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How to Record TeamViewer Meeting Session with Audio

How to record TeamViewer meetings? Here we show the best ways to record TeamViewer sessions using a built-in recorder and a professional alternative.

TeamViewer is undoubtedly one of the best remote desktop software programs in the market. It is characterized by industry-leading security, cross-platform compatibility, and comprehensive remote support tools. These features let TeamViewer stand out from its competitors and make it an ideal choice to access other devices remotely, transfer files to and from colleagues, and provide technical support to team members. Additionally, TeamViewer is integrated with an excellent video conferencing function that can help people make online meetings, video calls, and presentations more easily across devices.

How to Record TeamViewer Meeting

As a participant, you must wonder how to record TeamViewer meetingsand keep every detail for later reference. Please continue reading and find two simple approaches for TeamViewer meeting recording.

Way 1: Record TeamViewer Meeting with Audio by Screen Recorder

It makes recording TeamViewer meetings an easy task with a professional screen recorder. iTop Screen Recorder is an excellent one for online meeting recording. The functional yet free recording utility allows you to capture screen activities with a maximum of 4K resolution. You can flexibly record part of screen, full screen, a specific window, or a custom-sized region to get everything you want on the desktop.

iTop Screen Recorder-Record Meetings, Webinars &Lessons With No Time Limit

  • Record meeting as a host or participant without permission
  • Take notes and draw remarks during meeting recording
  • Capture clear screenshot with hotkeys anytime you want
  • Upload videos to Google driver and Dropbox automatically

iTop Screen Recorder deliver great performance to record TeamViewer session. It allows you to record meetings with audio and facecam at the same time in TeamViewer. Thanks to hardware acceleration and low-CPU usage, it can greatly reduce latency during recording and capture extremely smooth HD videos. What’s more, it has a built-in video editor that enables you to cut, split, merge, and transform their TeamViewer meeting recordings easily. Besides, you can make the video even more informational by adjusting audio volume, video size/position, or adding texts, pictures, subtitles, or stickers, as per their demands. This free screen recorder has various output formats for you to save TeamViewer meeting recordings, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc.

How to Record TeamViewer Meeting with Audio

So how to record a TeamViewer meeting with iTop Screen Recorder? Here is a detailed step tutorial.

Step 1. Download the iTop TeamViewer Meeting Recorder and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Firstly tweak configurations to record the TeamViewer session. Double click to run iTop Screen Recorder, go to the Options > Settings and modify the settings for the microphone, speaker, mouse actions, webcam, formats, and more if necessary. Save the changes you have made by hitting the red Save button.

How to Record TeamViewer Meeting with Audio - Settings

Step 3. Go back to the main interface. Choose the recording region for the TeamViewer meeting and click the red Rec button to start. Manually click the square button on the floating bar to stop when the meeting is over, or you want to stop it. The TeamViewer meeting recording is available under My Creations for preview, edit, and upload.

How to Record TeamViewer Meeting with Audio - Start Recording

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Way 2: Record TeamViewer Meeting with Built-in Session Recording Feature

The second way to record TeamViewer meetings is via its default recorder. TeamViewer offers a session recording feature that enables people to record remote-control sessions and meetings manually and automatically. Below are how-to guides.

How to Record TeamViewer Meetings Manually

Manually recording is more flexible, giving users opportunities to decide themselves if to record a TeamViewer session and when to start or stop the meeting recording.

Step 1. Open the TeamViewer and establish a remote connection with another device or start a TeamViewer meeting. Go to Files & Extras > Start session recording, and click it to start TeamViewer meeting recording.

How to Record TeamViewer Meetings Manually - Step 1

Step 2. When you finish, click the arrow-down icon next to the red dot recording button and choose the Stop and Save option to end the TeamViewer meeting recording.

How to Record TeamViewer Meetings Manually - Step 2

How to Record TeamViewer Meetings Automatically

TeamViewer supports auto-recording, but people are required to tweak configurations in advance. 

Step 1. Navigate to Extras> Options > Remote Control> Remote Control Defaults, and tick the checkbox "auto record remote control sessions" to activate the function.

How to Record TeamViewer Meetings Automatically: Step 1Step 2. Navigate to Extras> Options > Meeting> Meeting Defaults, and tick the checkbox "auto record meeting" to activate the function.

How to Record TeamViewer Meetings Automatically: Step 2

Step 3. Start the TeamViewer remote connection or meeting, and the screen will be automatically recorded in the background.

Recording with the TeamViewer built-in meeting recorder is convenient, but it also comes with two prominent disadvantages. Firstly, the recordings are unrecoverable once TeamViewer crashes during recording. In other words, all the efforts will be in vain. Secondly, the TeamViewer meeting recordings can be outputted only in .tvs format and played within the TeamViewer program. It greatly limits people from sharing with others. For these reasons, professional screen recorders are more recommended for TeamViewer meeting recording.

Tip: How to Start TeamViewer Session

Creating or joining a TeamViewer meeting is quite simple. Follow these steps to get started!

Get start TeamViewer Session by creating a meeting:

Step 1. Click the Meeting tab and choose the Start meeting option.

How to Start a TeamViewer Meeting

Step 2.

  • To host an instant meeting, please hit on the Presentation icon.
  • To host a video conference, please hit on the Video call icon.
  • To host a phone call, please hit on the Phone icon.

Step 3. After selection, invite participants to your meeting by email or phone. You can edit the invitation text in the dialog if necessary. Once done, wait for your contacts to confirm and join.

Invite Participants to Join Your TeamViewer Meeting

Get started TeamViewer Session by joining a meeting:

Step 1. Click the Meeting tab and choose the Join meeting option.

Step 2. All meeting participants will receive their meeting IDs, which are unique numbers created individually by the host. So, just input the meeting ID and the name to join an online meeting via TeamViewer.

How to Join a TeamViewer Session

The End

TeamViewer has preinstalled the feature to record a meeting, but its limited output format is a fatal flaw to prevent it from being played on mainstream players in the market. To make matters worse, people can lose TeamViewer meeting recording when the program unexpectedly crashes. By contrast, iTop Screen Recorder, the best screen recorder for Windows 10, 8, 7 and the latest 11, gives better user experience to record TeamViewer session with no limitations. It supports recording online meetings with audio and yourself into MP4, AVI, MKV or other mainstream formats. In addition, its built-in video editing software helps you cut interrupted parts off the meeting recording to keep the most important content.

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