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How to Record on Peacock TV, Shows, Live Sports, and Movies on Various Devices Easily?

Can you record on Peacock? How to record on Peacock? The 2024 newest guide helps record Peacock TV, shows, live sports, games, and movies with simple steps.

Peacock is an online platform offering TV shows, movies, daily news, sports talk & highlights, and live streaming, including Premier League and WWE, exclusive Peacock original series. However, content on Peacock is not available on the platform at all times, and Peacock only enables users to download certain select titles on its mobile or tablet applications if you have a premium plus plan in advance. 

How to Record on Peacock - Full Guide

So if you want to keep your favorite videos for a long time on PC and transit them to your other devices, you can screen record on Peacock. But how to record on Peacock? This article listed ways to record on Peacock on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS step-by-step.

Can You Record on Peacock for Later Watch?

Can you record on Peacock? Surely you can record Peacock TV, shows, live sports, movies, etc, for later watching or sharing until you are tired of watching them.

As you may know, Peacock has strict limitations on downloading. Additionally, Peacock is a streaming platform which doesn't have a built-in screen recording feature, not mention the cloud DVR storage. So recording on Peacock is the best replacement for downloading because screen recording is low-cost and restriction-free.

But how can you record on Peacock for later watching on various devices? Check the detailed guide as follows.

How to Record on Peacock on Windows No Limitations? 

As mentioned before, Peacock supports premium plus members to download certain content on Peacock mobile devices. Even if you are a premium member, it’s impossible to save the files locally. Because you can only play or delete the downloaded videos on Peacock and they are unable to be shared or transmitted.

That’s why you need an effective screen recorder to record on Peacock on Windows PC and save them for later replay easily. iTop Screen Recorder is such an awesome screen recording tool that is used to record live streams, meetings, online classes, various gameplays, video & voice calls, etc. In addition, iTop Screen Recorder has more practical features for you to record Peacock TV shows, live sports & movies without extra restrictions.

How Can You Record Wrestlemania on Peacock on Windows Free?

Here is the detailed guide to walk you through the whole process of how you can record games, live sports and shows on Peacock.

Step 1. Download and install it successfully on your Windows PC. No need to log in, you can use it free in anonymous.

Step 2. Set the preference of recording settings like audio, recording area, video export format, video size, frame rate, and hotkeys. You can record part of the screen on Peacock or open the full-screen mode and record the whole screen.

How to Record on Peacock on Windows PC - Settings

Step 3. Log into your Peacock account. Open the video you want to record on Peacock on Windows, for example, the Werestlemnia, the world’s largest and most professional wrestling event. And click the red button “Rec” to start recording with your customized settings.

How to Record Wrestlemania on Peacock - Free Way

Step 4. After an episode is finished, you can click the square record button in the floating bar to end the recording.

How to Record on Peacock on Windows PC - Files

Step 5. Finally, go to “Files” to play the recorded Wrestlemania video and find its location on your Windows PC for later watching. Additionally, iTop Screen Recorder’s free editor allows you to make highlight clips if you are in need.

Not limited to a single streaming platform, iTop Screen Recorder is able to capture all on-screen content, and you can use it to record amazon prime video as well.

You may ask, "can I record Peacock on Xfinity?". Sure, just launch Xfinity programs and click "REC" to start recording.

If you want to create a highlights video of your preferred movies or shows, iTop screen recorder also offers free editing tools to help you add subtitles, BGM, transitions, filters, images, intro/outro, and so on. 

More Features on iTop Screen Recorder:

100% Free Screen Recorder for Peacock. iTop Screen Recorder is totally free to record on Peacock on Windows PC. You needn’t worry it will charge for various causes from the start to output. 

No Time Limit. As Peacock said that you can watch thousands of hours of TV series and movies on it. Also, you are allowed to screen record on Peacock as long as you wish no time limit.

Secretly Recording. With iTop Screen Recorder, you don’t have to get a premium plus plan, and easy to record on Peacock on Windows PC free without any permission and anyone knows.

Record 4K/1080P HD Videos No Lagging. This free screen recorder does its best to low down the CUP utilization to an average of 8%. So you can screen record on Peacock smoothly without lagging in 1080p 60fps or 4K videos.

Locally Saving & Directly Sharing. After you finish the recording, you can find the recorded videos on your Windows PC and directly share them with your friends. 

