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How to Split a Video with Great Video Editor on PC [Free, Fast & Seamless]

Still wondering how to split a video into parts? This post will offer you a fantastic tool to split a video freely and quickly. Give it a try!

When you intend to extract key parts or specific sections of video files or remove redundant or unwanted elements to reduce video clips, you may hold a question, how to split a video into parts? Then in this case, a professional video distributor is imperative. But with such a wide range of split video tools on the market, how can you choose a free and cost-effective video editor that can meet your basic needs?

How to Split a Video

No worries, this post would offer you fantastic editing software to split a video into parts on a PC. Check it out!

Features on this Fast Video Splitter

You probably know that not every video editor is trustworthy, so this article highly recommends you a newly updated built-in video processor - iTop Video Editor. Its powerful features are designed to meet your diverse needs for video editing.              
iTop Video Editor is a professional video editing tool embedded in iTop Screen Recorder, which allows editing recorded videos as well as local videos.

  • Free Download. iTop Video Editor is a 100% free video editing tool, enabling split long videos into multiple segments in one shot. You don’t need to pay another higher fee for the complicated and expensive software or even hire a professional video editing team to fulfill your request.
  • Smart Interface. iTop Video Editor greatly simplifies the workflow for a better user experience. The graphic icon design, concise and intuitive workbench pages make it easy to handle splitting videos even without reviewing the user manual. 
  • Easy Operation. Simply add video files by dragging, dropping, and clicking, and you can obtain the most efficient editing experience to split a video. You can also manipulate it with the mouse, select any clip you would like to capture, and save it for export. The whole process is extremely smooth and convenient.
  • No Restrictions. There is no need to worry about video formats and file sizes on possessing this video editor. Unlike other online video editors, it supports adding video files of any size for editing. Even if you want to split a video into frames, iTop Video Editor can accommodate all. And you can also choose the video format you prefer to export, which makes it much easier to share.
  • High Quality. iTop Video Editor also ensures the quality of your video to support your full imagination. You can choose from 4K, 2K, 1080P, and 480P quality to get higher-quality original videos. In addition, you can upload your video to any platform, ignoring the video size requirements of mainstream media platform parties.

How to Split Video - Step by Step Guide

Now, let's spare time and cut to the chase. Just follow the guide to split a video with iTop Video Editor. 

Step 1. Download & install iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 2. Launch it, and select Video Editor in the Tools panel.

How to Split a Video - Step 2

Step 3. Click Start a new creation to split your new media. Or click Open an existed one to continue the previous work.

How to Split a Video - Step 3

Step 4. Load the video into the library. Then drag and drop the video into the media center.

How to Split a Video - Step 4

Step 5. Click ✂ icon at the lower left corner of the interface. Split a video in half or more.

How to Split a Video - Step 5

Step 6. Save and export the split video.
Incidentally, this article is mainly for Windows. If you are a Mac user and have the same needs, then QuickTime Player is recommended for you.

You can Do More on iTop Video Editor 

iTop Video Editor is a powerful one with the following capabilities to simplify your video operations and enhance the quality of your footage, apart from the basic function of splitting a video.

  • Merge videos. Of course, you can still merge videos into a single piece, which is rather convenient and quick.
  • Add music & image. Soundtracks and images could be beneficial to express, allowing the viewers to grasp the content and emotion you are conveying.
  • Add text & subtitles. Various styles of text presentation could be expected in order for your video to be rendered clearly.
  • Add special effects. If you are still wondering how to add special effects to video, this powerful video editing software will make your clips unique and personalized, which can also support speed down or up as you like.

In addition to the above editing features, iTop Screen Recorder is also a full-featured screen recorder Windows 10. You can flexibly select any area to record music, streaming videos, meetings, or gameplays with noise reduction. With an average of 8% CPU utilization, iTop Screen Recorder makes extremely smooth video screen recording available. As a high-quality 60fps screen recorder, when you shoot video on your PC, you can enjoy a lag-free recording experience.

FAQs on How to Split Video

  • What is a video splitter?
    It is a type of device that helps you to convert a single video and audio input source to two or more outputs. Generally speaking, you can try an online tool or third-party software to split a video.
  • Why do we need to split a video?
    This is one of the demands of users. For example, simply to cut off unwanted parts, or it is easier to upload and share when splitting a video on the web into several parts.
  • How to trim a video for free?
    iTop Screen Recorder is not just an online screen recorder but also a professional video trimmer for Windows. You can upload existing videos and trim them with flexibility. Or you can record the video you want in HD and then trim it.
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Final Words

If you are still curious about how to split a video, this post could be enlightening and deliver you this useful software - iTop Screen Recorder. It is more than a simple video splitter, providing varied functions to edit videos that are ready to explore. Now, unleash your best creativity with this great tool. 

iTop Screen Recorder - Make Videos with Webcam

  • Make tutorial videos/presentations with yourself easily
  • Record webcam, screen and audio at the same time
  • Blur, remove and replace webcam background
  • Add text, stickers, BGM to videos with built-in editor
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