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How to Record Online Meetings with HD Audio & Video on Windows

Record online meetings on Windows easily FREE. Check how to record an online meeting with HD audio and video, Zoom and any online meeting without permission.

As more and more people tend to work remotely due to multiple causes, online meetings become rather popular now. And Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are the 3 most popular online meeting tools. Many people try to record online meetings to take down and review the essential ideas in the meeting. Nevertheless, the built-in recorder always ends up with unavoidable audio noises or video bugs.

How to Record Online Meetings with HD Audio & Video on Windows

How to record online meetings with HD audio and video smoothly? Here, you’ll get the best screen recorder to record any online meetings. Let’s read it now!

Why Should You Record Online Meetings?

Before getting into how to record an online meeting, let’s clear why you should record the online meeting. Multiple reasons are possible for any of you. Some may want to capture the important points in the meeting, some may like to record their wonderful performance in the speech, and some may prefer to share the video in public.

No matter which one, it’s advisable for you to rely on the professional screen recorder to reach your goals. Keep reading and you’ll get the best recorder to record online meeting free with high quality audios and videos, no permission.

How to Record Online Meetings on Windows [Any Meeting]

To record Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and any other online meetings effectively, iTop Screen Recorder can be the best choice for you. With this powerful screen recorder for Windows, you’re free to record the meeting without permission even if you’re not the host. Besides, there’s no limit to the time length and video size. And it supports you to record online meeting with audio and webcam.

iTop Screen Recorder-Record Meetings, Webinars &Lessons With No Time Limit

  • Record meeting as a host or participant without permission
  • Take notes and draw remarks during meeting recording
  • Capture clear screenshot with hotkeys anytime you want
  • Upload videos to Google driver and Dropbox automatically

Benefits You Can’t Miss

  • Record Online Meetings Without Permission

It allows you to record an online meeting without permission, no matter if you’re a host or guest. So you can record any meeting at any time secretly as you like. For people who wonder how to record zoom meeting without permission, or other online meetings, it’s a fantastic solution, no doubt.

  • Online Meetings Recorder with HD Audio & Video

This online meeting recorder can provide you with HD meeting recordings for your sound and face simultaneously, including noise-reduced audio and high-resolution video. You can watch the recorded video without lagging.

  • Record Online Meetings Flexibly

It enables you to record the entire desktop screen or record part of screen for the online meeting. So you’re able to record any corner in the meeting you prefer to focus on, which is extremely flexible.

  • No Time Limit to Record Online Meetings 

Most importantly, there’s no time limit to the online meeting recording. Many free software will restrict the video length for users, but iTop Screen Recorder never. You can keep recording as long as possible till the meeting is over.

How to Record Online Meetings on iTop Screen Recorder

Let’s see how to record online meeting on laptop or PC with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download the iTop screen recorder, install and launch it on Windows. (If you don’t want to download the client, you can try its online video recorder.)

Step 2. Launch or join an online meeting, for instance, Microsoft Teams, to be prepared.

How to Record Online Meetings - Launch Meetings

Step 3. Select the screen area you tend to record the Teams, Full Screen or part of the screen. By default, the software records the entire screen. 

How to Record Online Meetings - Select Region

Tips: You can enable other things you’d like to record, such as the Speaker to record system audio, Mic to record your sound, and Webcam to record your face. 

How to Record Online Meetings with Audio

Step 4. Click “REC” to record online meetings hassle-free. And click the red button to stop recording the meeting.

How to Record Online Meetings on iTop Screen Recorder

That’s how to record teams meeting secretly on iTop Screen Recorder as guests, no need to ask for permission, or set up complicated configurations. And with strong techs, you’ll get HD audio with noise reduction and high-resolution videos. No time to hesitate! Download to enjoy it now!

Other Tools for Record Online Meetings on Windows

Besides the app to record online meeting mentioned above, there are other screen recorder Windows 10 recommendations for you. Please check them out if you need it.

1. VLC

As the best media players for Windows and macOS, VLC not only supports playing video and audio files that are saved in your device, regardless of the format, but also allows you to capture the screen. It’s a built-in feature and free to use, but the drawback is that these equipped tools can get a bit technical for beginners.

Tools for Record Online Meetings on Windows - VLC

2. ShareX

The second tool for how to record any online meeting is ShareX. It is a screen recording and file-sharing software for Windows, and allows you to record online meetings effortlessly. Similar to iTop Screen Recorder, it enables you to select the region you want to record and offers multiple options, which is flexible. However, many inexperienced users will avoid it due to the confusing interface.

Tools for Record Online Meetings on Windows - ShareX

3. OBS

The last free recorder for online meetings is OBS, which is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It can resolve how to record online meeting on teams easily in several minutes. Also, you’re allowed to record system audio and microphone sound at the same time. But, you also need to take a long time to set up the configurations.

Tools for Record Online Meetings on Windows - OBS

FAQ About Record Online Meetings

1. Is recording online meetings legal?

Yes, it’s legal to record online meetings after confirming participants’ consent. But if the video is recorded and shared without consent, it could be considered a breach of privacy. So you have to be careful and don’t share the video randomly.

2. Can I include audio in my online meeting recording?

Yes, download iTop Screen recorder, and you can record HD audio, including the desktop sounds and your own voices at the same time in the recording. 

3. Can you record on Zoom meeting for Free?

There are 2 ways to record Zoom meetings on the Zoom app: Local & Cloud Recording. Local recording is available to free and paid subscribers. But cloud recording is only available for paid mobile users.

The Bottom Line 

If you want to record online meetings without permission effectively, you’re highly recommended to rely on iTop Screen Recorder, a powerful free screen recorder for Windows with HD audio and video. You can record Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and any other meeting hassle freely. Download it now!

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