, format, audio parameters, etc. 

Customize Settings for Screen Recording Protected Videos

Step 3. 

  • Go to Record > Screen and select recording area. 
  • Next, turn on Speaker to record protected videos with audio. 
  • Turn off other options to ensure only the video content are capture. 
  • Now, just click the red 'REC' button to capture protected videos on your Windows PC. You can also press hotkey F9 on the PC to begin the recording process. 
  • Press F10 to pause the recording and F9 to end the recording. 

How to Start Recording Protected Videos

The captured video will be listed in Files > Video. From here, you can access video editor to enhance your videos by adding filters, stickers, BGM. You can also compress the video for sharing via email, Discord or other apps. 

How to Screen Record Protected Videos on Phone

How to screen record protected videos on your iPhone? The Windows built-in Connect app helps mirror screen from your phone or project to Windows PC. Then, you can use iTop Screen Recorder to screen record protected videos on your phone without restriction. Here’s how to mirror your phone’s screen or project to your Windows 10/11 PC. Before you start, make sure your phone and Windows PC are connected to the same WiFi network. Your device is required to have support for Miracast. It’s a bit complicated to get started if you don’t have Wireless Display installed. 

How to Screen Record Protected Videos on Phone

Here's how to screen record without black screen for protected videos on phone:

Step 1. Open the Connect app on the Windows PC. You can directly use the Search to find the Connect app on your PC. Or go to Start > Settings > System > Projecting to this PC. 

Step 2. Select the Optional features under Add the “Wireless Display”. Select View features near the Add an optional. Enter wireless display and select the Wireless Display check box. Select Next, Install to install Wireless Display. 

Step 3. Select Back and you are free to set up the projecting preferences in Settings. 

Step 4. Search for the “Connect app” on your PC and launch the Connect app. 

Step 5. Head to the screen mirroring settings/cast settings and select your Windows PC to connect. 

Step 6. Now you can use the iTop Screen Recorder to screen capture DRM protected video playing on iPhone.

How to Screen Record Protected Videos on Mac

Besides screen recording protected videos on Windows and phone, how to screen record protected videos on Mac? Luckily, you can rely on a built-in free screen recorder, QuickTime. Check the following steps to know how to screen record DRM protected videos on Mac:

Step 1. Download & install QuickTime safely on your Mac, and then launch it.

Step 2. Click “File” at the top of the screen of QuickTime Player, and then hit the New Screen Recording option. Once it starts the recording, go to play the protected videos that you expect to record.

How to Screen Record Protected Videos on Mac

Step 3. When you finish recording the video, click on the recording control widget and tap the red circular button to stop the recording.


Whether you want to screen record protected videos on Windows or capture protected videos on iPhone, iTop Screen Recorder can cut the mustard. It enables you to record 4K UHD/1080p 60fps HD protected videos easily without lagging or fps drops. The tool can easily bypass the restrictions and screen record protected videos on Windows PC without a black screen issue. Or you can check how to screen record without black screen for protected videos on Mac. All this can be done without the help of other devices or apps. Free download iTop Screen Recorder on Windows and screen record DRM-protected videos for free with a few clicks. 

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