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How to Record Teams Meeting as a Participant

How to record a Teams Meeting? Use a screen recorder, select the recording area and the audio, and configure the format. Then you can record a Teams Meeting successfully.

Most companies, schools, and other organizations favor Microsoft Teams if they need to get things done remotely. Since the pandemic, the application has become one of the core platforms for people who want to meet and address matters.How to Record Teams Meeting as a ParticipantThere is, however, much information that passes during the meetings. That’s why we need to learn how to record a teams meeting. In most cases, you are invited to these meetings, and if you need to catch up on some things later, recording is necessary.

Nevertheless, how do you record it secretly? You may not want to face the awkawrd occosasion that every participant gets a notification that you start to record the teams meeting, right?We will cover how to record teams meeting as a participant on Microsoft teams and also offer an alternative method in case.

What is Microsoft Teams Meeting?

A Microsoft teams meeting is to gather a group of people who want to have a meeting via audio, video, and screen sharing on the Microsoft teams. The application is primarily used in work environments when people want to collaborate on projects and communicate. 

The best part when using it is that you may not need an app or an account. If you have an invitation to a meeting, you’ll have access to everything permitted on your end. 

Actually, you can do more than just join discussions with this online meeting tool. You can learn how to record microsoft teams meeting as a guest or create meetings and invite others. You can also schedule appointments, send messages and share files and apps that you would like to use. 

So, it’s a virtual workplace that offers a meeting room for people in need to collaborate remotely and get the job done. 

How to Record a Teams Meeting as a Participant with an Internal Tool? 

If you would like a better way to collaborate with those at work remotely, then Microsoft teams should be one of the apps to consider. However, you need to learn how to record a teams meeting as a guest if you need to catch up later or store the video for evidence. 

You can record it internally, but there are limitations if the host does not permit you. Furthermore, if you decide to record, everyone in the meeting will get a notification. If it was a secret to you, you might find yourself in some hot soup. 

Also, permissions granted when recording go to one participant at a particular time. That means only one person can record the same meeting during the same period of time. Anyway, you can use the internal option to record a teams meeting as a guest if you have permission to record. 

How to use the Microsoft Teams Meeting Internal Recorder

The following steps involve a full recording guide on how to record teams meeting as a participant with its built-in screen recording tool. 

Step 1: Once the meeting starts, click on the three dots at the top.How to Record Microsoft Teams Meeting as a Guest InternallyStep 2: On the dropdown, click on ‘Start recording,’ which will trigger a notification on everyone’s screen. As you record, there will also be a live transcription happening.Start Recording to Learn How to Record Microsoft Teams Meeting as a Guest Step 3: To stop the recording, click the three horizontal dots at the top.Accessing Stop Button On Microsoft Teams as a GuestStep 4: Select ‘Stop recording’ to stop everything in the dropdown. You can also click on ‘Stop transcription’ to quit transcription but remember to click on the stop button. 

Stop Recording Microsoft Teams Meeting as a Guest

Step 5: Get the recording in OneDrive if it’s just another session. For a channel meeting, you will find the file in SharePoint. 

Since various limitations may prohibit you from using the above method, there is another way to record a teams meeting as a guest secretly. The screen recorder we will recommend will help you capture any meeting whether you want to record Zoom meeting or Amazon Prime videos. 

How to Record a Teams Meeting as a Guest with an External Tool? 

iTop Screen Recorder enables you to record a Teams Meeting without permission from the host and it’s not detectable by Teams Meeting or other third-party tools. iTop Screen Recorder is an application that works on all Windows platforms from XP to the 11th version. You can use it to record a Teams Meeting as a guest secretly in easy steps.

How to Record a Teams Meeting as a Guest by the iTop Screen Recorder?

Step 1: Visit the iTop screen recorder website and download the application. Install and launch it to proceed.

Step 2: Select the screen area you would like to record. By default, the app records the entire screen. 

Select Screen Part on Microsoft Teams Meeting as a GuestStep 3: Include other things you would like to record, such as the microphone, speaker, and webcam. 

