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How to Record HD Apex Legends on PC with the Best Apex Screen Recorder

How to record apex legends on PC without fps losing? There are 4 Apex screen recorders recommended to make best clips and edits of Apex Legends highlights.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is a hero shooter game where players can select their favorite characters and join a squad to fight for glory and fortune. The game has received long-standing popularity on Steam without ever declining. 

This passage is written for those avid players who want to produce great Apex Legends gameplay clips with the best Apex recording software. How to capture Apex highlights, and record the last 15 seconds of gameplay? Nvidia is a good answer but never a perfect one. As a supplement, this passage will show you a more recommended one that affords the intensive Apex gameplay and delivers 4K clarity, Ultra smoothness, and a no-burden Apex game recorder.

And one tutorial for how to record apex legends on PC in simple steps. Let's dive in.How to Record Apex Legends on PC with Ease

How to Record Apex Legends on PC - Free 4K Apex Screen Recorder

How to record games without losing FPS? Recording the best games like Apex Legends is never an easy task, FPS will easily drop because recording & gameplay at the same time will be a great burden to your RAM & CPU. What's worse is that an unqualified Apex recorder brings plenty of troubles, making your Apex Legends gameplay clips laggy or even affecting your gameplay.After an arduous search of the main capturing tools on the market, iTop Screen Recorder proves to be a qualified one with its Hardware Acceleration function, (which precisely reduces your system's burden drastically).

How to record Apex Legends gameplay and highlights?

The tutorial below demonstrates how to record Apex gameplay with the iTop Screen Recorder, please follow the instructions to capture Apex as well as the most popular 3A games, such as Elden Ring effortlessly.

Step 1. Download and follow the installation instructions to install the Apex screen recorder on your PC. 

Step 2. Switch the default mode to Game Mode for better performance. On the menu interface, tweak configurations for recording region, HUD, speaker, microphone, mouse, and webcam. You can also go to Settings and customize more options like languages, output formats, hotkeys, etc.

How to Record Apex Gameplay with iTop Screen RecorderStep 2

Step 3. Open your Apex Legends program, and this Apex recording software can detect Apex Legends in the system automatically. Click the Record button to start recording when it turns in red.

How to Record Apex Gameplay with iTop Screen Recorder Step 3

Step 4. Click the red square button when you want to stop recording Apex gameplay. The Apex highlight records will be available under My Creations.

iTop Screen Recorder Overview

The iTop Screen Recorder is one of your best choices, with a full set of features that allow you to FREE capture all your screen activities and obtain high-quality videos. Beyond that, this free screen recorder never caps the recording length, and you don't have to pay anything for a professional recording experience. Here are some core parameters and features of this product.

Best features of this Apex recording software:

1.    Game mode

2.    GIF recording

3.    Webcam recording

4.    Full-screen recording

5.    Screenshot supported

6.    User-friendly interface

7.    Customized watermark

Premium specs for recording Apex gameplay on PC:

1.    60 FPS

2.    4K resolution

3.    Original quality of videos

4.    MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, GIF supported

5.    Video editing function

6.    Video clips uploaded to various platforms for sharing 

Noticeable performance in Apex highlight record:

1.    Not CPU intensive

2.    Not choppy at all

3.    No FPS drop

4.    No time limit 

5.    No ad

6.    No watermark

How to Record Apex Legends on PC - Reddit Recommended Apex Recorder

Apart from the iTop Screen Recorder, gamers from Reddit also have recommended Nvidia Share (ShadowPlay) to capture the gameplay highlights in Apex Legend. Nvidia Share is a professional and versatile screen recorder. The DVR-style instant replay mode and Nvidia Highlights are the frequently discussed features that many gamers find most useful. Instant replay allows people to save the last 30 seconds of gameplay for sharing. 

Nvidia Highlights can automatically record the best gaming moments, like clutch kills, in the background. However, Nvidia Share is a part of the Nvidia graphics card. That is to say: you can only use the recording function when you purchase a costly Nvidia graphic card (at least GTX 650) and have it installed on your PC. (You May Also Like: Online Screen Recorder)

Nvidia Shadow Play Overview


1. CPU-based Apex screen recorder, least burden to your PC

2. Instant Replay to record highlights in Apex game

3. GeForce Experience to broadcast Apex game 

4. Outstanding video quality 


1. Nvidia highlights apex legends not working from time to time

2. Only compatible with Nvidia graphic cards

3. Sometimes foggy

4. Lack of editing tools

How to Record Apex Gameplay with Nvida Share

How to Record Apex Legends on Consoles - Xbox, PS4, and Switch

Consoles, including Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation4, and Nintendo Switch are game devices that output visual signals for video game display. The majority of consoles in the markets have default Apex screen recorders built inside. Unfortunately, recording Apex gameplay on consoles is imperfect as always. Taking how to record Apex Legends gameplay ps4 as an example, it limits the recording length of the video up to 60 minutes, and the clips are likely to be shortened due to insufficient memory. Besides, PS4 only supports gamers to record at 720p and 30fps. And these Apex Legends clips are compressed upon output, and any further editing will lead to a degradation in video quality. 

What’s the quality of the default Apex screen recorders on the console?


1. Auto record Apex Gameplay on Consoles

2. No third-party application is required


1. Poor resolution

2. Low frame rate 

3. Time limit of maximum of one hour 

4. Few output formats to choose

As you can see, recording Apex gameplay on consoles is probably not a wise decision. If you want to create a game clip in 1080p or 4K quality and without lag, downloading Apex recording software is more recommended. 

How to Record Apex Gameplay on Consoles

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the article shows you how to record Apex gameplay with three tested methods, and they are the iTop Screen Recorder, Nvidia Share, and consoles, respectively. While Nvidia Share performs the best in recording Apex Legends, the compatibility problem stops most gamers from accessing its recording function. Recording Apex gameplay on consoles is the simplest way, but its apparent downsides like recording time cap, poor resolution, and low frame rate should be considered. This Apex screen recprder is the most suitable tool to record Apex. Its Game Mode can stabilize the game recording and create 4K Apex Legends game clips at 60FPS. Never miss your best moments in games, and download the iTop Screen Recorder now!

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