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Full Guide on How to Screen Record on Zoom Meeting with Audio?

There is a free way to record a Zoom meeting with audio bypass permission and notification. Use a third-party tool to capture your voice and screen.

After the COVID pandemic, Zoom became one of the tools people use to communicate remotely. It has now helped businesses and individuals to participate in meetings and deals much faster than meeting eye-to-eye. 

How to Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio

As Zoom continues to be part of our applications, there is a growing need to screen record Zoom meeting with audio. If you would like to record a Zoom meeting for a later review, this guide will help you get started and find your recorded meetings. 

You’ll learn how you can record zoom audio-only and get the video with audio with a free screen recorder too. 

How to Screen Record on Zoom Meeting with Audio?

First, we need to note that a screen-recorded Zoom meeting with audio is only possible if the host permits you to record. As we will see, there are ways to record the meeting without permission using third-party apps. 

You have to ask the host if you can record for this method. If you are the host, here are the steps you need to grant recording permission:

Step 1: Sign into your Zoom account as the admin. That way, you will be able to change the settings.

Enable Participants Recording to Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio

Step 2: As the Zoom meeting proceeds, click on ‘Manage Participants’ at the bottom.  

Permissions to Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio

Step 3: The participants' details will appear. Hover on the name and then click on the ‘More’ button.

Allow Participants’ to Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio

Step 4: Click the ‘More’ button to get a popup. After that, click on ‘Allow Record’.

If you are the user and permission is already granted, here is how you can screen record Zoom meeting with audio without permission.  

Step 1: Join your zoom portal.

Allow Recording on Computer to Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio

Step 2: Click on the record icon to get the video and audio. If you get an option of recording, click on ‘Record on this Computer’. The cloud option is for those who have paid subscriptions.  

Step 3: Use the ‘Pause’ or ‘Stop’ icons once you are done.

Once the meeting is over, you will get your video in the following folder:

Windows: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Zoom 

Mac: /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom 

Record Zoom Meeting Audio Only 

If you would like to record zoom audio-only, that is also possible. You, however, need to note that you will get a video and audio file too. They will both be separate. Here is how you can enable such an option if you are the host:

Step 1: Access the Zoom client and click on ‘Settings’.

Pause or Stop When You Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio

Step 2: Click on the ‘Recording’ tab and enable ‘Record an audio only file’. After that, click on the ‘save’ button below.  

Step 3: When you record the meeting, visit the record folder and then audio record. You will get the audio there. 

Best Screen Recorder for Recording Zoom – iTop Screen Recorder 

If you don’t have permission to screen record zoom meeting with audio, there is another way out using the best third-party screen recorder software. It’s the iTop screen recorder that many people have used on their computers to record different screen proceedings.

Apart from using it if you are not permitted to record, acquiring it for zoom online meetings recording is more advantageous. They include the following:  

It’s free: You don’t need to pay a single cent to use the iTop screen recorder. All you need is to download, install and launch it. 

Ease of use: You don’t need a manual to know how it works. After the installation and launch, everything is well-labeled for you. 

Powerful features: You can choose the recording mode, screen size, what else to record (including audio and webcam), edit the video after recording, and choose your preferred video format. You can also share the video via the application.

No restrictions: Zoom will restrict you from recording based on the permissions. There will be no limitation for the iTop screen recorder, and you can record as long as you want.  

You might also record Google Meeting with iTop Screen Recorder: >>Record Google Meet with Google Meet Recording Extension<<

How to Do a Zoom Recording with Video and Audio Separately?

Using iTop is very simple when you screen record zoom meetings with audio.  You can record the video and audio here or audio-only. There are many other settings to deploy, including the format you need and whether to have a watermark or not. 

Here are the steps you need to get the recording. 

Step 1: Visit the iTop screen recorder website and download the application. It’s compatible with all Windows versions and Mac. 

Step 2: After installation and launching, proceed to open your Zoom meeting. 

Step 3: Click on iTop to begin recording. First, you need to apply some settings, such as recording area, format for video and audio, storage location, etc.

Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio - iTop Screen Recorder

 Include the speaker and webcam if you want the recordings. More settings are available via the three lines on the top right corner. You can change the format, watermark, and even the hotkeys. 

How to Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio - Format

Step 4: Choose the screen size you would like to record. You can also choose what to record by clicking on the "Audio Only" recording mode. 

Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio - Audio Only

Step 5: Once you have applied the settings, click on the big REC button or F9 if you have not changed the recording hotkey.  

Step 7: After finishing the recording, check your recorded videos and audio in the "Files".

Screen Record Zoom Meeting with Audio - Files

Also try free online scree recorder by one click >>Free Online Screen Recorder<<


You can screen record zoom meeting with audio using the information and steps. You can use any of the methods, depending on what’s available on your end. Going for the iTop screen recorder option is much better since you don’t need permission. 

Proceed to the this free screen recorder to learn more as you download the free application.

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