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Record Google Meet with Google Meet Recording Extension for Free [Without Consent]

Do you know how to record Google Meet with Google Meet recording extension? Get a guide on the best Google Meet Recorder as a student without G Suite.

As the second most popular video conferencing platform in 2021 after Zoom, Google Meet allows you to share your video, desktop, and presentations using your browser in real-time with your teammates, customers, or even strangers. Even though it is easy to join a meeting with Google Meet, to record Google Meet extension is not.

The Google Meet recording extension offers natively requires consent from the organizer and all participants. On top of that, users with Education Fundamentals will have access to recordings as a temporary benefit only through the end of 2021.

Record Google Meet Extension Without Consent

For those, especially students, who can't attend the meeting but want to catch up on what happened and who want to have a backup of the discussion to take notes or to share as training material, the ability to record Google Meet sessions is very necessary. 

The following tip will introduce several approaches in order to help you to record Google Meet video calls freely with the best free Google Meet Recorder.

Google Meet Recording Extension Without G Suite

When it comes to the Google Meet recording extension, only users with a G Suite Enterprise account have the access to recordings, which shuts personal or even business account users out. To obtain the privilege to record a Meet conference, you need to jump out of G Suite first of all. 

How to record Google Meet Extension without G Suite then? Generally speaking, there are 3 ways available:

  1. Use the built-in recording function on your Windows/Mac.
  2. Employ a third-party free screen recorder.
  3. Install a Google Chrome recording extension.

Google Meet Recording Extension with iTop Screen Recorder Online

Using a record Google Meet extension is very handy, but it will result in your computer's slow performance since it consumes CPU a lot. If you are not in favor of installing a desktop app, using an online screen recorder is a practical method. 

Here it is about how to use Meet recorder extension - Online Screen Recorder by iTop to record Google Meet Extension:

Step 1: Open this free online screen recorder through Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari on your Windows or Mac. Or download it on your Windows 7/8/10/11 directly.

Step 2: Join a Google Meet video meeting and click on the Start Recording Now button.

Record Google Meet Extension Without G Suite

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to decide if you want to record a full screen, a single window, or a selected region of the screen with/without audio. 

Step 4: Click on the "Share" button to confirm. 

Step 5: Click on the red "Rec" button in the middle of your screen to record your Google Meet screen and stop Google Meet recording extension using the same button.

An online screen recorder can help you record a quick video of your virtual call, but it is heavily affected by the Wi-Fi performance. If the Internet access is not stable or slow, your recording will be interrupted or even terminated. As a result, we always suggest you employ a desktop screen recorder for better security, stability, and recording quality.

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How to Record Google Meet on PC as a Student

iTop Screen Recorder is a versatile PC screen recorder that can be a perfect G Meet Recordefor recording Google Meeting. It can meet all your expectations for recording a Google Meet extension.

iTop Screen Recorder-Record Meetings, Webinars &Lessons With No Time Limit

  • Record meeting as a host or participant without permission
  • Take notes and draw remarks during meeting recording
  • Capture clear screenshot with hotkeys anytime you want
  • Upload videos to Google driver and Dropbox automatically

iTop Screen Recorder takes advantages in following approaches.

  1. It doesn't require any consent from an organizer and other attendees in the meeting to record the Google Meet session
  2. It doesn't have any restraints on video length and access to recording files. You can record the video call as long as it lasts and everyone has the right to access the recording files.
  3. It supports multiple commonly used video formats when exporting the recording such as WMV, 3GP, MP4, RMVB, and FLV. It will be extremely helpful if you need to send the video to your friend or edit it on a professional video editor
  4. It supports getting 480p, 720p, 1080p, and even 4K videos. You can get a Google Meet Extension recording of high quality.
  5. It is the best screen recorder for pc without watermark. Besides completely removing the original watermark by iTop Screen Recorder, you can customize the watermark in different font styles, color or more on your Google Meet Extension recordings.
  6. You can use the iTop Screen Recorder to record Zoom Meeting without permission, or any different situations which restrict your recording. 

Guide of how to record Google Meet on PC

Step 1: Open iTop Screen Recorder after you have installed it on your Windows laptop or pc desktop. This software is compatible with Windows 10/8/7.

Step 2: Click the down arrow beside the Full Screen to select how you would like to record your screen.

Record Google Meet Session

Step 3: Turn on Microphone or Speaker if you want to record Google Meet Extension with sound.

Record Google Meet Extension with Audio

Step 4: Click on Quick Settings to adjust some basic settings as you like and click Save.

Step 5: Start a Google Meet session and click on the "REC" button to proceed to record.

How to Record Google Meet

Step 6: Stop recording and find the video in My Creation folder or the location you set up before recording.

Find Google Meet Recording Extension

How to Record Google Meet Session with Extensions

Built-in recording tools on Windows and on macOS have a few drawbacks that you can't ignore. For example, you only have one default recording format and you can't convert it to another format that is easier for later sharing or editing. 

Therefore, a Google Chrome recording extension is a great alternative for participants to record Google Meet video sessions. It is easy to install and can be installed on any device that supports Google Chrome. They are usually handy, simple, and offer more recording features than built-in tools. 

The following part will introduce 3 free GMeet / Google Meet Extension recorders for you.

1. Fireflies Google Meet Recorder Extension Transcribe, Search

Firefiles Chrome extension is a simple plug-in program that lets users record and transcribe any meeting directly from the browser. It allows you to search and share the transcribed notes with one simple click. With it, recording the meeting and taking notes happen at the same time. 

How to record Google Meet with Firefiles extension:

Step 1: Add the extension to your Google Chrome. 

Step 2: Join in a Google Meet video call and click on the extension icon to bring it up.

Step 3: Click on "START RECORDING" and a floating toolbar will appear on the left side. 

Record Google Meet Session on Extension - Firefiles

Step 4: Click the first nested dots button to stop recording. 

2. Scrnli Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Scrnli is an extension that can be added to the Chrome web browser to take a screenshot or a video of your webpage. It is a totally free and easy-to-use Google Meet recorder.

How to record a video meeting with Scrnli:

Step 1: Add this extension to your Google Chrome and join the meeting.

Step 2: Click the icon to select if you want to record the whole page or part of the page.

Record Google Meet Session on Extension - Scrnl

Step 3: Click Record. 

3. Screeny - Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

This is another Google Meet Recorder and Google Meet recording extension. It allows users to record a video with/without a webcam or capture a picture from the desktop screen. It supports saving the pictures and recordings to Google Drive directly and share them instantly with sharing links

How to record Google Meet Extension with Screeny:

Step 1: Add this extension to your Chrome browser and join the video meeting.

Step 2: Click the extension icon and select the video camera icon to start recording.

Record Google Meet Session on Extension - Screeny


In a variety of different situations, tasks, and projects, you will need to record Google Meet Extension. A built-in screen recording tool, a Chrome screen recorder plug-in, or screen recording software can come in handy. Among them, iTop Screen Recorder, a screen recorder for Windows 10/8/7 and the latest 11, is most advisable because no sign-up, no permission, and no charge is needed. You can enjoy recording your video call as a student without G Suite. Start the free Google Meet recording extension today by downloading the iTop Screen Recorder!

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