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4 Ways to Record Remote Desktop on Computer [2023 Newest Guide]

For users who want to record remote desktop, this article introduces four valid solutions. Keep reading and see how to get a seamless remote desktop recording.

Recording remote desktop sessions is getting more and more important due to various reasons. For example, when you are managing a remote team, providing technical support to clients, or sharing comments and thoughts through online tutorials, you might need to record these sessions to enable effective communication and collaboration.

How to Record Remote Desktop Session

By choosing to record remote desktop sessions, you can follow and review your employees’ work or the solutions provided by the technical support team. This can save you time, help to improve efficiency and serve as a valuable resource for future reference within your organization. Here in this article, you will see 4 ways that can help you record remote desktop sessions.

Record Remote Desktop Session with the Best HD Screen Recorder

When you need to record remote desktop sessions, it's essential to find the perfect tool that provides high-quality recording and various features. One such tool is iTop Screen Recorder, which offers you flexibility and ease of use while capturing your remote desktop sessions in HD.

Aside from remote desktop recording, it can also be used to record streaming, gaming, video chatting, and tutorials. Here are the main features of iTop Screen Recorder that make it an ideal choice for your remote desktop recording needs:

  • Totally free to record on-screen content anonymously: You don't need to worry about paying any fees when using iTop Screen Recorder, as it allows you to screen record remote desktop for free. It is also a trusted Windows screen recorder that takes users’ data and information security seriously, so all of your on-screen content will be recorded anonymously.
  • Flexible to screen record any part of the remote desktop session: iTop Screen Recorder enables you to customize the recording area. You can choose to record the full screen or part of the screen, which helps you to capture specific parts for you to record Google Meet session or other online meetings.
  • Screen record remote desktop with audio, teleprompter, and mouse: Record your session's on-screen content, audio, and mouse movements precisely, along with the option to use a teleprompter if necessary.
  • Record remote desktop session on schedule: With iTop Screen Recorder, you can create a scheduled recording for your remote desktop sessions, ensuring that you don't miss any essential details.
  • Remote desktop recording with webcam and virtual background: iTop Screen Recorder enables your recordings to include your webcam and virtual backgrounds, giving your viewers a more engaging experience, and also protecting your privacy.
  • Additional editor, compressor, and denoiser: iTop Screen Recorder also works as a video editor. You can edit your recordings, compress them to save storage space, and reduce any background noise for a clearer sound quality.

How to Record Remote Desktop Sessions on Windows?

Follow the steps here to see how to screen record remote desktop with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download and get iTop Screen Recorder on your computer.

Step 2. Choose to record screen, webcam, or only audio in the main interface. After changing the screen recording settings, click REC button to start recording.

Start Remote Desktop Recording with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3. Click Stop to finish this screen recording. All the recorded videos will saved in the Files tab.

Check Recorded Videos in Files

Finally, send the remote desktop recordings to the one you need to share with or save it for further reference.

3 Alternatives to Record Remote Desktop Session on Computer

Here are another three available screen recording software you can try to record the remote desktop sessions. Let’s see what you can get from them.

How to Screen Record Remote Desktop with TeamViewer

The second HD screen recorder you can use is TeamViewer. It is a popular remote access and control solution that allows you to connect to, control, and record the screen contents. In this section, follow the step-by-step guide here and see how to use TeamViewer to screen record remote desktop sessions.

Step 1. Download and launch TeamViewer on your computer. Head to Settings > Meeting and choose “Auto Record Meeting” and “Record Participant’s Video”.

Set TeamViewer Screen Recording Settings

Step 2. Enter your Partner ID to connect to your partner’s computer. The recording will start automatically when connected.

Step 3. When the screen recording is finished, click Stop and Save to choose the recording destination.

Click Stop and Save to Store Screen Recording

How to Record Remote Desktop Session with Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is a popular screen recorder Windows 10, known for its user-friendliness and ability to record high-quality videos. One of its main features is to record remote desktop sessions on Windows, making it a great choice for users who want to capture moments during meetings or webinars.

Step 1. Download and launch Bandicam on your computer. Connect your remote desktop, and adjust the recording settings.

Step 2. Click the REC button to start the recording. If you want to stop the recording, click the same button to stop.

Record Remote Desktop with Bandicam

How to Remote Record Desktop Session with RecordTS

The fourth screen recorder for you to record online meetings or record Microsoft Teams meeting as a guest is RecordTS. It allows you to record remote desktop sessions both on-premise and in the cloud. Its main features include seamless recordings of user activities, and compatibility with various cloud servers, desktops, RDS hosts, Citrix, and VMware. Follow the steps here to see how to record remote desktop sessions with it.

Step 1. Connect to the remote computer. Launch the TeamSpeak software, and enter the IP of the remote computer.

Step 2. Then enter the interface address of your computer in the UDP address.

Enter UDP Address

Step 3. Go to Record > Record MUX to select the destination path. Set the recording limit and start recording.

Go to Record MUX to Set Recording Limit

For all the screen recorders mentioned here, it is most recommended to use iTop Screen Recorder. Compared with the other recording software, iTop Screen Recorder does not require complex settings and it has a relatively simple interface. It is not only a screen recorder for you to record remote desktop sessions or record Zoom without permission but also has a built-in video editor which can help you to make basic adjustments of screen recordings.

FAQs of Remote Desktop Recording

1. Is there a time-limit when recording remote desktop with iTop Screen Recorder?

iTop Screen Recorder does not impose a time limit on the recordings. You can record your remote desktop sessions as long as you need. However, do keep in mind that longer recordings will require more storage space and may affect your computer's performance.

2. How to prevent abruptly shut-down or disruption when you screen record remote desktop?

You can follow these steps to ensure a smooth recording:

  1. Ensure that your computer has enough free storage space.
  2. Close any unnecessary applications that might use up your computer's resources.
  3. Check if your internet connection is stable and has a good speed.
  4. Make sure the recording software and your remote desktop client are updated to their latest versions.

3. How to download remote desktop recordings from iTop Screen Recorder in multiple formats?

Before recording, you need to complete the pre-set in iTop Screen Recorder. 

  1. Open and run iTop Screen Recorder, click the Options menu in the upper left corner.
  2. Select Settings and Format.
  3. Now you can choose the exported format you want.

The Bottom Line

Recording remote desktop sessions can be a valuable tool for your needs. With easy-to-use software like iTop Screen Recorder, you can quickly capture your screen activity while on remote desktop connections. There are no limitations on format, number of times, sources, and sizes of iTop Screen Recorder usage. Whether you’re wondering how to record Amazon Prime video, or how to record remote desktop sessions, it is an easy and efficient tool. Give it a try on iTop Screen Recorder and start recording your remote desktop session now!

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