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How to Record Google Meet Video and Audio on Any Device Without Permission?

5 easy steps on how to record Google Meet video and audio. Record google meet without enterprise, premium, G suite, even no permission? Reveal answers below.

'How to record Google Meet?' this question appears due to distance learning and teleconferencing gaining popularity. There is no denying that recording meetings or online classes is a very effective way for subsequent review. To further clear up your doubts, this passage also gives answers to other frequently asked questions like ‘How to record Google Meet on any device?,' 'How to record Google Meet with permission?’. Let's jump right in.


How to Record Google Meet as a Participant Needs Permission?

Google Meet is equipped with an out-of-box recorder, helping you to record google meet as a student or a fresh hand. Nevertheless, carrying out a recording or obtaining a recording file is not as simple as expected.

An instruction for recording Google Meet without other software

Step 1. Start or join a meeting, then click the ellipsis.

Step 2. Of all the expanded options, click 'Record meeting.'


Step 3. Click 'Accept' when the notification 'Ask for consent' pops up. And all the attendees in the same meeting will receive a notification that a recording is in progress.

Step 4. To stop recording, click the three dots again and select 'Stop Recording.'

Where are my recording files located?

Your recording files are stored at Google Drive. You can immediately obtain the recording files by asking your meeting organizer for them. However, if you are not in such a hurry, Google Meet will send you an email comprising the recordings later. By clicking the link in it, you can either play the recorded video, download it or share it with others.

Who can record google meet without enterprise?

Only the meeting host and the teacher who launches an online class could have access to record Google Meet. Meeting participants and students need to ask the meeting host/conductor for permission to record Google Meet meetings.

G Suite's default recorder used to be a paid feature that is available only for Enterprise users. But in March 2020, Google announced that all G Suite customers are unlocked to this feature.

The built-in recorder of Google Meet, however, is not as capable as users think. The 60 minutes recording length and permission problems are driving them to seek other more powerful meeting recorders.

How to Record Google Meet Without Enterprise or Premium on Windows?

Lucky for you, even if there is no G Suite, you can find the best alternative recording software to record Google Meet without Enterprise or Premium on Windows perfectly.

iTop Screen Recorder is one of the most frequently chosen alternatives of Google Meet's recorder. It is totally free and it proves itself to be a wonderful tool to record Google Meet events without limitations. And it used to deliver impressive performance in recording teams meetings, letting users record without permission and freeing them from worries about the recording length. Even students can effortlessly record Google Meet without limitations. It is a wise choice to record with software rather than with G Suite.

Operating on Windows 10/8/7, iTop Screen Recorder can be your best tool to screen recorder Windows 10 also allows users to capture screen in full-screen, edit meeting videos, and set up a scheduled recording mode to capture the upcoming meetings automatically. Please don't hesitate to download this recorder if you want to record Zoom meeting, Google Meet or online courses from any platform.

How to Record Google Meet Without Limitations, even as A Student?

Step 1. Open iTop Screen Recorder in advance.

How to Record Google Meet Without Permission

Step 2. Go to 'Recording Settings' and configure the audio sources and webcam settings in iTop before recording.

Step 3. When the meeting begins, call out iTop Screen Recorder. Hit 'REC' and you can record Google Meet without permission.

iTop Screen Recorder Records Google Meet Without G Suite

Step 4. When you want to stop recording, hit the button again to finish this process.

Step 5. As for the Google Meet recording location, you can now go to the default saving path to check your recordings.

Navigate to My Files to Find Your Raw Footage

iTop Screen Recorder is simple and easy. It is suitable for people who are not that skilled at PC techniques, for students especially. No learning curve or complex operations are required.

How to Record Google Meet Meeting on Android?

Google Meet on phones makes it possible for users to join a meeting no matter where they are. However, participants who join the meeting via the Google Meet app on Android devices can't record meetings. To address this problem, this section prepares a free and easy default recorder on Android for you to record Google Meet on your phone.

Freeways to record Google Meet meetings with the Android built-in recorder

If you own an Android device from Samsung, LG, or OnePlus that can run Android 10, you can use the Android built-in screen recorder.


Step 1. Pull down the notification shade from the top of the screen to view all the options.

Step 2. Tap the screen recorder icon and authorize the device to record the screen.

Step 3. Then a recording is in progress. If you want to stop it, just tap it again. The files will be automatically stored in your gallery.

How to Record Google Meet Meeting on iOS?

As with Android devices, participants are unable to record Google Meet video and audio on iOS apps. So you can try iOS system's built-in screen recording feature as below.

Freeways to record Google Meet with audio - the iOS built-in recorder

With iOS 11 or later, you can record the screen with audio on all your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Step 1. Open the Control Center on your iOS devices.

Step 2. Set up your microphone by touching and holding the gray circle. then tap Microphone.

Step 3. Tap Start Recording, then wait for the three-second countdown. 

Step 4. Pull down the Open Control Center again and tap the red Record button to stop recording. You can also tap the red status bar at the top of your screen to stop it.

Step 5. All the recording files are saved in your photos.

It's not a big secret that iOS users always have trouble recording sounds on their devices. And to deal with this problem, a third-party recorder is the most straightforward method. iTop Screen Recorder is your right-hand assistance, helping you effortlessly capture all the notations coming from your iPhone, iPad, etc.

How to Record Google Meet Calls? [An Additional Tip]

  • Google Meet allows you to dial into a meeting from your device. So it is very practical to use the audio recording program on your phone to record Google Meet calls. 
  • If you plan to launch a meeting call on Google Meet's desktop version, then things will be more complicated. Only the web version of Google Meet offers you to record meeting calls. But no worries, iTop Screen Recorder is suitable for this condition too. Just remember to turn on the system/microphone sound and other steps are approximately the same as in the tutorial given above.

Final Words

This passage introduces two different ways to solve the question 'how to record Google Meet.' To record meetings without permission, or limitations on recording length, iTop Screen Recorder is the more suitable one. Please download and try this recorder by hitting the button placed below.

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