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2022 Best Free Video Conference Recording Software for Windows PC

How to record a video conference with audio on PC? Try the best free video conference recorder for Windows11/10 to capture video meeting with no time limit.

It sees a surge in growth of global video conferencing market in recent years, expected up to USD 22.5 billion by 2026, according to the related report. COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacts the society, leading workplace to experience remote working instead of traditional mode. The rising need of video conference arrive. With the technology, from 5G network to video conference software, more and more enterprises take advantage of this cost-effective online meeting solution for communication and collaboration.

Best Free Video Conference Recorder

Video conference recording is the derived demand of participants. It is the best way to capture every detail while keeping you to concentrate on the discussing topic without being distracted by taking notes on the meeting. How to record video conference? A good video conference recorder can give you a hand. Now, follow us to get the best free video conferencing software for Windows (11/10) to capture video meetings with no time limit.

What Is the Best Free Video Conference Recorder for PC?

As a matter of fact, most mainstream video conference platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, builds in the feature allowing meeting host or workplace administrator to turn on recording. But participants are unable to use the build-in recorder without permission. If you want to record Zoom meeting or other online video meetings without permission on your PC, you'd better try a third-party video conference recorder.

How to choose a video conference recorder for Windows PC? What is the best one? Above all, the program should meet some basic criteria.

  • It is available to record an online meeting with audio and facecam.
  • It is available to record full video conference with no time limit.
  • It is available to flexibly capture full screen or only meeting window.
  • It is easy to use, clean and safe.

What’s more, if a video conference recorder shows great performance to record HD videos without no lagging and features editing tools, it can be your choice.

iTop Screen Recorder is the one. It is a well-developed screen recorder for Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7. It boasts the ability to record every detail on your PC screen. No matter what you are doing now, having an online meeting with your team, making an online lecture or playing a game, it can help you capture screen without hassle. And now, let’s explore every highlight of the best video conference recording software.

Free, Simple and Safe to Use

iTop Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder. You can directly download and use it to record online video meetings with 0 cost. It has a straightforward and beginner-friendly design. There is no complex setup. You can quickly get started with it. Unlike some free screen recording software for video conference, it bundles no ads, no extras. It is 100% clean and safe without no malware or virus.

Record Video Conference with Audio & Facecam

The audio and facecam recording system is well built in iTop Screen Recorder. If you’re a speaker during a video conference, it helps capture your face and voice flawlessly. If you’re a listener, it helps catch whole team discussion, no word missed. Also, iTop Screen Recorder works the best to deliver the highest quality of audio and image, but the quality of your microphone, speaker and facecam also depends a lot.

Record Video Conference Flexibly and Smoothly

iTop Screen Recorder enables you to record any area of the screen, full screen, a dialog box or specific ranges. No matter what display mode you use during a meeting, full-screen or side-by-side windows with another program, this video conference recorder can help select the region for exactly recording what you want.

It’s important that iTop Screen Recorder is a program with low CPU usage that is able to record 4K video, 1080P HD footage, or high fps (60fps) video without no lagging. So, you can capture online video conference with original quality smoothly even on a low-end PC.

Record Video Conference with No Permission, No Time Limit

iTop Screen Recorder empowers both hosts and attendees to record online video meeting without permission. You can capture the screen at the beginning or during the meeting at will. The free video conference recorder will server you uninterruptedly. You can record screen with no time limit. Only when you stop recording, it stops working.

Bonus Features of iTop Video Conference Recorder

  • It supports 12 output formats, like MP4, for later playback on various players.
  • It can trim the video conference recordings to remove unnecessary segment.
  • It offers the tool to screenshot while recording online meeting.
  • More than video conference recording software, it is a game recorder, movie/music recorder and vlog recorder for Windows PC.

How to Use the Best Free Video Conference Recorder?

It is not a hard task to master how to record a video conference using iTop Screen Recorder. Just follow the tutorial, you can get video conference recording hassle-free.

Step 1. Download and Launch the Program

Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your Windows PC. Then, launch it once you join in the team or company meeting.

Step 2. Set Preferences Before Recording

Click “Full Screen” to get the drop-down list for selecting area to record. You can choose Full Screen (the default recording mode), specific region, window or more.

Generally, Speaker, Mic, Mouse, Webcam are turned on by default. If not, turn them on.

How to Use Video Conference Recorder - Set Preferences

Step 3. Start Recording

Click the red REC button to start recording the video conference. And, a toolbar will appear at the right corner of the screen. You can click pause, take screenshot and stop recording using it. Otherwise, you can use F9 as a shortcut to start and stop recording.

How to Use Video Conference Recorder - Stop Recording

The video conference recording will automatically listed in My Creations and saved in your hard drive. You can also click Edit icon to trim the video or export it to another folder.

How to Use Video Conference Recorder - Save Video Conference Recordings

For Your Reference: 3 Best Video Conference Software 2022

Google Meet: Google develops Google Meet as an integrated part of Google Workspace suite. Hosts can simply set up a Google Meet and share the link as invitation. You can click the link to join the multi-person video call through a web browser or Android/iOS devices. It also features screen-sharing to documents/presentations, virtual whiteboarding, waiting rooms as well as supports 720P video, noise reduction for audio. Free account can host a meeting up to 60 minutes with 100 participants.

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Zoom: Zoom is one the most popular video conferencing software in the market now. It boasts a wide array of features, including one-on-one and group meetings, screen sharing, breakout rooms, HD video support and SSL encryption. Its free plan empowers you to get a 40-minute conferences with up to 100 participants while the paid plan supports the meeting up to 30 hours and 1000 participants.

Webex: Cisco rolls out Webex as a collaborative workspace that integrates online meeting with messaging and document sharing. It is recognized as an excellent video conference platform for its great effort on security. It performs TLS encryption, firewall compatibility, third-party accreditation and more. It also features screen sharing, HD video, cloud recording and storage. The free plan only allow 2 participants in meeting while paid plan supports 50 to 1000 participants.

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The Bottom Line

Video conference software offers the best solution for remote work during the special pandemic time. Along, a video conference recorder is essential to capture every detail of the meeting without the distraction of taking note. iTop Screen Recorder is the solid recording software for video conference. It allows everyone to record Zoom, Google Meet and any other online meetings on Windows PC without permission, and no time limit. It shows great performance to record HD video with audio smoothly. Try to capture whole online meeting in a breeze using it.

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