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3 Fast Ways for How to Clip on PC [No-Lag and Crisp]

How to clip on PC? How to clip last 30 seconds on PC? How to clip gameplay on PC? This passage tells you the best way to clip on PC without hassle

A clip is a piece of short video cut from a long recording. Nowadays we refer to it as the type of small videos, which contain excellent content from movies, games, tutorials, and other streaming resources. So, what's the easiest free way to produce tiny clips on PC - in other words, how to clip on PC or how to clip last 30 seconds on PC? and How to save the clips on PC? Here, you will find several good methods for capturing games, meetings, and movies on your Windows or Mac computer. Let's take a look!

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How to Clip on PC? Gameplay Clips and Something Else

Embedded with a wide range of practical features, iTop Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use screen recorder that allows Windows users to clip gameplay on pc and edit them efficiently. As one of the best ways to record clips on PC, iTop Screen Recorder supports HD video recording on a flexible screen area, making this automatic clip recorder an ideal tool to produce good game clips of 2D or 3D games. You can clip Apex Legends on PC, Roblox, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, etc. are supported too. In the following part, we will introduce its main features in detail.

iTop Screen Recorder-Record HD Gameplay With No FPS Drops

  • Record high-performance PC game with no lag
  • Record HD game screen up to 200 FPS resolution
  • Record real-time gaming with webcam/picture in picture
  • Upload video to Youtube, Ins and Facebook within the tool
  • Hardware Acceleration

Adopting GPU hardware acceleration technology, this screen recorder allows people to record lag-free gameplay clips and use the editing function more stably on their computers. 

iTop Screen Recorder is a versatile video grabber that supports recording high-resolution game clips for a full screen, a window, or any selected area with or without sounds from your microphone or speaker simultaneously.

  • Easy Video Editor

Integrated with a built-in video editor, iTop Screen Recorder also provides some video editing basics, making it possible for gamers to trim recorded gameplay.

  • Gif Maker

Another distinctive feature of iTop Screen Recorder lies in its multiple video outputs such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF. GIF has been a core part of the gaming community because the bite-sized format contains the most engaging moments. Also, click to see the best Gif recorders you cannot miss.

iTop Screen Recorder offers a Pro version that brings better experience and performance to capture video clips on PC. Now, UPGRADE to PRO to enjoy advanced recording features.

  • Remove the default watermark or customize a watermark (slogan, icon or the similar) for your recording.
  • Make schedule recording. Preset the start/end recording time, recording area to clip on PC automatically.
  • Export edited video in 1080p HD, 2K or 4K smoothly in one click.

How to Record Clips on PC with iTop Screen Recorder?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clip on PC with this handy screen recorder.

Step 1. Download this very screen recorder.

Download iTop Screen Recorder below to clip gampeplay on PC within 5 minutes, and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Configure the settings for the best quality of videos.

Click the Options button on the right upper corner of the interface, and hit the cog icon to continue. You will be brought to a setting page where you could tweak the configuration as per your needs. Normally the MP4 format will handle 90% of situations, but to create a GIF from your favorite game, select the GIF option in the Format pull-down menu under the Video setting. 

How to Record Clips on PC with iFun Screen Recorder

Step 3. Call out your games and prepare to record.

Login to your game account and choose your recording region. Click the red circle button to capture the amazing stunts you have just pulled off. Once completed, click the red square button to end the game clip recording. You will find the recorded gameplay clips saved under My Creations.

Step 4. Edit and save your clips on PC.

Hit the Edit icon to trim the game clips. You could drag the red slider bar to frame your video. When finished, click the Export icon to export the trimmed game clips. The clips will be automatically saved at 'My Creation.'

How to Record Game Clips on PC with iFun Screen Recorder

With no more than 4 steps, you can easily share the wonderful moments in your gaming to your audience on your YouTube channel or to your friends and game teamers with the help of iTop Screen Recorder. Click here to download to clip amazing gameplay moments now!

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How to Clip Gameplay on PC with Xbox Game Bar?

Windows 10 users will never be strange with this free clip maker - Xbox Game Bar. Designed to record games on Windows 10 devices, Xbox Game Bar is born with some excellent features in screen recorder Windows 10 desktop activities all for free. 

Use the hotkey Windows + Alt + G key, and you can clip the last 30 seconds on PC. And as the quickest and easiest way to clip on Windows, this method actually becomes less satisfying gradually considering that it fails to provide the best quality clips and the audio recording is always a problem. 

How to Clip on PC with Xbox Game Bar

  • Record last 30 seconds PC

This simple and free clip maker can record the last 30 seconds on PC. Just like Nivida Shadow Play.

  • Work on background

Once the recording starts, Xbox will operate on the background, causing no trouble to other desktop apps.

  • Automatically detect games

Xbox Game Bar can auto-detect what's currently working on your desktop and 

  • Less than average sound quality

What will disappoint you is that this best clipping software delivers disappointing performance in sound recording. 

  • 4-hour time limit

Xbox will not able to support any clip longer than 4 hours.

To be honest, compared to iTop Screen Recorder, Xbox Game Bar has a lot of limitations. iTop Screen Recorder has a specialized game recording mode that can record your gaming process with audio and facecam with no time limit. And no matter whether you want to record last 30 seconds PC or the first 30 seconds, the whole screen or the feature screen, it will be easy and no lagging in 4k recording. Try iTop Screen Recorder instantly!

The Graphics Card for How to Clip on PC – Nvidia Share

Formerly known as Nvidia ShadowPlay, Nvidia Share is a part of the GeForce Experience software suite developed by Nvidia for veteran gamers to record gameplay and improve the game experience. Since Nvidia Share is hardware-accelerated, Nvidia Shadow play could be one of the best ways to record clips on PC. But it is only based on your computers' integration GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs). Nvidia Share excels in instant replay, NVIDIA highlights, broadcast live, game filter, screenshot, etc. Compared with iTop Screen Recorder, Nvidia Share is integrated with stabler performance, fewer features, and higher prices. 

