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1:1 Free Solution: Record Teams Call without Notification & Limitation

Internal recording in Teams only opens users of business plans. Check here to record Teams call without notification, subscription, and limitation.

Microsoft Teams is a popular software for online calls and meetings. It’s free for individuals to use and only some features are limited. But there is one important feature that the individual version has missing - recording calls and meetings. This feature would require a business subscription and the host’s permission to use. Therefore, users who are using a free version or want to record Teams calls without notification should adopt the methods listed in this blog below:

Record Teams Call

How to Record Teams Call for Free - 2 Methods

The 1st method is to use a third-party recording software called iTop Screen Recorder to record Teams calls without notification or subscription. This software is free and recording video and audio can be simply dealt with by it. Here’s how to record Teams call: 

Step 1. Download the iTop Screen Recorder and install it.

Step 2. Open the tool when you are on a 1:1 Teams call.

Step 3. Click REC (or press F9) to start recording. 

This screen recorder Windows 10 offers no-login service and is 100% free to use. 

If you only want to record the audio, you can click the Audio icon in this software and then click REC. Then the whole conversation will be recorded only in audio. 

How to Record Teams Call for Free

And here are some features from this tool you can never benefit from using Teams internal recorder. 

1st. Noise Cancellation

iTop Screen Recorder’s audio recording is enhanced by noise cancellation-technology. Background noise from your surroundings will be detected by this software and erased from your recordings. Getting high quality audio with clear sound is so effortless. 

2nd. Video/Audio Editor

Unsatisfied with some parts of your Teams call recordings and need to make some adjustments? iTop Screen Recorder has an internal video editor for you to optimize content more easily. You just need to open the sidebar of this software or simply click the Edit icon beside recordings to use this feature.  

Internal Video Editor of iTop Screen Recorder

3rd. Compress Video/Audio

Just below the video editor tool, a compressor to reduce video sizes and make it easier to share, download, etc. is also available. All these tools in iTop Screen Recorder are free to use and no login needed. Download to use it right now!

4th. iTop Screenshot

As the third tool listed beside the recorder, iTop Screenshot could do you a favor too. Easily capture a screenshot, quickly edit it, and share it effortlessly. Lots of effort could be saved by these 3 internal tools and more useful features are coming to it too. Just wait and see. 

The 2nd method is that you can use the internal recorder of Windows 10 - Xbox Gamebar. Just clicking Windows + ALT + R to open it and start recording is OK. But this method is limited in many aspects like poor video/audio quality, low fps, editing is inconvenient, etc.Therefore the 1st method of using iTop Screen Recorder is more recommended. 

2nd Method to Record Teams Call for Free

Using the Internal Teams Call Recording Tool

Microsoft Teams supports recording too. There are some limitations when you need to use this feature. 

Business subscription to this software

Meeting/Call organizer

The person from the same organization

If you cannot meet the 3 requirements above, you don’t have the right to use its internal recording feature. Even other members from the same organization need the authorization from the organizer to record. All members will be informed that the call is being recorded. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to record Teams meeting if you are the organizer. 

Step 1. Find More Actions during a call.

Step 2. Choosing Start Recording is OK.

Using Internal Recording to Record Teams Call

FAQs of Microsoft Teams Call Recording

Some frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams call recordings are prepared for you. Check them to solve all your problems with this feature. 

1. Are Microsoft Teams calls recorded automatically?

No. You need to record Teams calls by using third-party software or using its internal recording feature to start recording. 

2. How long do Microsoft Teams recordings last?

This is from Microsoft Support: The recording stops automatically once everyone leaves the meeting. If someone forgets to leave, the recording automatically ends after four hours.

3. Where to find recording Microsoft Teams?

You can find More actions ⋯ > Start recording in the toolbar. 

4. Who can record on Microsoft Teams?

Meeting organizer and person from the same organization.  

5. Does Microsoft Teams record attendance?

Yes. You can download the attendance list during or after the meeting if you are the meeting organizer. 

6. Why is Microsoft Teams not letting me record?

Because you are not the call/meeting organizer or a person of the same org. If you want to record Microsoft Teams as a guest, please refer to the first part of this blog: using iTop Screen Recorder. 

The Bottom Line

All about how to record Teams call has been shown above. 2 useful methods for using external and internal recording tools are listed for you. Between them, iTop Screen Recorder is a free and no-notification/subscription method offering excellent recording, editing, screenshotting, and compressing features. More importantly, all of them are 100% free to enjoy! Just follow the steps and download this screen recorder to record Microsoft Teams call fast and free now! 

iTop Screen Recorder-Record Meetings, Webinars &Lessons With No Time Limit

  • Record meeting as a host or participant without permission
  • Take notes and draw remarks during meeting recording
  • Capture clear screenshot with hotkeys anytime you want
  • Upload videos to Google driver and Dropbox automatically
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