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Can You Screen Record Netflix? How to Record on Netflix Free on Any Device?

Try to screen record Netflix for offline watching? Follow the solutions to record on Netflix without a black screen on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services on the earth. It scaled its service from DVD rental to video on demand in 2007 following the flourish of digital production. Now, it has established a giant library which collects tons of movies and TV shows from famous film studios. Moreover, it has developed as a film studio itself to launch lots of hit TV series, for example Stranger Things/Wednesday, all of which are named as Netflix Originals. There is no surprise that you can find whatever you want to watch on Netflix. But, here's a case that some TV shows and movies do leave Netflix after a period of time because of licensing agreements. If you want to preserve your favorite programs for longer time, it is highly suggested to screen record Netflix for offline playback without trouble.

How to Screen Record Netflix

How to screen record on Netflix? In this article, we would like to introduce the easiest ways to record Netflix screen on any device, including PC, Mac, iOS and Android phones. Read on!

Can You Screen Record Netflix

Netflix doesn't offer a feature to record movies or TV shows natively. You can screen record Netflix with a third-party screen recorder, which can help you quickly and easily capture desired content on the service. However, some words say that you can only get a recording with black screen probably caused by Netflix's algorithm for copyright protection. Therefore, we made several tests and pick the most possible ways to screen record protected videos without black screen on Netflix.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate screen recording copyrighted content on Netflix for any commercial and illegal use.

How to Screen Record Netflix Without Black Screen on PC

iTop Screen Recorder is a free Netflix screen recorder that available to capture screen and videos on all Windows PC. It boasts the powerful ability to capture streaming videos from any services. Certainly, you can screen record on Netflix hassle-free.

iTop Screen Recorder offers an array of features to deliver great user experience and performance for recording.

  • Record Netflix Without Black Screen: The free screen recorder utilizes advanced scheme which enables you to record Netflix movies and TV shows flawlessly. With the Speaker option, you can record Netflix video with audio or without audio. The support for capturing microphone and webcam also helps you to make reaction video for popular Netflix movies and TV shows.
  • Record Netflix in HD Without Lagging: iTop Screen Recorder is able to record 1080p, 4K and 60fps videos on Netflix. Due to hardware acceleration and low-CPU usage, it produces a super smooth procedure to screen record Netflix movies and TV shows with no lags or shutters. 
  • Record Netflix Videos to MP4/MOV etc.: iTop Screen Recorder has a batch of output formats, from MP4, AVI, MOV for videos, to MP3, FLAC, AAC to audios. The default output formats are MP4 and MP3. You don't need to worry about incompatible problem during playback.
  • More Tools for Enhancement: iTop Screen Recorder builds in more video tools, such as video editor/video compressor, to help you process the Netflix recordings for getting better visual effects, smaller size for later sharing with friends or families.

How to Screen Record on Netflix with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your PC. It is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7. 

Step 2. Start Recording

  • Open the TV program you want to record on Netflix. 
  • Then, Launch iTop Screen Recorder. Select recording area. You can record part of screen, full screen, a window, or a region in fixed ratio. 
  • Turn on Speaker to record Netflix video with audio. Otherwise, customize your recording options. 
  • After that, click on REC button to start recording.

How to Screen Record Netflix on PC - Start Recording

Step 3. Stop Recording

3-seond countdown later, a mini control bar appears on the screen. Click Done (the red square-shaped) button to stop recording whenever you want.

The recorded video will be automatically listed in My Creation. You can play, edit, upload it immediately.

How to Screen Record Netflix on PC - Stop Recording

The simple 3 steps shows briefly to the point of how to screen record Netflix no spare meaningless words. 

How to Record Netflix Screen on Mac

To figure out how to screen record Neflix, Mac enjoys some prominent differences with Windows. Some software run well on Windows while seems not to be compatible on Mac. QuickTime Player is a native multimedia program for macOS. It can not only play videos, but record your screen and video effortlessly. How can QuickTime Player screen record Netflix on Mac? Follow the guide.

Step 1. Open QuickTime Player from Application folder. 

Step 2. Click on File > New Screen Recording. 

How to Record Netflix on Mac – Step 2

Step 3. The screen recording window appears. Click the drop-down arrow button next to Record button to select screen record with microphone or not.

Step 4. Click on Record button. A box pops up on your screen. Click anywhere to record entire screen or just adjust and drag the box to record selected region.

Step 5. Click on Start Recording to record Netflix on Mac. When you are ready to finish, click Stop button in the top menu bar.

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How to Screen Record Netflix on iPhone & Android

Indeed, there are also a large group of mobile users that would spend a lot of time enjoying films and series on Netflix. While sometimes the schedule is not that available, thus, people can't help wondering how to screen record Netflix on mobiles. The quickest and easiest way is to use the inbuilt screen recorder on iOS and Android.

How to Record Netflix on iPhone

  1. Open the Netflix web that you want to record.
  2. Pull up your iPhone's control center from the bottom and look for the Record icon.
  3. Click on the Record button, and your video will start to get recorded.
  4. Tap the red Record button in control center to stop recording. Or, tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and tap Stop.

How to Screen Record Netflix on iOS

How to Record Netflix Screen on Android

  1. From the various options present in the notification drawer, touch on the Screen Recorder option. If you can’t see the screen recorder there, check the application drawer.
  2. Open Netflix and go to the show that you wish to record. To start recording, click on the red button present on that widget.
  3. After recording the whole episode or the movie, stop the recording by clicking on the floating control bar's square button present on the screen. You can also stop recording by locking the screen.

How to Screen Record Netflix on Android

Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows and Movies on Netflix

Most-watched TV Shows of All Time

Wednesday: Season 1
Squid Game: Season 1
Stranger Things 4
Money Heist: Part 4
DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Lupin: Part 1
Bridgerton: Season 1
Money Heist: Part 5
The Queen's Gambit: Limited Series
Money Heist: Part 3
The Night Agent: Season 1
Lupin: Part 2
Stranger Things 3
Who Killed Sara?: Season 1
Fool Me Once: Limited Series
Berlin: Season 1
Bridgerton: Season 2
All of Us Are Dead: Season 1
The Witcher: Season 1
Dear Child: Limited Series

The Most Popular TV Show on Netflix - Wednesday

Most-watched Movies of All Time

English Non-English
Red Notice
Don't Look Up
Society of the Snow
The Adam Project
Bird Box
The Platform
Leave the World Behind
Through My Window
The Gray Man
We Can Be Heroes
Blood Red Sky
The Mother
My Name Is Vendetta
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Black Crab
All Quiet on the Western Front

The Most Popular Movie on Netflix - Red Notice


As Netflix has gathered different kinds of TV series and films around the world, many people have a demand to screen record on Netflix for further offline watching. With an available screen recorder, you can easily complete Netflix recording easily. For Windows users, iTop Screen Recorder is an easy yet powerful tool that empowers user to screen record Netflix movies and TV shows without black screen. It delivers smooth recording process and outputs high-quality files. Besides recording Netflix and other streaming videos, it can also record Zoom meetings, online classes, gameplays with no effort at all. Go with the best Netflix screen recorder - iTop Screen Recorder, that how to screen record on Netflix is no longer a question.

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