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Scheduled Recording – Record Live, Meeting, Calls, and Spy Your PC

This passage tells you how to make good advantage of scheduled recording to capture upcoming meetings/meeting calls, online classes, live streams.

It's not a big secret that screen recorders are ideal to capture any real-time PC activities. But very rarely do people know that it is still useful when you are away from your PC. With a useful function called scheduled recording (also known as timer recorder or task scheduler), people are allowed to capture the upcoming remote meetings, live streams, online classes when they are absent, and automatic recording calls on mobile phones.

If you want to have such a major uplift of efficiency in your work or study, please read on.

cover of scheduled recording

What Preparations Do You Need Before Scheduled Recording?

In most cases, automatic recording is hiding inside your screen recorder. So, to activate these scheduled video/audio recorders, a round of fumbling and settings are necessary.

iTop Screen Recorder offers you the easiest procedures to set up its task scheduler (a tutorial is appended below). Besides its auto recording function, this dedicated meeting recorder is also skilled at recording real-time meetings, online classes, and games.

If you are pursuing an advanced recording experience, iTop Screen Recorder provides you multiple customizable options including FPS, resolution, webcam, audio sources, video format, and video quality, etc.

  • Instruction for Setting Up the Task Scheduler in iTop Screen Recorder:

Step 1. Download this recorder and navigate to 'Settings.'

Go to the Setting Interface of iTop Screen Recorder

Step 2. Tweak some parameters. Please do focus on these options listed below: resolution, FPS, video quality/format, and audio sources. Accordingly, if you want to record online meetings or classes, the system sound (speaker) should be turned on. If you want to build a spy recording, a webcam should be switched on.

Set the Parameters in iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3. Create a recording task. Now you can set a start and end time of the recording. Once everything is set up, click enable to save all the settings.

Set a Scheduled Recording to Automatically Record on Your PC

If you are planning to record meetings the next day, make sure to involve iTop Screen Recorder in your startup items, or the recording task won't work.

How to Scheduled Recording Meetings? [Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet]

You may not notice that Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex cannot automatically record meetings, that's because their default recorders only have a very fundamental function. But for iTop Screen Recorder, not only can it record real-time meetings, but it can also automatically record Google Meet meetings, Teams meetings, and Zoom meetings.

  • How to Set Up Automatic Recording for Meetings? Some Extra options are needed:

Option 1: 'Video quality' determines the visibility of your recordings. To obtain crystal-clear videos, you are suggested to change the option to Original.

Option 2: 'FPS' means the number of frames iTop can process in a second. The higher your FPS is promised, the smoother your videos will be. For recording meetings or online classes normally 30 FPS will suffice.

Option 3: 'Audio Sources' consists of the system sound and microphone sound. Considering that you definitely don't want your recordings to be messed with noises, you'd better disable your microphone.

Option 4: 'Resolution' - Set the resolution as Original, and let the recording area properly adapts to your monitor.

Option 5: 'Video format' where you can decide how to output your recordings. iTop Screen Recorder offers 7 formats for you, and MP4 is the most recommended one.
scheduled recording meetings

If everything is ready, save the changes and enable this task. And when the time is right, iTop Screen Recorder will automatically carry out this task.

Users are forbidden to spread the recorded meeting videos for improper usage.

How to Scheduled Recording Calls from Mobile Phones?

Android users are blessed with one default recorder for automatic recording calls. The application is called Automatic Call Recorder. This app can identify any incoming calls and record them. Just remember to authorize it before recording and everything will be like a breeze of wind.

  • Here is how you can have access to this app: 

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2. Search for the app - Automatic Call Recorder.

Step 3. Hit the download button and install it.

Step 4. Allow this app to use your microphone. 

Step 5. Now, this program is ready to record your calls. 

[An Additional Tip] Transform A Scheduled Recording Recorder to A Spy Recorder

With some subtle changes to the scheduled recording feature in iTop Screen Recorder and a useful spy recorder is within a hand's reach. The secretis to set up the internal webcam or the peripheral webcam on your PC and make it a temporary camera. This tricky method can help you curtail your budget on buying a real spy recording device. Here is how you can turn a recording software into a dedicated spy camera and monitor your pet, or record illegal breakthroughs.

  • How to establish a camera using the internal webcam: 

Option 1: Go to the webcam settings as the picture below suggests. Then choose one webcam from your sources. 

Option 2: When the window popping up, check the first option which reads 'Record webcam overlay when recording'. 

Option 3: Decide where do you like your webcam on the screen. 

webcam settings for automatic recording meetings

Option 4: Microphone: Turn on the microphone sound and make sure your mic works perfectly.

  1. Navigate to the 'General Tab' and find the option 'Load automatically at Windows startup.' Check it or your task cannot be carried out if this software is not activated in the first place. 
  2. Also, do make sure to turn off the system sound (speaker) so no interference will occur from your PC.
  • Place your spy recorder at an optimum position:

A good position indicates a larger scope and a wider panorama. Here are some ideal places to consider for placing a webcam – on your computer desktop. If your USB cable is long enough, you can even consider placing the webcam on the top of the refrigerator/closet.

transform iTop to a spy recorder

Final Words

This passage is a thorough tutorial for setting a timer on-screen record. With the scheduled recording feature, users of iTop Screen Recorder have access to automatically record no matter online classes and online meetings, automatic recording calls are achievable too.

Transforming this versatile screen recorder into a spy recorder is a tricky way but it is worth trying too. Now, don't hesitate to try this free screen recorder no watermark and schedule your tasks right away!

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