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How to Screen Record on Peacock on Mac Without Download Icon? 

For Windows users, iTop Screen Recorder is a great assistant for recording on Peacock. And for Mac users, you can also easily screen record Peacock with Mac’s built-in screenshot toolbar. It is convenient and simple to operate, moreover, you needn’t download or install any third-party applications. How to record live sports and TV shows on Peacock on Mac?  

A Simple Guide on How to Record on Peacock on Mac

Step 1. Press “Shift+Command+5” with one click to enable the built-in screen recording tool - Screenshot Toolbar.

Enable Recording Tool on Mac to Record on Peacock

Step 2. Select the recording region on Peacock by making a choice between the “Full Screen” button and the “Crop Screen” button.

Select Recording Area on Mac to Record on Peacock

Step 3. Click the “Record” button in the onscreen control's options to start screen recording on Peacock on Mac.

Step 4. Use the hotkey - press “Command+Control+Esc” together to end the screen recording or directly click the “Stop” button in the menu bar.  

That's all the easy steps on how can you record on Peacock with Mac’s built-in screenshot toolbar.

How to Record on Peacock on Android No Premium Plus Plan? 

If you are a premium plus member and no need to save Peacock videos locally, you can skip this part and the next part too. But if you are a free member who wants to watch Peacock videos offline from your mobile savage, that is what you need to screen record on Peacock on Android.

If you are using Android 11 which has a system-wide screen recording feature already, so you can go easily record on Peacock following the below steps.

Can You Record on Peacock on Android?

Step 1. Find the screen recording feature in the ”Quick Settings”. And Tap “ Screen Record” and then confirm to “Start”.

Enable Recording Tool on Android to Record on Peacock

Step 2. Open the Peacock application on your Android phone and record the videos you need. After finished, you can stop recording by tapping the red banner in the notification panel.

Stop Recording on Android to Record on Peacock

Step 3. Find the recorded Peacock videos or movies in your Photo Library.

If you are using the Android version before 11, you can try a third-party screen recording app like AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen, OneShot, Rec, etc. They are easy to start and work well as iTop Screen Recorder for Windows PC. 

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How to Record Live Sports on Peacock on iOS No Paying?

Can I record shows on Peacock on iOS devices? Same with Android 11, iOS also has its inserted screen recording feature to meet your need to watch Peacock movies and TV shows without region- or time-limitation.

How to Record on Peacock on iOS

Step 1. Open “Control Center” in “Settings”, and click the “Add button” next to “Screen Recording”. Return to the Control Center and swift the gray record button.

Enable Recording Tool on iOS to Record on Peacock

Step 2. Click "Start recording" and begin screen recording videos on Peacock.

Step 3. Stop recording by clicking the red button. Finally, check the recorded videos in Photos gallery.

FAQs of Screen Recording Peacock TV

Besides the above, you may have a lot of questions about recording on Peacock, like can you record live sports on Peacock, can you record games on Peacock, etc. Check them out!

Q: Can you rewatch live events on Peacock?

A: Of course. You can rewatch Peacock live after 24 hours of the broadcast. And if you are a premium plus subscriber, you can download the Peacock live videos for offline viewing. 

Q: Can I download from Peacock to watch later?

A: Yes, you can download Peacock videos to watch later but only the premium plus users are allowed to download select content of a total of 25 pieces on their mobile and tablet devices. But you can try to record Peacock videos for later review with a screen recorder like iTop Screen Recorder.

Q: Can I record NFL on Peacock to watch later?

A: Yes, you can record every Live NFL game on Peacock as well as plenty of classic NFL matchups, for later watching. 

Q: Can I record a football game on Peacock?

A: Yes, you can record Peacock but not with a DVR, which is used to record content from TV channels. You need a screen recorder and play back the football game on Peacock on PC in order to record Peacock. 

The Bottom Line

In the above content, this article concludes with the solutions to how to record on Peacock on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS with simple but explicit explanations. For Windows users, there is an all-around iTop Screen Recorder; for Mac and iOS users, there is a system-wide screen recording feature; and for Android users, the built-in screen recording tool in the Android 11 version or the third-party screen recorders are both effective. Therefore, no matter which device you are using, you can easily find ways to record on Peacock without a premium plus plan and save the video files forever.

Get the suitable choice and check the corresponding guide right now!

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