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[Ultimate Guide] How to Edit Video for Instagram Posts/Reels/Stories

How to edit video for Instagram posts, Reels and Stories? Get useful tips and tools to edit video on Instagram with higher quality on your phone and PC now!

Are you passionate about editing Instagram videos? To publish a wonderful video on Instagram for posts, Reels, or Stories, it’s necessary to edit video for Instagram based on creative ideas and powerful tools. But the truth is that many Instagram users are stuck in their exhausted editing ideas and unskillful editing techs, so they only get low-quality videos and even fail to edit Instagram videos. Don’t panic. Read this article and you’ll be enlightened at once.

How to Edit Video for Instagram Posts/Reels/Stories

To get a more attractive and valuable video, you’ll get some useful tips on how to edit video for Instagram posts, Reels, and Stories on your phone. Also, you’ll know the most efficient video editing tool for PC. Here we go!

Why Do You Edit Video for Instagram?

Why do you edit video on Instagram and can’t publish the whole video directly? Simple. No one wants to waste time to watch long-period and tedious videos on Instagram, so you must edit the video through trimming, merging, effects and texts adding, and so on to create a high-quality video with attractive content and unique formats. In this way, you can get more views, likes, followers and even establish brand effects well.

How to Edit Video for Instagram Posts/Reels/Stories on iPhone/Android

Based on all these benefits above, let’s explore how to edit videos on iPhone for Instagram now (it’s the same for Android users). Here are some tips for editing video for your Instagram posts, Reels and Stories in the app. Check them out!

How to Edit Video for Instagram Posts

First of all, posts are the most common production you’ll publish on Instagram. How to make video edit for Instagram on your posts?

Step 1. Set the dimensions:

Before starting editing the video, you should set the dimensions for your video. Normally, the standard dimensions of video size and ratio are shown as follows. You’re allowed to choose the one you like.

  • Maximum File Size of Video: 4GB
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1(1080x1080px), 1.9:1(1080x566px), or 4:5(1080x1350px)

How to Edit Video for Instagram Posts - Set The Dimensions

Step 2. Trim the video:

Then you need to trim the video that you upload to Instagram. No matter if you use screen recorder or the in-app recorder to create the post, the time length of the video is very important for viewers. Too short and too long are both inadvisable. So here’s the suggestion:

  • Min Length: A few seconds
  • Max Length: 60 seconds

How to Edit Video for Instagram Posts - Trim The Video

Step 3. Add filter to the video

Finally, do not forget to add some filters for the video. To enhance your video's visual quality, you can add famous filters in the latest days to attract more viewers.

How to Edit Video for Instagram Posts - Add Filters

That’s how to edit your video for Instagram posts. Try out these useful tips now to get better videos in posts. Next, let’s move on to editing videos for Instagram Reels.

How to Edit Video for Instagram Reels

To edit a video for Instagram Reels is similar to posts, but there are differences in deed. Since Instagram Reels are similar to TikTok, it’s more convenient to use its editing functions in the app than the free video editor. How to edit videos on Android for YouTube or other platforms? Here are the steps (iPhone is the same):

Step 1. Create a video in the Instagram app first.

Simply tap the center button at the bottom to start your recording, or click the clock icon to activate a recording timer.

How to Edit Video for Instagram Reels - Create Video

Step 2. Set a proper length.

You are allowed to set Reels to 15, 30 or 60 seconds as you like, but ensure not to exceed the max length.

Step 3. Use transitions/effects.

Similarly, you can add transitions and effects into the video to make it more attractive and creative.

The in-app editing features of Instagram are limited, if you want to get more effects, music, etc., try the best video editor app for Instagram Reels, such as Filmr, InShot, Capcut and so on.

After that, let’s continue to talk about the Stories. How can you edit video for Instagram Stories? Just read on.

How to Edit Video for Instagram Stories

Different from the above 2 services, Instagram Stories are very short and ephemeral photos or videos. They will show up at the top of a Instagram user’s feed, and disappear after 24 hours. So to edit video for Stories, you should do this:

Step 1. Trim a 15-seconds clip.

The video can not be long, so you should trim it to a 15-seconds clip, which is the most suitable length for Stories viewers.

Step 2. Stay vertical.

Since Stories can be almost exclusively viewed vertically on a phone display, you'd better set its portrait format dimensions to 1080 x 1920 px.

How to Edit Video for Instagram Stories - Stay Vertical

Step 3. Add effects.

Finally, add popular effects into the video. You can also add music to video for free. But unlike professional video edit Instagram apps, there are restrictions on the effects.

After knowing how to edit video in Instagram for multiple aspects on phone, it’s obvious that there are limitations on video editing on mobile phones, and it’s not so convenient to proceed with the editing process on the small screen of phones. Therefore, it’s more advisable to edit videos on PC desktops with iTop Screen Recorder, which is easier to use and offers a larger screen.  

How to Edit Video for Instagram on PC

iTop Screen Recorder is the best tool for you to edit video for Instagram on PC desktops. Although it mainly serves as a screen recorder Windows 10, this software provides a rather powerful video editor for users meanwhile. It offers not only video trimming, cropping, merging in multiple tricks, but also tons of editing features, including filters, stickers, transitions, effects, BGMs and so on.

How to Edit Video for Instagram on PC with iTop Screen Recorder

Here’s how to make Instagram edits on PC with iTop Screen Recorder, please follow:

Step 1. Free download & install it on your Windows PC.

Step 2. After launching, click the Video Editor button under the Tools tag on the right section.

How to Edit Video for Instagram on PC - Video Editor

Tips: You’re allowed to record videos within the software before editing, and it supports users to record part of screen or full screen of your PC.

Step 3. Click Start a new creation and import the video you want to edit by clicking the + button or Add your media to get started. Then Drag and drop the video to the timeline.

How to Edit Video for Instagram on PC - Add Media

Step 4. Edit the video in the timeline, such as trimming, cropping. You can also add texts, transitions, effects, stickers, and so on in the left bar.

How to Edit Video for Instagram on PC - Edit Video

Step 5. Export the video and save it on your PC. (You can click the 3-dots near Export to choose the location to save the video.)

How to Edit Video for Instagram on PC - Export Video

That’s how to edit Instagram video on PC! With this powerful video editor, you can edit any video easily, smoothly with multiple famous effects for free. Download it to have a try NOW!

The Bottom Line 

All in all, when you need to edit video for Instagram, please follow the ultimate guide to edit video for your Instagram posts, Reels, Stories and so on. Based on the tips, to make everything simple, you’re recommended to use iTop Screen Recorder to get HD videos fast for free.

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