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How to Record Your Screen with YouTube Screen Recorder for PC & Mac

How to record your screen for YouTube? Just read this article to find the best free screen recorder for PC & Mac, totally free, safe & easy to use.

YouTube has accumulated many interesting videos and many people like watching or if they meet one which attracts their attention so much, they would like to share the video with others. But if someone happens to have no YouTube accounts or even they have no network, how to share it?

Except for clicking "Share'' on YouTube, there is another way to share YouTube videos conveniently, that is recording your screen for YouTube, which is more convenient for you and the one who watches the shared video. Also, recording the screen for YouTube has other advantages. So, how to record your screen for YouTube? In this article, there is a tool that can give you more convenience. Just keep reading on.

How to Record Your Screen for YouTube

What You'll Benefit from Recording Your Screen for YouTube?

Collect More Video Materials

If you are a new YouTuber who is looking for materials to make videos, comparing downloading the whole YouTube videos, recording your screen for YouTube is a wonderful way of collecting video materials. You can record some videos or some moments and then use these in your videos, which is more convenient especially you can choose the part you like to record. In this way, you can have more new ideas for making videos also, at the same time, you don't have to edit or cut videos and save you much time.

Share Videos More Conveniently

If you see some interesting videos and want to share them with your friends, you can click 'share' and then it will generate a link, you can send the link to your friends. However, this way of sharing is so inconvenient, the people who receive your link must open it. But if you record the screen for YouTube, you can send the video to your friends directly, and once your friend receive the video, they can watch it.

iTop Screen Recorder: Conveniently Record Your Screen for YouTube

How to record your screen on YouTube? Have you tried many ways but still didn't find a satisfying solution? Fortunately, there is a tool named iTop Screen Recorder, which can help you record the screen for YouTube easily. It has accumulated many users since it started. You just need to use the mouse to select the suitable size and then click 'record'. Also, iTop Screen Recorder has a professional team, there will be no malware or virus while downloading and installing. 

What you'll get?

Multi-Function Recorder. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can select the size to record YouTube videos. Also while recording YouTube videos, you can take a screenshot of some parts you like, which saves your time. You can use this tool to record your screen on YouTube live. Besides, iTop Screen Recorder has the function of editing videos, after finishing the recording, you can edit the videos directly and upload them to your YouTube channel, which is more convenient for YouTubers.

Easy to Use. iTop Screen Recorder is developed by a professional team. Considering many users' needs, its design and operation process is easy and clear for every user, you just need to select the right size to record YouTube videos, it just needs one step and then you can finish the whole record. Besides, the size of this tool is so small, and it won’t spend you much time installing it, and won’t burden your computer.

HD Video Quality. HD video quality is so crucial for many users whatever aim you use this recording video for. This is another advantage of the iTop Screen Recorder. It won't affect the video quality, the video quality you get will be the same as the original video.

Safe & Private. Developed by an experienced team, iTop Screen Recorder has been tested many times, there will be no malware and virus while downloading and using. Also, it doesn't need any login or any private information, you just need to download it and then use it directly.

Computer Space & Time Saving. If you have tried to download a video, you may find that the size of some HD videos is too big, once you download them, it will occupy lots of space, also it will take you lots of time to download. But with iTop Screen Recorder, you just need to spend little time and then you can get the whole high-quality YouTube videos in smaller sizes.

How to record your screen for a YouTube video?

1. Free download and install iTop Screen Recorder.

2. Choose 'Select Region' to fit the YouTube video screen.

How to Record Your Screen on YouTube

3.Click 'REC' to record YouTube videos and then click the Save button to finish the record.

How to Record Your Screen for a YouTube Video

4.Check and edit your screen recorder on iTop Screen Recorder.

How to Record Your Computer Screen for YouTube

iTop Screen Recorder Comparing with Built-in Screen Recorder on PC

If you are familiar with the functions of the computer, you may notice that there is a built-in screen recorder which seems to solve the problem of how to record your screen for YouTube video. iTop Screen Recorder has this function, at the same time, it considers its users’ experience and optimizes more functions, there are more advantages comparing to the built-in screen recorder on PC.

Hot Keys Operation

iTop Screen Recorder has several hotkeys that are more convenient for you to operate while recording videos. F9 is 'Record', F10 is 'Pause', F11 is 'Screenshot'. The built-in recorder on PC doesn't have these hotkeys, it is just a simple function to meet some simple needs.

Record Mouses Clicks

With iTop Screen Recorder, you can choose to record mouse clicks if you need. built-in recorder on PC doesn't have this choice.

Edit Videos

This function is one of the biggest advantages comparing to a built-in screen recorder because a built-in screen recorder totally doesn't have this function. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can choose one part of the video to edit, which is amazing.

The Bottom Line

For accumulating interesting YouTube videos, except spending time downloading them, recording screen is another efficient way. Maybe it's your first time to know this efficient and win-win way of how to record your screen for YouTube, but it is not late. In this article, there is a tool named iTop Screen Recorder, just try to download it to record YouTube videos easier.

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