  • Record the Last 30 seconds

The Instant Replay feature of Nvidia Share allows users to record, save and share the last 30 seconds (or as long as 20 minutes) of the gameplay so people could capture their best gaming moments.

  • FPS Indicator

Frames Per Second (FPS) indicator gives you a general view of how your CPU and GPU are used. With an Nvidia Share FPS counter, gamers could control the hardware status without switching to a desktop anymore. 

  • Not GPU-intensive at all

Any gameplay recorder takes up system resources when recording game clips on PC. However, as the default recorder of Nvidia graphics cards, Nvidia Share has little impact on GPU performance while capturing, recording, and live-streaming gameplays, thus, giving users a lag-free experience. 

How to Record Clips on PC with Nvidia Share? 

In this part, we will illustrate how to clip on PC with Nvidia in detail.

Step 1. Call out this recorder.

To use Nvidia Geforce's recording feature, first and foremost you have to be equipped with Nvidia's graphics card. If you do, press the shortcut Alt+Z to open GeForce Experience in-game overlay, where you can use Nvidia Share to easily record your game clips. Optimize the settings according to your needs.

Step 2. Start recording.

Select the Screenshot Mode on the left column. To systemically record clips with Nvidia Share, activate the Instant Replay option. Instant Replay acts like an always-on screen recorder, and you could press the shortcut Alt+F10 to save a clip of the last 30 seconds of the gameplay. To manually record clips with Nvidia Share, click the Record option to start, and hit the shortcut Alt+F9 to stop the clip recording. The recorded game clips will appear in the Videos folder by default.

How to Record Clips with Nvidia on PC

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How to Record Clips on PC Without Download? – Screencastify

If you do not want to spend time downloading or installing a recording software, Screencastify is an great automatic clip recorder for PC gaming. It is a lightweight Chrome extension recorder allowing people to record, edit, and share video with just a simple click. One downside of the free plan is that Screencastify only provides video recording/editing up to 5 minutes in length. Yet, you could still enjoy unlimited video recordings at zero cost on the condition that your videos are less than five minutes. 

You can also use iTop free online screen recorder to record screen through browser - no extension install needed!

  • No Watermark

Users are allowed to record screens with no watermark stamped on their videos. What’s even better is that Screencastify also avails users to record up to Full HD videos at 1080p.

  • Webcam Recording

Users are capable of activating the webcam during recording, which is a very thoughtful design for game anchors. The audience is always fond of exhilarating in-games scenes combined with a vivid talking head.

  • No Need to Download or Install

Require no complicating installation and save your time. 

How to Record Clips on PC with Screencastify?

So you might wonder how to clip on PC with Screencastify? Let us get started with the recording tutorial.

Step 1. Go to the official site of this tool.

Visit Screencastify's official page and pin the extension to your Chrome.

Step 2. Record.

Select a region you want to record: Browser tab, desktop, webcam only. Then tweak your configuration by enabling or disabling the relevant setting toggles.

Step 3. Finish recording.

Click the blue Record button to start recording game clips on PC. Hit the red Stop button to end. You will find the recorded gameplay clips in the My Recordings folder.

How to Record Clips on PC with Screencastify on PC

How to Clip Last 30 Seconds on PC? [Wrap-up]

This market provides more than one method for PC users to clip last 30 seconds on PC. The GPU ways, built-in ways, console ways, and online ways. Different methods have different advantages and short backs. Let's check them out.

How to Clip Last 30 Seconds on PC

  • Nvidia Shadow Play/AMD Radeon Relive - GPU recorders

These built-in clippers that come with your Graphics Card (Nvidia/AMD) can naturally figure out how to clip the last 30 seconds on PC.

Hotkey: Alt + F10 to record the last 30 seconds or 5 minutes recorded footage.

  • The Built-in Recorder in Certain Games - GTA, E.g.

Some games are designed with default recorders that allow users to find the solution that how to clip last 30 seconds on PC with 3-rd party software.

Hotkey: it differs from game to game. 

  • The Consoles - PS4, XBOX

Record last 30 seconds PC is a commonly-known feature. But if you plug your consoles on PC, you can easily solve the problem that how to record last 30 seconds on PC without hassle.

Hotkey: Hold the Share button + press Square.

  • Medal.TV - Free and Versatile Clipper

This handy recorder is less well-known to non-gamers. As a dedicated game recorder, Medal.TV developed multiple game recording features for users, with last 30 seconds recording naturally covered.

Hotkey: F8.

  • Xbox Game Bar - Free Record last 30 seconds PC Windows 10

This method may be the most ordinary one, with the most notorious flaws. If you care the audio, fluency, and resolution of your clips, Xbox Game Bar should not be the first choice.

Hotkey: Windows + Alt + G.

If you are not satisfied with the above solution in this part, iTop Screen Recorder is always your best choice to record from any time point, the first 30 seconds, the last 30 seconds, and so forth. You can also set a scheduled recording by filling up the start and end time point you want to clip, the iTop Screen Recorder will do all for you automatically.


Need to capture match-winning plays? Want to share your clutch kills with your friends? For a majority of gamers, knowing how to clip gameplay on PC is essential. This article teaches you how to clip on PC with three quality tools: iTop Screen Recorder, Nvidia Share, and Screencastify. With a package of recording features, iTop Screen Recorder is an excellent recording tool targeting all-level users on multiple occasions. We strongly recommend you download it and capture your key moments when enjoying your games.

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