Record More on Microsoft Teams Meeting as a Guest with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 4: Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right for more settings. Once you are done, hit the big ‘REC’ button or use the F9 hotkey. 

You can customize the hotkeys yourself in the “Settings”

Start Recording Microsoft Teams Meeting as a Guest Using iTop Screen Recorder

Step 5: Once you finish recording, hit F9 to stop or click on the stop button. Access the recording on the ‘My Creations’ tab. 

Access Microsoft Teams Meeting via iTop Screen Recorder

With this free screen recorder for Teams Meeting, you’ll easily get HD video since it has GPU rendering technology, and you can record for as long as you wish, no recording time limit. By reducing the GPU utilization to an average of 8%, you will never experience a smooth and fast screen recording without lagging. There are also plenty of recording options from what you would like to pick apart from the video to the video format. 

iTop Screen Recorder Simplifies Meeting, Game and Streaming Recording

Except free and HD recording, iTop Screen Recorder has more features to make it easy to record a Teams Meeting, a gaming play, and a live streaming show.

High FPS Secret Recording 

With the iTop Screen Recorder, you don’t need permission to record a teams meeting as a guest. It will also not trigger a notification on the host end or any other participants in the forum. 

HD Secret Recording

It’s a third-party application that will capture video Windows 10 on your screen. By the end of the recording, the video will have the same FPS rate(60fps/120fps support) as your screen possesses. 

No Time Limitation 

You can record Teams call for as long as you wish. That means you can select the segments to record or pick up everything from the start to the end. The only restriction is that you need enough storage space on your computer. 

Multiple Video Formats

Using the internal recording option in Microsoft Teams will limit you to particular video formats - only MP4. When using the iTop screen recorder, you can choose the format you want when saving the video. Whether it’s MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV or MOV, this video recorder will satisfy your best imagination of a screen recorder

Multiple Video Formats

Do you want to see what else the iTop screen recorder can do? There is more from the main website, where you also get a chance to download it for free. Using it is easy, as depicted by the steps below. 

Recording a Teams Meeting - Internal Recorder vs. External Recorder 

If we compare the two, there are similarities and differences in learning how to record Microsoft Teams meeting as guest. Here is how they fair after comparing the two. 


  • They can both record the Microsoft Teams meetings.
  • You get a recording at the end.
  • Once you start recording, you will get the whole video. 


  • Recording internally via Microsoft Teams will notify everyone involved. But with the iTop screen recorder, you don’t trigger any notifications. 
  • Microsoft teams will only support MP4 video format. The iTop Screen Recorder allows you to choose the favored format. 
  • You don’t need recording permission when you use the iTop Screen Recorder. Internal recording on Microsoft Teams will require approval from the host or the admin. 
  • Microsoft Teams has other recording limitations, such as only one participant recording and hitches while recording. You don’t get that when you use the iTop Screen Recorder. 
  • The iTop Screen Recorder allows you to edit the video after recording. There is no video editor on Microsoft Teams to cut out the parts you don’t require. 
  • Microsoft Teams recordings are affected by your PC's performance. The iTop Screen Recorder will work with what you have by reducing the GPU utilization to a lower 8%. 

In conclusion, when you look at the differences, it’s clear that you will want to use the iTop Screen Recorder option. To record a teams meeting as a participant internally has many drawbacks that prohibit you from getting the video as intended. If you want to get rid of them and record secretly, the third-party video recorder will favor your situation. 

The Final Thought

We have seen there are two ways to solve the problem of how to record a Teams meeting as a participant. If you have an option to record internally, there is nothing wrong with going for it. If you need to record without asking for permission from the host and the notification to all participants, consider installing the iTop Screen Recorder on your computer. 

It will be your savior when you badly need the meeting proceedings, but you don’t have the permission to record unless you have another way out. Download it to make your work easier!

iTop Screen Recorder - Record Meetings, Webinars & Lessons

  • Record online meetings, lectures with audio
  • Record meetings, webinars with webcam
  • Record meetings, work calls without permission
  • Take notes and draw remarks during recording
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