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What's the Elden Ring Best Recordation Maker? [Smooth, 4K, High FPS]

Create the best recordation for your Elden Ring gameplay, produce the smooth and quality Elden Ring recording with the best game recorder given in this passage.

The Elden Ring has been released for about 1 week, and it has already received praises from domestics and overseas. A peculiar yet understandable fact is that nearly all the review sites are giving a 10 out of 10 full scores for this newborn, indicating another evergreen IP in the game history.

At this time, avid gamers are craving tutorials to help them conquer the fierce Bosses, which are scarcely seen temporarily. How to record Elden Ring videos, get Elden Ring best recordation, and upload them to Twitch, YouTube, and other video vendors? Well, A game recorder is exactly what we are talking about. No worries, this passage offers help for those who have trouble playing & sharing their Elden Ring gameplay. The content below covers tricks for optimizing your in-game performance provides an ideal solution to produce smooth gaming clips using the best Elden Ring Recorder.

Best Elden Ring Recorder

The Free PS4 Built-in Recorder Won’t Work [A Common Dilemma]

Players from Reddit Reflect that they cannot use Playstation’s built-in recorder to quickly produce some Elden Ring clips. Whenever anyone tries to activate the feature for recording games. The warnings read like “Playstation enters a blocked area for game recording” and then the recording stops. (You May Also Like: How to Record Gameplay on PS4?)

To avert this disappointing function, a capture card is considered a good alternative - yet the price would not be that friendly. So, is there any 4K, free, and no-lag game recorder that you can use? Yes, let’s read on!

PS4 Default Recorder Is Not Working

How to Record Elden Ring with No Lag, 4K, High FPS? [Elden Ring Best Recordation]

First and foremost, you cannot produce the finest Elden Ring videos with your stuttering gameplay. As a matter of fact, the FPS drop and latency problems are prominent as more and more players tried and reflected. So, are there workarounds to let low-end PC smoothly play Elden Ring and further create amazing gameplay clips with the no-lag recorders? Lucky you, the tricks are appended at the bottom of this passage. And now we've got the stuttering things all arranged well, and now we are heading the section for the best Elden Ring recorder ever in this market - iTop Screen Recorder, which provides incredible features including:

4K Resolution, 60 FPS (Produce Gameplay Clips in the Highest Quality)

Supported by Hardware Acceleration Technology (Record Games Without Losing FPS)

Work at the Background (No Interruption at All)

No Time Limit (Record to Your Heart's Content)

Simple Editor (Trim Your Clips After Recording)

Free to Use (Please Feel Free to Try This Game Recorder)

  • Record Games with No Lag - Hardware Acceleration Backs Up iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download this smooth and fast game recorder - iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 2. Switch iTop Screen Recorder’s recording mode to the Game Mode. And wait until it auto captures your Elden Ring gameplay.

Step 3. Press the red button to start recording. Press again to stop recording. Working background, iTop Screen Recorder will not cause any trouble to your gameplay at all.

iTop Screen Recorder Captures Elden Ring

Step 4. Check your raw footage and trim it with iTop Screen Recorder’s tiny video editor.

iTop Screen Recorder's Game Mode is designed for capturing the best quality games in the market, and it proves to deliver a revivification of the original Elden Ring Scenes. This free screen recorder basically requires nothing, please feel free to give it a try. (Further reading: Record Zoom Without Permission)

Best Settings for Elden Ring - Smooth Gameplay! [Escalate Your FPS]

Latency is a big problem before the crucial 1.02’s update, which is basically a 10MB patch but perfectly addresses some fatal issues from the GPU. But still, there are a lot of things that remain to be improved. In this part, you can see some really useful tips that can bring you 7-9 FPS on average - a huge contribution for those who seek the smoothest gameplay and the Elden Ring best recording.

  • Increase 7-9 FPS by Modifying These Settings

Tweak Elden Ring Settings for the Best Performance

Texture Quality  - Medium

Antialiasing Quality

SSAO - Medium

Depth of Field

Motion Blur

Shadow Quality - Medium

Lighting Quality

Effects Quality

Volumetric Quality

Reflection Quality

Water Surface Quality

Shader Quality - Medium

Global Illumination Quality

Grass Quality - Medium

The Bold options above impose the severest impact on your performance. Tweak them to Medium or Low to promise a smooth experience and leave other options unchanged. In this way, we can maintain an Elden Ring low CPU usage and a 7-9 FPS increase can be observed evidently - an important stepping-stone for producing the best recordation Elden Ring.

3 Common Problems That Can Cause Stuttering [Fixed Already]

Elden Ring Receives Paises From All the Major Review Sites

  • The Influence of EAC (Anti-Cheat Engine)

Ironically, while the players of pirated Elden Ring never be bothered with the problem, the Elden Ring Cheat Engine set in authorized edition Elden Ring could be a major cause for stuttering, white screen, and other unknown factors.

The good news is that the new patch issued by Elden Ring official has fixed these problems, yet disabling the EAC is still worth trying cuz it brings smoother gameplay. Pitifully this article will not expand on that. You dear readers can search for a tutorial for closing EAC for Elden Ring White Screen Fix/Elden Ring Lag, which is at most a 5 steps instruction.

  • The Integrated Graphics Card VS Dedicated Graphics Card (Laptop Players)

For those who attempt to play Elden Ring on their laptops, most of them will end up frustrated by their 4-7 FPS in-game performance. And the most instant solution for this problem is turning the Integrated Graphics Card into Dedicated Graphics Card.

  • Too Many Trees Needed to Be Rendered

This problem could be easily fixed with the settings given above. Decreasing the standards of your game quality and the situation could be improved drastically.

More Questions That Elden Ring Players May Ask [FAQs]

1. Is It Possible to Play Elden Ring on Low End PC? 1080p 60 FPS Especially

Yes, but there are major and minor settings to be configured for low-end PC players for Elden Ring.

2. What Are the Minimum Standards to Play Elden Ring?

For those who cannot afford a 3060 graphics card, the minimum specs to support Elden Ring is essential, or they cannot even enter the stunning world full of magic and swords. With rounds of tests, here is a brief sheet for the low-end PC that may work out with Elden Ring:

OS – Windows 10

CPU – Intel Core i5-8400 / AMD Ryzen 3 3300X

GPU – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB

RAM – 12GB

Storage – 60GB

DirectX – DirectX 12


Elden Ring could rise to be evaluated as the best game in recent years. This has things to do with the elaborately designed game modes, crystal clear in-game performance, and so on and on. Try to use iTop Screen Recorder to record your best moments, share them with other players or upload to twitch to catch some eyes. Please don’t hesitate and claim your game recorder on this page and start to produce 4K, no watermark, smooth gameplay clips now!

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