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How to Record Discord Audio on Desktop/Mobile Devices [Free & Easy]

Discord provides avid gamers with a platform to chat and play with each other. Check the article on how to record Discord audio on both desktop and mobile free in 5 easy ways!

Discord is a free real-time chat app that is designed specifically for video game players. With Discord, players can find and coordinate play with each other, and talk with each other while playing. With its powerful internet-based voice chat and instant messaging, Discord has now grown from a gamer-only chat platform to a social networking site for all users.

How to Record Discord Audio

Does Discord record audio? Unfortunately, the software doesn't support recording your Discord chats. Then, how to record Discord audio? Can Xbox Game Bar record discord audio? To help you, we've put together this guide that you can follow to record Discord audio.

What is Discord Audio?

Discord audio refers to chat transcript audio files. In Discord, you can hang out with your friends through a text channel or a voice channel. The text channel, as its name suggests, means that all conversations happen over text. While the voice channel allows people to chat over voice and video. You can also share your screen to stream and invite others to join or watch the stream. Gamers usually play and talk with each other over Discord’s voice channel.

As mentioned above, you can only apply third-party tools to record Discord audios. The solutions provided in this article cover both PC and mobile. So whether you're using Discord on a computer or smartphone, you'll find a solution in this article.

How to Record Discord Audio on Desktop - 3 Ways

Let's start by discussing how to record Discord audio on the desktop using three wonderful tools - OBS, iTop Screen Recorder, and Xbox Game Bar, with step-by-step guides for each.

How to Record Discord Audio with OBS?

OBS is one of the most recommended open-source software for desktop video recording. It’s free and powerful enough to be streaming software. But such a huge amount of flexibility can be a bit overwhelming for the newbies.

Download and install OBS from its official website, then use the following guide to see how to record Discord audio with OBS.

Step 1. Run OBS on your PC, it will automatically add a Scene. You can also manually click the “+” button from the Scenes box. 

How to Record Discord Audio with OBS - Set the Scenes Box

Step 2. Click the “+” on the Source box, and select Display Capture.

How to Record Discord Audio With OBS - Set the Sources Box

Step 3. Then it will ask you to name your new source, add a title for your screen record video, and click OK.

How to Record Discord Audio With OBS - Add a Title for Your Video

Step 4. Next, you need to select the target display. 

* If you have more than one monitor, click the little downward arrow to access a drop-down list.

How to Record Discord Audio With OBS - Select the Display You Want to Capture

Step 5. Find the Controls box (on the right side), click Start Recording, OBS will start to record the screen.

How to Record Discord Audio With OBS - Start Recording

The default recording path for OBS is Settings > Output > Recording.

How to Record Discord Audio with iTop Screen Recorder

How to record audio from Discord if OBS not working or hard to use? iTop Screen Recorder is another desktop choice to record Discord audio. Compared with OBS, the user interface of it is more intuitive and it is easier to use. Besides the user-friendly interface, the below best and unique features are what make iTop Screen Recorder the best choice of Discord recorder:

iTop Screen Recorder - Record Audio Without Background Noise

  • Record system audio or external microphone flawlessly
  • Record streaming audio without quality loss
  • Remove background noise of audio recording
  • Save audio recordings as MP3, AAC, FLAC and WMA

Why Pick iTop Screen Recorder?

  • Record HD Discord Audio Freely: Whether you need to record the screen while using Discord or only want to record the audio, iTop Screen Recorder allows you to save the record file in HD quality for free. Moreover, it supports to remove background noise from audio recording.
  • Support Multiple Audio Formats: It supports all main-stream video and audio output formats. No need to worry about the compatibility. You can save the Discord audio file in MP4,MV, MOV, and AVI, etc.
  • No Time Limit to Record Audio: You have full access to all screen recording features of iTop Screen Recorder. With the free screen recorder no time limit, you can record up to several hours of Discord audio.
  • 4K Video & Webcam Recording: It enables your tutorial or gameplay video with 4K output quality. It can also capture webcam/facecam video so that you can record your screen and yourself at the same time. It allows to record part of screen, full screen or any size you need.

iTop Screen Recorder - Make Videos with Webcam

  • Make tutorial videos/presentations with yourself easily
  • Record webcam, screen and audio at the same time
  • Blur, remove and replace webcam background
  • Add text, stickers, BGM to videos with built-in editor
  • Bonus Editing Tools for Audio & Video: It is also a one-in-all tool - it has a built-in video editor, which you can use to add filters, stickers, background music, and subtitles to your recordings. 

Steps to Record Discord Audio with iTop Screen Recorder:

Now, let’s learn how to record Discord audio with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download and launch the software for free. 

