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How to Record Amazon Prime Video Easily [PC, Mac, iPhone & Android]

Here are some useful ways for you to choose from recording Amazon Prime Video on PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service that offers to Amazon Prime members to watch thousands of Prime videos for free, including a wide selection of movies and TV shows. Since prime members have the demand to watch and enjoy Amazon Prime Video offline, they prefer to download Prime Videos for later viewing. However, devices that support offline playback will only be able to play the downloaded content with the appropriate adapter, and downloaded videos won't work through Chromecast or AirPlay. 

So as to meet the need for watching offline Prime Videos, we can do it in a different way, for instance, recording the Amazon Prime Videos. But how to record Amazon Prime Video

How to Record Amazon Prime Video

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Windows 10 PC?

The first instinct of Windows 10 users might be to use the Xbox Game Bar to record Amazon Prime Video free, but Windows 7 and Windows 8 don't come with the built-in screen recording tool. Even with Windows 10, it still consumes a lot of CPU, and for Amazon Prime Video recording, secure, free, high-definition professional recording software is definitely the best choice. 

iTop Screen Recorder is such a specialist that you are looking for. It is a free screen recorder for Windows 7,8,10 and its main features as below are perfect for helping you recording Amazon Prime Video without worries about the future.

Main Features: 

100% Free 

iTop Screen Recorder is completely free to use, from downloading, installing, recording to saving.

No Limit of Time 

Generally speaking, a film is more than two hours long, but iTop Screen Recorder has no restriction on recording time length.

Totally Safe & Private

iTop Screen Recorder has adopted reasonable techniques and measures to protect customer data and information from malware and hackers.

HD Video Quality 

iTop Screen Recorder supports recording videos with 1080p, so you don’t have to worry about the quality loss when watching the recorded movies.

No Watermark 

iTop Screen Recorder won’t add ugly watermarks to recorded videos like other free screen-recording software, which seriously affects the experience of watching movies.

Now let's get right to the topic of how to screen record Amazon Prime Video with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Free download iTop Screen Recorder. 

You can go straight to download iTop Screen Recorder from its official website without charge.

Step 2. Set up preference. 

Choose to record “Full Screen” or other sizes. Open “Speaker”, “Mic”, or “Mouse” if you need them.

Record Amazon Prime Video with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3. Record Amazon Prime Video.

Click the 'REC' button or press “F9” to record Amazon Prime Video. 

Step 4. End recording.

Click the 'Stop' button to end the recording once you want to stop. 

Screen Record Amazon Prime Video with iTop Screen Recorde

Step 5. Find your recordings.

Check the recordings in the video list in the “My Creation” section.

How to Record Amazon Prime Video with iTop Screen Recorder-Step 5

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How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Mac?

For Mac users, it's easy to use whether Mac's built-in screen recording tool or third-party screen recording software. We recommend using the Screenshot Toolbar, which comes with the Mac because it's convenient to record Amazon Prime Video without downloading or installing it.

How to use Screenshot Toolbar Step by Step? 

Step1. Open Screenshot Toolbar.

Press Shift+Command+5 together to bring up the Screenshot Toolbar.

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Mac

Step 2. Select the region.

Click the “Full Screen” button or the “Crop Screen” button to select the recording region.

Record Amazon Prime Video on Mac

Step 3. Record the screen.

Start recording by clicking the “Record” button in the onscreen controls. 

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Mac-Step 3

Step 4. Stop recording.

Click the “Stop” button in the menu bar or press Command+Control+Esc together to end the recording.

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Mac-Step 4

How to Capture Video from Amazon Prime on iPhone?

Watching movies and TV shows on your phone while taking public transport has become a new form of entertainment for people. So, what is the best screen recorder app that you can use to screen record Amazon Prime Video for watching them offline on your iPhone or Android? Since the App Store has strict restrictions on Screen Recorder apps, it is difficult to find a suitable one for iOS, so using iOS Screen Recorder that comes with iPhone is the best choice.

How to use iOS Screen Recorder?

How to Record Prime Video with iOS Screen Recorder 

Step 1. Go to Settings, open Control Center, and click the “Add button” next to “Screen Recording”.

Step 2. Return to the Control Center on the main interface, touch and hold the gray record button.

Step 3. Click "Start recording" and wait for 3 seconds to count down.

Step 4. Click the red record button to stop recording. 

Step 5. Find your videos in the Photos app.

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How to Screen Record Amazon Prime Video on Android?

Android has fewer restrictions than the iPhone, so you can choose whether to use your own app or a third-party app to record your video. Let's take a look at the steps to record your video in both ways.

Solution 1. 

How to use built-in Screen Recorder on Android?

With Android 11, screen recording became a system-wide feature, so you can record your screen as long as you have Android 11.

Step 1. Go to Quick Settings to find the screen recorder toggle.

How to Screen Record Prime Video on Android

Step 2. Tap “Screen Record” and then it will ask for confirmation, click “Start”.

Screen Record Prime Video on Android

Step 3. When you’ve recorded Amazon Prime Video, you can tap the red banner in the notification panel to stop recording.

Record Prime Video on Android

Step 4. Once you finished recording, you can open the Google Photos app and then tap Library to find the recorded videos in Movies.

Record Prime Video on Android

Solution 2.

How to use AZ Screen Recorder? 

Although the built-in screen recording tool of the Android system can meet the demand of recording Amazon Prime Video, considering that some Android users do not use Android 11 on their mobile phones, we recommend a practical third-party app here.

How to Record Prime Video with AZ Screen Recorde

Step 1. Launch the AZ 1080p Screen Recorder and tweak video recording settings by clicking the gear icon.

Step 2. Play the Prime Video you want to record.

Step 3. Click the red camera shutter icon to start recording.

Step 4. When you want to stop recording, pull down the notification bar to end the recording in AZ Screen Recorder notifications.


All in all, whether you're using Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows, this article helps you find a satisfactory solution to the problem of watching Amazon Prime Video offline but not having the right video player. According to this article, you'll find the best screen recorder for your device, allowing you to watch Amazon Prime Video offline anytime, anywhere. For example, if you are a Windows user, we recommend you the iTop Screen Recorder, which is powerful and 100% safe, and free. And the most attractive point is that you can rely on it to record Amazon Prime Video. No worries about the quality loss on recorded video anymore. 

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