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Skype for Business Recording - How to Record Skype Meetings

Learn about how to record Skype meetings for business in easy steps. Start with effortless Skype meeting recording and capture every important detail!

Due to the epidemic, remote work has become the norm in recent years, especially for the Internet industry. People work at home and have meetings online via software. Skype for Business is such a meeting software that let you contact co-workers or business partners around the world. With it, you can easily start conversations via IM, voice, or video calls, and share your screen or remotely control others’ screens. Also, you can use Skype for Business to chat, call or join a meeting in other Office programs.

How to Record Skype for Business Meeting on Windows/Mac

However, if you want to note the information for later review on the Skype meetings, the most effective and time-saving approach is to record Skype meetings. Then you’ll not miss a single second during the meeting. However, the question that how to record Skype meetings on Windows/Mac is coming. No worries, this article will show you practical solutions. Stay tuned.

What's the Difference Between Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business?

 Developed by Microsoft, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business all can host an online meeting, so why not use Skype or Microsoft Teams but Skype for Business? Check the differences between them to find the reasons. 



Audio and Video Calls

Chat and Messaging


File Transfer

Manage Employee Accounts

Enterprise-grade Security

Basic Price










Skype for Business








$2.50/user/month (annually)

Microsoft Teams








$5.00/user/month (annually)

According to the comparison table, you may already find out Skype is the last choice to host a meeting. Because it can only contain 20 participants and a few unimportant features

It seems there is no big distinction between Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, but when it comes to the details of their main features, they vary a lot.

Audio and Video Calls:

Skype for Business offers meeting scheduling through Outlook and Ad-hoc meetings with team members and external participants without a Microsoft Teams account. Microsoft Teams supports >1.2Mbps brandwidth to assure quality.

File Transfer:

Skype for Business is convenient for users to copy/paste/drag/drop files from their computers to transfer to others online while Microsoft Teams need an MS SharePoint to share files.

Guest Access:

Skype for Business enables you to invite guests to join a meeting directly via email or calendar and Microsoft Teams users need to be granted “guest access”.

In summary, if it is unnecessary to host a meeting of more than 250 members, Skype for Business is a better choice for reasonable price and convenience.

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How to Record Skype for Business with Its Built-in Screen Recorder? 

Since you may need to share your screen, show important files, or speak to a participant face-to-face, a computer or a laptop will offer a better viewing experience than a mobile phone. For this reason, Skype for Business only enables users to record meetings on the Windows/Mac platforms.

Following the below guide to recording Skype for Business meetings.

How to record Skype meetings on Windows/Mac?

Step 1: Start a meeting on Skype for Business on your Windows/Mac and click the more options button. 

How to Record Skype Meetings on Windows/Mac

Step 2: Then select “Start Recording” in the menu and a notification will pop up to inform all participants that the meeting is recording. 

Step 3: After finishing the recording, you can click the “Stop” button or select “Stop Recording” in the “More Options”. The recording will be automatically saved on your computer as MP4 format.

The Extensions and Limitations of Recording Skype Meeting with Its Built-in Screen Recorder 

Along with the recording process, we find there are pros and cons to using the built-in screen recording tool. Let’s make them clear as below.


  • No need to install a third-party screen recording tool.
  • Its maximum recording time is 24 hours. And it will split the longer recordings into multiple files.
  • No watermark is attached to the finished video.


  • No free version.
  • It will inform all participants that the recording starts.
  • All recordings will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • No editing tools for taking notes on the recorded videos.

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Alternative Recommendation: Record Skype Meetings with iTop Screen Recorder 400

Though the built-in screen recorder for Skye meetings is quite convenient, it lacks a lot of crucial features that a third-party screen recorder can offer. Such as iTop Screen Recorder which can not only make up for the insufficiency but also supports more advanced functionality. 

It enables every user to record gaming with no lag, record streaming in HD quality, record Zoom meeting without permission, record amazon movies with no time limit, and so on.

Learn more about its features.

Record Screen Without Informed. No matter what kind of content you are recording, the meeting participants will never be informed that the meeting is started recording.

No Time/Size Limit. iTop Screen Recorder sets no time limit to how long you record and no size limit to how big the final recorded video is.

Choiceable Formats. There are more than 12 video/audio output formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP3, FLAC, etc for you to freely select.

No Saving Time Restriction. Before you record Skye meetings, you can change the saving location on your computer, then they will not be deleted as time passed.

HD No-lag Recording. iTop Screen Recorder reduces the CUP utilization to 8%. So you can enjoy an extremely smooth screen recording with 1080p 60fps or even 4K quality.

Customized Watermark. This screen recorder Windows 10 allows you to personally designed the watermark or simply remove it on your video.

Various Editing Tools. To beautify or take notes of the recorded videos, iTop Screen Recorder has writing tools, filters, stickers, and background music to edit your videos.

How Record Skype for Business Meetings on Windows?

Step 1: Download and run on iTop Screen Recorder. And set your preference of recording area, audio source, mouse, and webcam(if you need them.)

Step 2: Then go to “Settings” to further set the details while recording as well as the audio format and video format.

General Settings for Skype Meetings Recording

Step 3: Next, you just need to wait for the meeting to start on Skype for Business, click the “REC” button, or press the hotkey you set for beginning the recording.

If you know the meeting time in advance, you can also schedule a recording to record Skype for Business meetings automatically when the time is up.

Step 4: Stop the recording by clicking the “Stop” button in the toolbar. And then, find the recorded videos under “Files”.

Find Skypee Meetings Recording Under Files

Step 5: Right-click the videos to rename, preview, edit, and delete as you like.

Record Skype Meetings with iTop Screen Recorder

The Bottom Line

The article offers an exhaustive approach to how to record Skype meetings on Windows/Mac with its built-in screen recording tool or iTop Screen Recorder. Undoubtedly, its own screen recording tool is enough to record Skype for Business meetings easily. However, users want more than that. If you want a free HD screen recorder to record the meetings secretly and with no extra limitations, you can take iTop Screen Recorder into consideration. 

Download iTop Screen Recorder now and start to record Skype meetings without permission from the moment!

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