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How to Record Your Screen on PC: A Universally Applicable & Free Screen Recorder for PC

A universally applicable way of scree recorder PC. Read the following tips to know how to screen record on PC.

It is a good idea to record your computer’s screen when you come across some interesting content that could not be downloaded or shared. While what could PC users do when they need to record the screen and edit the video after recording? This blog is here to help and resolve the problem which says: How to record your screen on PC? 2 free ways would be illustrated below:

How to Record Your Screen on PC

How to Record Your Screen on PC for Free?

It is 100% free for you to record the screen on PC whether you use the tool innated in Windows or products developed by other companies. The difference would lie in that the recording tool inside Windows may have fewer functions or features like the video quality, format, audio format and frame rate, etc. than those products developed by other companies. Let’s see the recording tool by Windows first.

For Users Who Use Windows 10

If you are using a PC with Windows 10, you can record your screen for free by the Xbox Gaming Bar. Do not know how to use this feature? No need to worry about that for the content below would show you how to use it step by step.

Step 1. Open Settings and find Gaming.

How to Record Your Screen on PC for Windows 10 – Step 1

Step 2. Turn on Xbox Gaming Bar and find ‘Record that’.

How to Record Your Screen on PC for Windows 10 – Step 2

Step 3. Record Screen Windows 10 by using ‘Win+Alt+G’ or shortcut by yourself.

This way would allow you to record most content on your computer except content on the desktop or in the File Explorer. Considering this, a universally practical way to record is prepared for you too. Just keep reading.

For All the PC Users

A better option to record the screen of PC is introduced here – iTop Screen Recorder. A professional screen recorder that offers HD quality video and the audio recording as well as multiTopctional video editing tools. And here is how you can use this free tool to solve the problem: How to record your screen with sound on PC?

Step 1. Download iTop Screen Recorder. It supports all the Windows versions after 7 with no limitations and extra requirements.

Step 2. Set video preferences according to you.

How to Record Your Screen on PC for Free – Step 2

Step 3. Click the red button ‘REC’ and start to record the content that you want to document.

You can also use hotkeys to record your screen more quickly as in the picture shown below. F9 to start record, F10 to pause or resume recording, and F11 to take a screenshot during recording. These hotkeys are also could be edited by yourself according to your preferences.

How to Record Your Screen on PC for Free – Step 3

This tool enables you to record any interface of your PC including your desktop and File Explorer. No recording limitations would appear during the whole process you use this recorder.

iTop Screen Recorder also has some special features for you to record the screen more conveniently and freely. Check the 3 facts below.

1. Flexible screen capture

iTop Screen Recorder enables you to record any part of your screen flexibly. You just need to choose ‘Select Region’ as the picture shown below.

How to Record Your Screen on PC for Free – Feature 1

2. No lagging while HD recording

HD recording with 4K resolution and 60 FPS is available in this software.

3. Multiple output/convert formats

The format of a video could be various if you use this recorder and the format could be converted according to your actual situation. Above all, iTop Screen Recorder is the best answer to the question which says how to record your screen on PC for free.

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How to Edit the Video That You Have Just Recorded

Most recording tools do not provide the feature of editing videos and you need to use another software to edit, which is tricky and time-consuming. iTop Screen Recorder realized that and developed a video editing feature for you. You can edit the video after recording by clicking the ‘Edit’ button.

How to Record Your Screen on PC for Free – Edit Videos

Besides all the functions mentioned below, iTop Screen Recorder keeps updating and striving to provide you more powerful features.

The End

That is all the content about how to record your screen on PC and iTop Screen Recorder is presented to you. It is easy to operate and applicable for all PC users. No recording limitations would appear and you can feel free to record any content on PC. It is also the best PUBG recorder for PC to document your excellent gameplay. Last, this powerful recording tool is free and safe to use, you can download this software now and start to share unique content filmed by yourself with other people.

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