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How to Record Microsoft Teams Meetings in A Hassle-Free Way

This passage is going to show you how to record Teams meeting, calls, and messages freely. Also, a thorough guide for Teams is placed at the end of this post.

How to record Teams meeting? This post introduces two desirable and energy-saving approaches to solve this question.

The first solution has things to do with a dedicated and powerful meeting recorder while the second way seeks help from the default recorder of Microsoft Teams – Yes, Microsoft teams can record meetings too. If you are urgent for a certain answer, the first method is more recommended, especially given the limitations imposed by the built-in recorder.

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How to Record Teams Meeting Secretly? – An Effective Way

Sometimes it is not easy to record video conferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams since many restrictions are walking along with them. These hard-to-deal problems include privacy policies, identity limitations, incapable recording function, etc. 

To perfectly address these problems, products like iTop Screen Recorder are indispensable. If you choose this meeting recorder as your right-hand assistant, you can ignore most of the restraints Teams has put on you. 

As a powerful screen recorder, iTop Screen Recorder allows you to capture videos on Windows 10 effortlessly (windows 8/7 is supported too), record FPS games with sound and webcam, lead scheduled recordings and edit the raw videos. Now please feel free to download iTop Screen Recorder to record Microsoft Teams Meetings without restraints.

Here are the steps to record Teams meetings with iTop Screen Recorder:

Step 1. Open iTop Screen Recorder and a window will pop up as the picture suggests below.

Select the Region Before Recording

Step 2. Configure the settings to make sure you get the best audio and video conditions when you are recording your meetings.

Set the Parameters in iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3. Hit the record button and record your meeting secretly without Teams' detecting recording. 

iTop screen recorder records teams meeting

Step 4. Now go to the 'My Creation' option and you can find your recording files' location.

iTop Screen Recorder used to deliver impressive performance on recording Zoom meetings. It is the perfect solution especially when your Teams recorder fails to operate (the recording button is greyed out, can't obtain the meeting host's permission, etc.)

Record Teams Meeting with Its Internal Recorder – A Free Yet Limited Way

Microsoft Teams record meeting is plausible if you meet the requirements. In fact, those best-known communicating platforms like Zoom and Google Meet can record without software.  Now let's check out how Teams perform in leading a software-free recording. 

  • How to record a meeting as a host?

The most important thing before recording is setting up a new meeting:

Step 1. Go to the Calendar Tab and then click on the 'New Meeting' button.

Step 2. Then you can add the title, description, location to your meeting, as well as inviting team members to this meeting. Add this meeting to your calendar if possible.

Step 3. Finally, click 'Send' and all the participants should receive a notification.

Step 4. Now when the meeting officially begins, you can lead a recording by hitting the button as the picture shows below. 

how to record teams meeting without software

Step 5. Stop recording and the videos will be stored in Microsoft Stream. An email will reach the person who records if the meeting video is processed well. 

  • How to record a meeting as a guest?

Things will be a little bit complicated if you are a guest. Every meeting attendee needs to ask the host for permission before they start recording. Moreover, Teams will send everyone notifications when a recording is in progress. Besides these two differences, other steps are just the same as the links above. 

To wrap up, it is easy to see that free methods usually are less satisfying. Compared with an ordinary screen recorder, Teams' internal recorder looks smack of immature. So if you are longing for more features, recording software should suit you better. 

Microsoft Teams Record Meeting's Limitations

Finish this part, and you can be prepared in advance before recording with Teams' default recorder - some limitations listed below could be rather time-consuming after all.

  • Teams require registration

To use most of Teams' features, you need to log in at the very beginning.

  • Teams Limit the recording length

A recording lasts four hours at most.

  • Guests cannot record a meeting without the permission

Do make sure you have communicated with the host before meetings.

  • Teams detect recording 

Every recording will be inscribed into Teams' history, so there is no way of secret recording if you don't have other recording software to turn to.

  • Teams send a notification to every attendee once a recording begins

There are times when people care too much about their privacy and reject your requests about a meeting recording. That's when a secret recording proves to be necessary, but teams' notifying makes this attempt so hard to realize.

  • Teams limit the number of participants

One Teams meeting is capable of supporting up to 250 people as a maximum. So if you are excluded from joining an important meeting due to the restrictions on participants, ask a colleague to send you a copy is not a bad idea (secretly recording too).

What Else to Record Except Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording? [Teams Options Overview]

In this part, a brief tutorial about how to record a meeting call will be given to you. This tutorial will also let you know how to share a meeting link, or share a screen, etc. 

what else to record in microsoft teams

Calls: You can call your team member within Teams. However, Teams cannot record these calls for you. If you want to record store any important calls, iTop Screen Recorder can do this favor for you. 

Teams: This is the section for managing your team. Teams allow you to start a team from scratch or start from an existing group. And some out-of-box templates will help push forward your project. 

Activity: This is the place that exhibits all the notifications coming from your teams or groups. 

Chat: You can find all your communication with smaller groups or a single person in this category. And also, you can kick off a video call or an audio call with the person you choose, share your screen and invite new people to your chat.

Calendar: This is the place for creating meetings. In this specific interface, you can create a meeting link and share the link with your teammates. You can also preview all the upcoming meetings from this calendar.

Settings: To make ideal meeting video recordings, some crucial options are deserving your attention, for example, the video and audio options. You can configure your webcam and decide what kind of background filters to adopt. Also, you can decide whether you need your PC system sound or your environmental sound before joining a meeting. Once everything is configured, click 'Join Now' to enter a meeting.

Teams do not support recording audio calls. Let iTop Screen Recorder do this favor for you. 

Files: You can see all the files in OneDrive as well as all the files you've used in Microsoft Teams. It is easy to share any files with anyone from this section. 

Final Words

Owing to powerful video meeting software's convenient features (Microsoft Teams e.g.), Teleconferencing is now much more effective than face-to-face meetings. But how to record Teams meeting? A universal screen recorder for PC like iTop Screen Recorder is more skilled to deal with this question though.  

Download its trial version and let it help you do a Teams meeting recording.

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