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How to Record Discord Stream with Audio on Windows for Free

Here's a free way of how to record Discord stream with audio while keeping high quality. You can record Discord live stream, video calls and chat hassle-free.

Discord debuted as an instant messaging social platform which offers an invite-only place for people to communicate with video calls, audio calls and text messaging over the internet. It quickly received positive reviews and commercial success in gaming market. In following years, Discord has leveled up to a mass appeal marketing platform that attracts more and more non-gaming users. In Discord, users can get joyful chatting, share movies/shows with friends, hold private meetings or classes, and moreover, make a live stream in various groups. Also, lots of users wanna record Discord stream to keep those memorable moments for later reviewing.

Record Discord Stream

Can you record Discord stream? How to record a Discord stream with audio? In this article, we would like to share an easy and free solution for you.

Does Discord Record Stream?

Much feedback suggests Discord to add an option to record Discord audio and video calls. Some users guess that privacy is the key issue of Discord stream recording. But, it can be solved with the permission or notification that asks for an approval to start recording. Also, another advice says that Discord can automatically delete recording files on the server after 30 days to avoid consuming too much space for data storage. 

However, till now, Discord doesn’t have a native recording feature. And, third-party screen recorder software becomes the only way to record a Discord stream.

How to Record Discord Stream on Windows?

As mentioned above, you should get a reliable and powerful screen recording software at first of all. The market collects lots of excellent programs that helps you record Discord stream with no effort at all. For Windows users, iTop Screen Recorder is the best recommendation. It is an intuitive and easy free screen recorder for PC used to capture everything on the screen.

  • Record Discord Stream with Audio: No matter what you stream on Discord, a movie, a game or a live event, iTop Screen Recorder can exactly capture what is happening, including live streams. It offers an option to record Discord stream with audio, both system sound and microphone. You can record Discord video/audio calls clearly and efficiently. Also, you can turn off speaker or microphone to record text chatting between you and friends without sound.
  • Record Discord Stream in HD & No Lag: iTop Screen Recorder enables you to record video in 1080p and even 4K. If you want to record a live gameplay in Discord, 60fps and 90fps can be good choices. Thanks to hardware acceleration and low-CPU usage, it delivers you an extremely smooth experience to record HD video with no lagging and fps dropping.
  • Record Discord Stream in Multiple Formats: iTop Screen Recorder outputs recording files in multiple formats. You can record Discord live streams, video calls to MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV etc., create a short recording as GIF and record Discord audio calls to MP3, AAC, FLAC and more.

In addition, the Discord stream recorder has more tools helping enhance your recording files. Video editor is used to trim/merge/split clips, flip/rotate videos and add music, effects, text to video. Video compressor is used to reduce video file size for online uploading or emailing.

How to Record Discord Stream with Audio Using iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is fully available in Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. It is totally clean and safe without virus, malware and adware. Having a straightforward interface, beginners can quickly learn how to use it with no guess work. In the following, let’s get how to record Discord stream using it.

Step 1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your PC.

Step 2. Join in your Discord group. Launch iTop Screen Recorder. Click drop-down arrow next Full Screen to select recording area. You can record part of screen, a window, a region with fixed aspect ratio and of course full screen. Turn on Speaker or Mic to record Discord stream with audio. Click REC button to start recording.

How to Record Discord Stream with Audio

Step 3. A mini control bar appears after 3-sec countdown. Click Done (the red square-shaped) button to stop recording.

How to Record Discord Stream - Stop Recording

Step 4. Your recording file is automatically listed in My Creations. You can play or edit it.

Notice: By default, it saves your video recording file in MP4, and audio recording file in MP3. If you want to change format or quality, please customize settings before starting recording. Click three lines on interface > Settings > Format. Now, you can reset Size, Frame Rate, Bitrate, Quality at will.

Discord Stream Recording Settings

How to Stream on Discord?

How to Stream Movies on Discord

Go Live feature enables you to stream movies, TV shows, sports events etc., from streaming services (both apps and websites) to Discord server and watch with friends. At the beginning, you should create a new Discord server. Then, follow the steps to stream with Discord.

1. Open Discord desktop app. Go to settings and select Activity Status.

2. Click Add it. Select apps or browsers used to stream videos and click Add Game.

3. Go back to the new created server. Click Screen Share icon to access to settings. Choose resolution and frame rate. Click Go Live.

4. The preview window will be shown in Discord. Now, invite your friends into the server to watch movies together. 

How to Live Stream on Discord

1. Create a join in a voice channel in Discord.

2. Here are two options, Video and Screen.

3. If you want to live stream with webcam, click on Video. Then, Discord will turn on your webcam and start streaming immediately. You can choose and set camera in Voice & video setting menu.

4. If you only want to share screen, click on Screen. Select something to stream, for example an application, a window or everything on your screen. Then, choose a resolution and frame rate. Click Go Live.

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How to Share Game on Discord

Discord has a built-in game detection system that enables you to stream games with ease.

1. Launch the game you want o share. Create or view a Discord server.

2. Go to Go Live panel on the bottom left of your screen. Select Stream button above the status bar.

3. A pop-up shows asking you to select a voice channel. After that, click Go Live button to start sharing your game.

4. You can see a small Picture-in-Picture window. Hover over it to get option for adjusting stream’s settings or end the stream.


The strong demand drives users to seek for a way of how to record Discord stream. As a full-featured screen recorder for Windows 10 and 11, iTop Screen Recorder shows off strong power to record any video and audio on PC. It enables you to capture everything when you stream or watch streams on Discord. It can also record Discord video/audio call in high quality. What’s more, it delivers the best experience for recording, no lags or black screen. It is time to get it a try to record Discord stream flawlessly.

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