Step 2.  To record Discord audio, select the recording area (full screen or select region/window) as per your requirements.

How to Record Discord Audio - Select Recording Area on iTop

Step 3. Change the Speaker, Mic, Mouse effect or Webcam settings if you need. If you only need to record the audio, just click Only Audio, and you're able to record Discord audio separately.

How to Record Discord Audio - Change the Speaker Settings

Step 4. Click REC, and start recording Discord audio. And click the red button to stop recording as you like.

 How to Record Discord Audio - Start Recording on iTop

See, it’s quite simple. If you want to know how to record Discord audio on the computer, again, iTop Screen Recorder is a good choice. As a powerful screen recorder, it can not only record audio from Discord but can also record WhatsApp calls.

How to Record Discord Audio with Xbox Game Bar

Can Xbox Game Bar record discord audio? Apart from using the wonderful screen recorder Windows 10 to record Discord audio, Xbox Game Bar is the default screen recorder for Windows 10 and later. If you don’t want to use a third-party app, you can try Xbox Game Bar.

Now, follow the guide to see how to record Discord audio with Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 computers.

Step 1. Press Windows + G, and then click the Start recording button.

*Start recording shortcut: Windows + Alt +R.

 How to Record Discord Audio With Xbox Game Bar - Click the Start Recording Button

Step 2. Once the Xbox Game Bar Discord recording starts, you can see a recorder controller in the upper right corner. You can check the recording time, press stop, or control the microphone.

Step 3. Press the stop button to finish recording. A pop-up message will tell where the saved recording file is. Click the message, it will show you the recorded video file. That's how does Xbox Game Bar record discord! 

 How to Record Discord Audio With Xbox Game Bar - Check the Recording Files

How to Record Discord Audio on Mobile Devices

If you're using Discord on a smartphone and want to record audio, the guidelines in this section will help. We'll show you how to record audio on iOS and Android devices.

How to Record Discord Audio on iOS Devices

For iPhone users, Craig is the easiest way to record Discord audio. It is the voice channel recording bot for the software. If you’re new to the Craig bot, you need to make sure you have a personal server on Discord. The setup process for the Craig bot can be a bit complicated. Follow the guide below, things would be easier.

Step 1. Go to Craig’s official website at with your iPhone’s web browser. Tap the “Invite Craig to your Discord server”. Then log in with your Discord account and password.

How to Record Discord Audio on iPhone - Log into Discord Account

Step 2. Add your Discord account to a server, then tap Continue.

How to Record Discord Audio on iPhone - Add Craig to Server

Step 3. Discord will ask you to confirm several permissions on the target server, tap Authorise.

How to Record Discord Audio on iPhone - Authorise the Invitation

Step 4. When you see the Authorised successful page, go open the Discord app, and select your server. 

Step 5. In the server member list, you can see the Craig bot, tap it and start the verification.

How to Record Discord Audio on iPhone - Tap the Craig Bot

Step 6. Go back to the “general” text channel of your server. Type /join command, select the “Channel” option, and choose the Voice channel.

Step 7. If you want to start recording audio with this Discord recorder, tap the highlighted icon, then Discord will record the ongoing chat.

How to Record Discord Audio on iPhone - Start Recording on iPhone

How to Record Discord Audio on Android Devices

Craig bot supports both iOS and Android devices. Basically, the process of how to add Craig bot to your server on Android is the same as on iPhone. But there are subtle differences in the recording process.

Step 1. Visit and add the Craig bot to your Discord server by following the first five steps in the "How to Record Discord Audio on iOS Devices" section.

Step 2. Go to the general channel, you will see a message saying that Craig has joined your server.

 How to Record Discord Audio on Android - Check the Joined Message

Step 3. Type the command: Craig:, join, then Discord will start recording the ongoing call on your Android phone.

How to Record Discord Audio on Android - Enter the Record Command and Start

FAQs about How to Record Discord Audio

Is Discord audio recording illegal?

It depends on the laws in the area you live. We strongly recommend you do not start recording Discord audio without permission from the recorder. And you should also know that it is illegal to divulge the private information of the person you are recording.

How to record a Discord Stream?

If you’re using Discord on a PC, you could choose a third-party screen recorder to record the Discord Stream. Make sure the tool you choose supports users to record part of the screen, otherwise, you might have a problem starting or finishing the stream.

Final Thought

This is all about how to record Discord audio on desktops and mobile phones. To sum up, if you’re finding a recorder for a computer, the iTop Screen Recorder is the best. It’s free, easy to use, and gives you the best recording quality you ever have. For example, you might wonder how to remove background noise from audio recording after you record a gameplay video with other tools. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can have a clear enough recording file.

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