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Best 3 Ways to Record Your Screen on Computer

How can you record from computer screen? Here, we show 3 ways of how to record your screen on computer helping capture screen as video with no effort.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, lots of people have no choice but to be quarantined at home. You may continue to do work or take class, but only on a personal computer. To make sure that you catch each relevant point, you’d better know how to record your screen on computer before you start working or studying.

How to Record Your Screen on Computer

To help you keep good performance during this tough period, we tested lots of screen recorder tools in the field and picked up the 3 best tools of how to record your computer screen. They are all easy to use and don’t take much of your computer resources while running. Each of them will massively boost up your efficiency.

How to Record Your Screen on PC - iTop Screen Recorder

As one of the best PC software maker, iTop has launched many famous desktop productivity tools, including iTop Screen Recorder. It’s a 100% free-to-use screen recorder. Users can enjoy many powerful functions without paying a coin. Unlike other screen recorders with very complicated UI, which brings users lots of inconveniences, iTop Screen Recorder extensively optimizes the using steps by designing a friendly interference. Users can handle the entire using process within few steps. When referring to how to record your screen on PC, iTop Screen Recorder should be a high-priority option. 

Being a great solution of how to record your screen on computer, iTop Screen Recorder also features:

Flexible Screen Capture

Users can select any screen area to start recording from the entire display to a small dialog box. It can record part of screen, full screen, a window and any choosen region on your screen.

No Lagging While HD Recording

The latest technique ensures iTop Screen Recorder takes very little random access memory. Users can hardly feel the existence of its operating. You can continue your work or randomly switch while recording. 

Edit after Recording

More than a screen recorder Windows 10, iTop Screen Recorder is also an easy-to-use video editor. Users can freely edit your recording videos to make them perfect. 

How to use iTop Screen Recorder?

Step 1: Download iTop Screen Recorder and open it on your PC.

Step 2: Custom your recording configuration. You can freely select the recording area, on/off speaker & system audio input and on/off mouse click recording. When finishing the setting, click “REC” to start recording.

Set iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3: Now, it start recording. Meanwhile, a mini control bar appears. You can click Done (the req square) button to stop recording. All the recordings will be automatically saved to My Creations. You can play it instantly or access video editor to enhance it for sharing.

How to Record Your Screen on Computer - Xbox Game Bar on Windows

In recent years, Microsoft tries to eliminate the border of its products. Like Windows Mobile, surface or Xbox console, they all share the same system. It makes sense that a screen recorder called “Xbox Game Bar” is now transplanted to a PC desktop. Compared to iTop Screen Recorder, Xbox Game Bar is a bit hard to use and lacks some features. However, since it is addicted to the original system and users don’t have to download extra, it is also a great solution if you wonder how to record your screen on a laptop

How to Open Xbox Game Bar and Use It?

Step 1: Click lower left bottom or press Windows on your keyboard. Select “Setting” - “Gaming”.

How to Open Xbox Game Bar and Use It - Step 1

Step 2: Enable the Xbox Game Bar. Quit setting and press Windows + G on your keyboard in the meantime to start recording. Click bottom as picture below showed to get it started. 

How to Open Xbox Game Bar and Use It - Step 2

How to Record Your Screen on Computer - Chrome Extensions

Statistics show that Google Chrome is the most popular desktop browser in the world. The most important reason that makes it great is its extension library. Today lots of talented developer keeps contributing to fulfilling the extension library of Google Chrome, creating countless remarkable built-in apps. Screensy is one of them. By using it you can easily record your screen without downloading any other software. It’s also totally free and green to use. It is powerful for capturing everything on your screen, from recording a Zoom meeting to ripping a streaming video. The only problem is that recording content is limited within chrome. But that already covered most of the users’ requirements.

How to Use Chrome Extension - Screensy?

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser. Click the upper right area for more custom options, and goes to “more tools”, then “extensions”. Click the upper left to open Chrome Web Store. 

How to Use Chrome Extensions - Step 1

Step 2: In Google Web Store, search for Screensy and install. After that, open it as steps below.

How to Use Chrome Extensions - Step 2

Step 3: Choose the web page you would like to record on your computer from Screensy. And select area. Finally, click the lower-left bottom to start record your screen on computer.

How to Use Chrome Extensions - Step 3

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Recording computer screen is the best way to create training or tutorial videos, record a lecture or make a presentation. 3 Ways of how to record your screen on computer listed here can absolutely help you capture what you want on the desktop. iTop Screen Recorder, working as a professional free screen recorder for PC, offers the best experience and performance to record your screen on PC. It can output your screen activities as a HD video in MP4 for uploading and playback with no hassle. Give it a try.

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