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How to Record Games on ESPN+ for Free

can you record ESPN+? How to record ESPN Plus live streams? Here are 4 ways to record games on ESPN+, like NFL, MLB, NHL, College sports etc., on PC and Mac with no trouble.

Can you record on ESPN+? ESPN+ is the industry's leading sports streaming service, providing fans all over the world with live broadcasts of thousands of sports events. Fans can get wonderful NHL, NFL, NBA and other games on ESPN+. What should you do if you want to re-watch the games or record your favorite content on ESPN+? Unfortunately, ESPN Plus does not provide built -in DVR to record live streaming videos. 

To get over this issue "Can I record ESPN+?", this article explores 4 easy ways on how to record games on ESPN Plus and then you can enjoy your favorite shows offline. Let's get started.

How to Record ESPN+

Disclaimer: We do not advocate recording copyrighted content from ESPN+ for any commercial or illegal use.

How to Screen Record ESPN+ with iTop Screen Recorder

Can you record ESPN+? You can download on-demand shows and watch them offline, but you can only record ESPN+ live games and scheduled activities to watch later. With a professional screen recorder, you can easily record any content on ESPN+ with no effort.  

iTop Screen Recorder is the leading screen recorder for PC that deliver the best user experience to capture streaming content from ESPN+ and other streaming services. It shows off the power to record videos and live games on your PC of high quality and with maximum flexibility. 

iTop Screen Recorder has an intuitive interface that allows you to get started with the program with no guesswork. In the following, let's explore how to screen record ESPN Plus step by step.

Step 1: Free download and install iTop Screen Recorder app on your PC running Windows 11/10/8/7. 

Step 2: Set up recording settings and log into your ESPN+ account. You can adjust the recording area and other settings including recording hotkeys, output format, FPS, and quality. iTop Screen Recorder also supports scheduling a recording for a streaming video thus you won't forget to record. Click REC to start ESPN plus recording.

How to Record ESPN+ with iTop Screen Recorder

All recorded movies will be saved to the Files folder. You can choose to playback, trim, edit, or export them from there.
Edit ESPN Plus Recording

Key features of iTop Screen Recorder:

  • Records part of your screen. iTop Screen Recorder can capture your screen of any selected region or in a fixed ratio. In this way, you can record your favorite sports games with the best result and not miss any important corners.
  • Support recording any streaming platforms. In addition to ESPN+, you can record most streaming services on your computer, such as recording Roku, Netflix, YouTube. 
  • Capture any activities on screen. In addition to record streaming videos, it can also record games, meetings, audio, etc. with high quality and screen record protected videos
  • Support multiple output formats. This  screen recorder for Windows 10  supports more than 12 video or audio output formats, which makes your recordings fully compatible with mainstreaming devices for sharing, backing up, and playing back.
  • Has a light video editor. iTop Screen Recorder is equipped with some basic video editor tools that can help cut or trim the video clips and add annotation, subtitles, or stickers.

How to Record Games on ESPN+ with Game Bar

If you don't want to rely on a third-party service, Windows operating system has a native screen recorder that can help screen casting what is happening on your Windows computer. It uses an app called Game Bar which is designed to record games, but you can also use it to record other videos and windows. 

How to Record ESPN+ on Windows with Game Bar:

Step 1. Enable the Xbox Game bar by going to Start menu > Settings > Gaming >Xbox Game Bar and switching on "Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar".

How to Record ESPN Plus with Game Bar

Step 2. Press the Win + G keys together to bring up the game bar control center. You need to check the "Yes, this is a game" checkbox even though you are recording a game. 

Step 3. Click the gear icon to open recording settings including audio and save path. 

Step 4. Get your favorite live video ready and click the Start Recording button or use Win + Alt + R to start recording. All recordings will be saved into a subfolder called Captures in the Video folder in MP4 format.

However, you must note that streaming videos from ESPN+ are copyright-protected. Therefore, the recorded videos can only be used by you. Commercial and other distribution may be considered a violation of relevant laws.

How to Record ESPN+ Games on Mac with Shortcut

Can you record on ESPN plus on Mac? Mac has an inbuilt screen recording feature that can be activated with a few keystrokes. It supports recording any portion of your Mac screen and saves the recording to the desktop with a MOV format. 

Step 1. Press Shift + Command + 5 keys together.

Step 2. Select Record Selected Portion and click Options to set up recording preferences.

Step 3. Click the Record button to start recording live shows on ESPN+ on Mac.

and other distribution may be considered a violation of relevant laws.  How to Record ESPN+ Games on Mac with Shortcut

How to Record on ESPN+ with QuickTime for Mac

Although QuickTime is discontinued, it is recognized one of the best media software for Mac. Besides playing videos, it allows users to record screen on Mac in a few of clicks. Let's get how to use QuickTime to record a game on ESPN Plus. 

Step 1. Play a game on ESPN Plus. Open QuickTime. Go to Files > New Screen Recording from menu bar.

Step 2. Click the arrow next to the Record button and enable internal microphone to screen record ESPN+ with audio.

Step 3. Click the Record button to start recording. Click anywhere to record full screen or drag to select an area to record.

Step 4. Click the Stop button in the menu bar to finish recording. QuickTime will automatically open the recording. You can play, edit or share the recording. 

How to Record on ESPN+ with QuickTime

ESPN Plus 2024 Game Schedule

When it comes to sports live games on ESPN+, the exciting NHL is the one that gets the most attention. So do you know what highlights will be worth watching in the NHL in 2024? Let's see.

  • 2024 NHL All-Star Skills February 2 on ESPN and NHL All-Star Game February 3 on ABC and ESPN+
  • 2024 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series Feb. 17-18 on ABC and ESPN+
  • NHL Power Play on ESPN+: 1,050+ Out-of-Market Games Available Throughout the Season
  • Stanley Cup Final Returns to The Walt Disney Company to Close Out the Season

ESPN Plus NHL Game

Want to save these exciting game live videos for watching later when you are absent? Want to capture ESPN+ inspiring game moments in the highest quality? Just have the best iTop Screen Recorder downloaded on your PC, and then it can help you record ESPN+ without any limitations.


ESPN+ is a great streaming service for sports fans to watch live or scheduled games. Can you record on ESPN+? As it doesn't offer a built-in DVR or offline viewing for live sports, you will need a screen recorder to record your favorite shows. iTop Screen Recorder is an ideal tool for you to record ESPN+ games on PC with high quality. You can use it to schedule recording so as not to miss exciting live sports matches.

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