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How to Record GoToMeeting on PC & Mac Quickly and Easily

Need to record GoToMeeting? Want to save or share a GoToMeeting session? Find the details about how to record GoToMeeting on PC and Mac.

GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service that can do online meetings, video conferencing, and desktop sharing with other computer users, customers, clients, or colleagues in real-time. It supports up to 250 participants in a meeting together, which is great for events that require a lot of attendees such as big classes and open conferences.

How to Record in GoToMeeting

When people don't have time to attend a meeting or want to track the vital discussions in a meeting, a need to record GoToMeeting arises. Many of those GoToMeeting sessions can be very lengthy, a built-in recorder or an online screen recorder may not allow you to record the whole session. Don't worry. This article explorers simple and quick ways to record in GoToMeeting on PC and Mac without limit.

How to Record in GoToMeeting with Built-in Recorder

GoToMeeting comes with a feature that allows an organizer or account administrator to record a meeting in GoToMeeting. 

How to record a meeting in GoToMeeting with its native function:

Step 1: After you have joined a meeting, just hover over the "REC" button at the top of the GoToMeeting screen.

Step 2: Click "Start Your Recording" and the "REC" button will become red while recording. All attendees will be notified that the meeting is being recorded.

How to Record in GoToMeeting

Step 3: Stop the recording by hovering over the "REC" button and select "Stop Your Recording".

GoToMeeting Cloud Recording History

As soon as the recording is ended, the Recording Manager will pop up asking you to convert the video if the video will be stored locally, while you will be taken to your web account to access the video if you are doing a cloud recording. It takes a while before the new recordings show up in cloud recording history.

GoToMeeting Cloud Recording History

The built-in recorder of GoToMeeting is very handy because users don't have to download and install any software and programs, but it only allows meeting organizers or account administrators to record in GoToMeeting. What if other participants like you, not an account owner or an organizer, want to record live sessions? In this case, you will need a tool that allows everybody to record video on a PC and Mac.

How to Record GoToMeeting on PC (Windows 11/10)

Instead of using the GoToMeeting recording feature, you can utilize a professional screen recorder like iTop Screen Recorder to record GoToMeeting without user limitations and with a lot more capture features.

Why Choose iTop Screen Recorder?

iTop Screen Recorder is a powerful screen recorder particularly designed for Windows users. It enables easy screen recording, screen capture, and video editing. It can record high-quality (supports 4K) videos for a full screen, a window, or any selected region with/without audio. It is fully compatible with Windows 10/8/7. It is an advisable program to record GoToMeeting, record zoom meeting, record other video conferences with many useful features.

  • It doesn't have a time limit for recording.
  • It supports recording all participants or a single participant.
  • It doesn't leave any obvious and ugly watermark.
  • It can convert the video into many different formats when exporting and you can easily send it to your friends, family, or colleagues.
  • You can take screenshots while recording.
  • It is capable of editing the GoToMeeting recording and uploading it to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram with ease.

3 Steps to Record GoToMeeting on PC

Using iTop Screen Recorder to record GoToMeeting is a no-brainer. You are only a few clicks away from making a GoToMeeting recording.

Step 1: Launch and decide how you want to record with iTop Screen Recorder on your PC. 

Click the down arrow beside the "Full Screen" to decide if you want to record all participants or a single window and adjust all other settings as you like. Make sure to turn on the "Speaker" or/and "Mic" if you want to record audio at the same time.

Record GoToMeeting on PC

Step 2: Click the big red "REC" button to start recording and stop recording using the floating overlay. You can also take a screenshot while recording for note-taking. 

Step 3: Select a path and preferred "Frame Rate", "Format", "Quality", etc. for the recorded GoToMeeting video and click the "Save" button.

Record GoToMeeting on PC - Step 3

The software also comes with a light video editor so that you can trim the video to make it smaller in size or save the most essential part of the video for later sharing or uploading.

Edit GoToMeeting recording on PC

Now you know how to record GoToMeeting on a Windows PC. If you are a Mac user, you can refer to the section below.

How to Record GoToMeeting on Mac

Most computers (if not all) come with a built-in recorder to capture the live video and audio at the same time. It will save the recorded video and audio to the computer's internal storage automatically, so you have to make sure the computer has enough free capacity to save your recording before you capture a video. The free capacity varies depending on how long the video is going to be.

How to record GoToMeeting on Mac:

Step 1: After you have started a live session, press down Shift + Command + 5 key combinations together.

Step 2: Select to record a full desktop screen or a selected portion and adjust other settings in "Options".

Step 3:Click "Record" to proceed and stop recording by clicking the record icon at the right top menu bar.

The video recorded using Mac's built-in recorder will be saved in MOV format by default and stored to Mac's desktop automatically.


GoToMeeting gains increasing popularity when a lot of events start to happen virtually like education, live shows, and conferencing. For those who are absent due to time difference, tight schedule, or sickness, and for those who need to track or share the meeting or webinar, the ability to record in GoToMeeting is a necessity.

The built-in recorder from GoToMeeting only allows organizers and co-organizers to record sessions, so it is very inconvenient for other attendees. Fortunately, you have an alternative that everybody can use, iTop Screen Recorder, to record GoToMeetingwebinars or any live videos. It also supports converting the video into a wide range of formats and trimming the video after the recording. Those added features are very helpful in today's digital environment.

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