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3 Easy Ways to Record Video with Blurred Background in Windows 11/10/8/7

Want to know how to record video with blurred background? This blog introduces 3 feasible methods. Read and blur webcam background with ease now!

Sometimes, it is pretty tricky and such a burden to choose an appropriate background for recording videos. You found that your audience is distracted by your room furnishing or your roommates, which is the last thing you would like to see.

Therefore, out of the fear of privacy leaking and sight interference, some users have found a way to let their listeners focus on them: record video with blurred background.

Record Video with Blurred Background

Then, you might ask: is it possible to blur your webcam background? And how to do so?

Is it Possible to Record Video with Blurred Background?

Of course, yes. Generally speaking, the camera’s aperture, type, exposure mode, focus mode, etc., will all affect the depth of field. A shallow depth of field will be shown as a blurred background.

However, it is way too complex and time-consuming to adjust the camera’s parameters; not to mention that sometimes you would have to purchase extra webcams if yours does not support control of focus and depth of field.

How to avoid it? How to get background blur for webcam more easily? Rest assured; this post will introduce 3 feasible and easy ways to solve your problem. Move on and read the detailed guide.

Method 1. Get Background Blur for Webcam Windows Effortlessly For Free

The easiest way to blur webcam background is by using a professional screen recorder application because it saves time and strength, and eases your worries in 1 click. 

In this part, a free and seamless app will be introduced as well as the detailed operation.

The Best Recording Software to Get Background Blur for Webcam

The free iTop Screen Recorder perfectly satisfies your needs as it guarantees no loss of video quality while offering blurry backgrounds. Whether you use it for lectures, presentations, or training videos, it protects your privacy and helps draw attention from your audience.

Flexible & Customized Blurred Webcam Background

  • Use Blurred/transparent/replaced backgrounds on the webcam to record part of your screen/full screen/picture-in-picture as you like.

Not Only Webcam But Also Mic & Screen

  • Decide whether to record your voice, Speaker sound, screen, and yourself at the same time, according to your preferences and needs.

No Quality Loss in Blur Background Webcam Recording

  • Capture lag-free webcam videos in 1080p and 4k; use built-in denoiser to enhance video quality; and output in MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc.

Use Teleprompter to Avoid Content Omission  

  • Teleprompter helps remind you of the upcoming content. It provides several decent scripts for various topics as well as the Auto Scroll function to ease your burden.

Except for recording webcam, it also excels in screen recording, audio recording, and game recording. For instance, you could record clips on PC easily while gaming in 1 click. 

How to Record Video with Blurred Background?

This user-friendly software is super easy to use. Check the simple operation to get background blur for webcam using this app.

Step 1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your PC.

Step 2. Launch this app, find Webcam under Record > choose Blur Background. Also, other customization settings like Brightness and Voice Changer are available.

Choose Webcam Blur Background

Step 3. Click REC to start the video recording with blurred background.

Click REC to Start Recording

Moreover, apart from being a content creator by recording your own videos, you could also use this app to screen record protected videos to make your video collection. Thus, you could enjoy your liked shows repeatedly at any time.

Method 2. Record Video with Blurred Background Windows Using OBS Plugins

OBS Studio is a popular video recording and live streaming utility without any inbuilt blur backgrounds. But you could manually add blurry background filter plugins to OBS and start recording your videos.

Here, this article takes a free plugin as an example. Please make sure to download plugin files from safe sources. Now follow the detailed steps to learn how to record video with blur background.

Step 1. Download the background removal plugin > add it to the plugin folder. Find the folder on your device at the following addresses: 

  • Windows: \obs-studio\obs-plugins\64bit\
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins
  • Linux: ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins

Add Blur Background Plugin to Plugin Folder

Step 2. Add your webcam to Source > right-click your webcam > choose Filters from the list.

Alt Add Filters to The Webcam

Step 3. Click the Plus button to add filters > choose Background Removal.

Add Blur Background using Background Removal Filter

Step 4. Adjust the parameters according to your needs; e.g., change the Blur background factor from 0 to higher. You will see the obscured background, and get ready to record video with blurred background.

