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How to Record BlueJeans Meeting: Common Way & Without Permission

There are various ways to record BlueJeans meeting. Get the BlueJeans procedure or record without restrictions using the iTop Screen Recorder.

More work is going in the remote direction since it’s cost-effective, and we have a pandemic to contain. That is where COVID-19 is leading us hence the increased number of online meetings. 

You can now facilitate cloud meetings using intuitive apps like BlueJeans. Most importantly, you may also want to record the proceedings and share them with others. That’s why we want to address the record BlueJeans meeting issue and how you can do it using the common way and without asking for permission.

How to Record BlueJeans Meeting

The application offers a way out, and you can choose whom to share with apart from downloading. Let’s see the conventional recording method and how to record BlueJeans meeting without making the request.

How to Record BlueJeans Meeting – Common Way

With BlueJeans, you can begin video calls, conferences, webinars, and more. The better part is that you can record BlueJeans meetings using the application and share them with those interested. To start recording, you need to be the moderator, and that can be more than one person depending on how many are attending the virtual meeting.

Some of the points to note are that recording happens in 2-hour intervals. That means the longest video BlueJeans can render is 2 hours. If the meeting is longer than 2 hours, this app would begin a new chapter and then continues recording screen.

It’s quite easy to record BlueJeans meeting once you have the app. It offers a trial period that gives exclusive features for conferencing, recording and getting the playback. Let’s see how you can record BlueJeans meeting and get the recorded video.

Recording a BlueJeans Meeting in Steps

Step 1: Download the BlueJeans app if you don’t have it. After the installation, run it and begin the virtual meeting by clicking ‘Start’. You can also choose to go for the browser-based version. 

Record BlueJeans Meeting - Step 1

Step 2: If you are a moderator, there will be an option for you to start the recording and highlights. The tab is on the top left, and all you need is to click or tap it. 

Record BlueJeans Meeting - Step 2

If anyone joins the meeting later, they will receive a notification that the session is being recorded.

Step 3: Once you are done recording, use the tab on the top left to stop the recording and highlights. 

Record BlueJeans Meeting - Step 3

Notice: You need to remember that the chats are never recorded.

Step 4: Hit ‘Stop’ when a confirmation window appears, asking you if you want to stop the recording.

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Playing, Downloading, and Sharing After Recording (H3)

Now that you know the method to record a BlueJeans meeting, it’s time to receive the playback, download, and share. Once you finish the meeting recording, you can access the video via the ‘Recordings’ tab.

1. Viewing and Playing Back the Recording

If the videos are longer, the rendering process will begin when you finish recording the BlueJeans meeting. There will be chapters for you, and the time taken depends on the video length. A one-hour video will take about 15 minutes before it’s ready for viewing.

Once the processing is complete, you’ll get an email from BlueJeans with a link to get to the recording page. 

Playing, Downloading, and Sharing BlueJeans Meeting

Once on the page, the meetings will be there, ready for watching. The top will have the most recent recordings.

You can change the order from old to latest too. To play the video, just click on the Play button.

2. How to Download the Recorded Video on BlueJeans

Step 1: Click on the video you want to download and proceed to the bottom part.

Step 2: Proceed to hit the download icon and get the video in your local storage.

How to Download BlueJeans Meeting Recording NB: You can also delete the recorded BlueJeans videos after downloading if you don’t need them on the cloud. Ensure that you delete it after downloading since it will disappear from the cloud as well. You can also get the video in different file formats.

3. How to Share the Recorded Meetings

Step 1: As you watch the video, there will be sharing settings on the left. You can also use the sharing icon below the video. 

How to Share BlueJeans Meeting

To share, select who will have access by selecting Private, Enterprise Access Only, or Open Access.

Step 2: You can also choose to copy the URL and send it via email to those you who need the recorded meeting.

Step 3: If you want to allow the viewers to download, check the box on the setting. After that, what you set is automatically saved.

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Part 2: How to Record BlueJeans Meeting without Permission

When you are the administrator who permits who will record BlueJeans meeting, recording BlueJeans meeting on this case is okay since you have all the privileges. But when you are not the host or you are not allowed to record the meeting, you can't record with its built-in tool. In that case, you can get the meeting records using a non-permitted application.

That is powerful iTop Screen Recorder, which is a Windows app that allows you to record the screen proceedings by just running it and applying a few settings before hitting the big ‘REC’ button.

  • Nrecording restrictions to use. It does not notify those in the virtual meeting of a third-party app being used to record. Therefore, if you don’t have a way to record a session after invitation, iTop Screen Recorder can rescue you.
  • Various video formats from the app. Also, you can choose to record full screen or record part of screen. If you want to record the sound, there are the microphone and speaker icons for that. You can also decide to activate or deactivate the webcam.

Let’s see how to record BlueJeans meeting without permission by using iTop Screen Recorder. Please remember that you should only use it for the meetings that you can record without breaking any regulations.

Steps to Record a BlueJeans Meeting with iTop Screen Recorder (H3)

Step 1: Access the meeting via BlueJeans or start it if you are the admin. Next, run the iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 2: Select the region to record, which could be the whole screen, a selected area, or a fixed one. 

Steps to Record a BlueJeans Meeting

TipsYou can also change the settings to save and the graphics and audio qualities via Quick Settings. Advanced settings are also available under the watermark part.

Steps to Record a BlueJeans Meeting (4)

Step 3: Activate the speaker, microphone, mouse effects, and the webcam as you wish. Once you are done, click on the ‘REC’ button to start recording.

Step 4: The recording will go on until the meeting is over. There are no chapters which means it can be as long as the meeting duration.

Step 5: Once the recording is done, click on the Stop button. Next, access the recorded meeting via the My Creations tab. 

Steps to Record a BlueJeans Meeting (5)

If you need to edit the video, it also has an editing tools you need.

Edit and Record a BlueJeans Meeting


It’s possible to record BlueJeans meeting via its built-in tool. However, there are limitations on who can do it, especially if you are not the admin or one of the moderators. Moreover, you would get the recordings divided into several chapters if they are more than 2 hours long.

If you want to avoid all these inconveniences, iTop Screen Recorder is the way to go since it does not need you to request anything or be given certain privileges via BlueJeans to get the videos.

Download now to try tons of features of it when recording and editing the captured meetings.

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