Adjust Webcam Blur Background Factor

  • Please make sure you add the plugin file to the right place and do not remove any other files, or your software might malfunction.
  • If meeting OBS not recording audio issues, check the troubleshooting tutorial for help.

Method 3. Get a Blurry Background while Recording on Online Chat Platforms

Some videotelephony and business communication software/platforms provide online chat services, for instance, Zoom, Google Meet, Windows Teams, etc. Users use webcams to capture themselves to simulate a face-to-face environment when talking to each other.

And luckily, some of the platforms have built-in blurry background filters or settings for users to protect their privacy and help the audience focus. And you can get online video recorder with background blur using it.

Here this blog will dive into Zoom, showing how to start video recording with blurred background in Zoom. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Login to your account on Zoom desktop client > click the Profile icon > click the Zoom Settings.

Zoom Settings

Step 2. Select Background & Filters > find Blur under Virtual Backgrounds. If there is no Blur background available, it indicates that you didn’t enable it. Just enable it first. Or, if your device doesn’t meet the system requirements, try other methods or use a green screen.  

 Record Videos with Blurred Background on Zoom

Zoom allows the host to record the meeting content, while the participants cannot secretly record the meeting. But iTop Screen Recorder can help you record Zoom metting without permission.

In addition to learning how to blur background in webcam Windows 10/11, there are some other questions being frequently asked. Check the related info if you have extra questions.

What is the Best Webcam Software to Blur Webcam Background?

iTop Screen Recorder can be regarded as the best video recorder with virtual background, due to its powerful video recording features, high quality, thoughtful tools, and easy procedure. All users could utilize it to get background blur for webcams.

Using this program, all users can record high-quality videos with blurry backgrounds in just a few simple clicks.

How to Blur Background on Logitech Webcam?

Logitech Webcams, BRIO, STREAMCAM, and other series, all provide no inbuilt blur background filters or parameters. But don't worry; video chat platforms and video recorders can help you achieve that. If you want to enable Logitech Brio blur background or use blurred background for other products, you could use Logitech webcam with Skype, Zoom, and other video chat platforms.

Also, you can use it with video recorders like OBS, iTop Screen Recorder, etc. Now learn how to blur background on Logitech Webcam using OBS & Skype.

Step 1. Download VirtualCam or other plugins that help you capture you > go to Skype/other chat platform.

Step 2. Add your Skype window to OBS's Window Capture source > enable blur background on Skype > add filters to the Window Capture.

Step 3.  Find VirtualCam under Tools on OBS's main panel > click Start. And now you can enable blur background Logitech capture window successfully.

Or, to make it easier, try using iTop Screen Recorder - an easy video recorder with blur background inbuilt to capture videos with blurred background.

iTop Screen Recorder - Make Videos with Webcam

  • Make tutorial videos/presentations with yourself easily
  • Record webcam, screen and audio at the same time
  • Blur, remove and replace webcam background
  • Add text, stickers, BGM to videos with built-in editor

Is Zoom Webcam Blur Background Free?

Yes. All the virtual background filters are free to use since they are included in the Zoom Plans. If you have subscribed plans to use Zoom, you could utilize the backgrounds and filters for free. In addition, Zoom can also help you activate Logitech webcam blur background effects or other cams that don't offer inbuilt blur backgrounds. 

How Do You Unblur a Blurry Background?

If you don’t want the blurry background anymore while recording, using iTop Screen Recorder, you could use Original Background, Transparent Background, or Replaced Background instead. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

Transparent Background


This article is a detailed guide that assists users to record video with blurred background using versatile & dedicated recording software, plugins, and chat platforms. What's more, to help those users who need to enable Logitech Streamcam blur background or other products, this article gives a simple tutorial.

With the above 3 practicable methods to blur webcam background, you could rest easy and don’t need to worry about personal privacy leaking and interference in your videos. Among all the methods, using iTop Screen Recorder would be the most efficient.

With this multi-functioned and dedicated screen recorder for Windows 10, 8, 7, and 11, you could easily record seamless videos of high quality. Use iTop Screen Recorder and become more productive, professional, and dedicated!

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