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Best Way to Merge Videos on Windows 10 with Editing Software & Online Tools

How to merge videos on Windows 10? Get the best editing software and online tool to combine videos easily without limitation on Windows 10. Check it now!

Are you looking for a way to merge videos that are clipped for editing? No matter if you're a professional video editor, or an amateurish video editing lover, trimming and merging videos are indispensable features to cut the unwanted parts and combine the rest into an amazing masterpiece. But some editing tools just do not allow you to combine videos or set number & size restrictions to you. What can you do?

How to Merge Videos on Windows 10 with Best Tool & Online

Don’t worry. This post will recommend the best way to merge video online and professional editing software for Windows 10 to you. Let’s check it now!

How to Merge Videos Online

Some people who are unwilling to download any third-party tools can rely on the online tool, Apowersoft, to create HD videos quickly and effectively for free. It allows you to merge videos online on their website without creating an account or signing up. It supports multiple video formats, but you can only add less than 5 videos at a single time. Besides, if you need to record videos, it’s also a free screen recorder.

Here’s how to merge video online on Apowersoft in just three steps:

Step 1. Go to the website and “Click or drag videos” to upload your videos needed.

How to Merge Videos Online - Upload Videos

Step 2. Arrange the sequence of your videos that need to be merged by dragging and dropping. After that click on ‘Start Merging’.

How to Merge Videos Online - Start Merging

Step 3. After merging, click download to get the merged video file on your Windows 10.

That’s it. Quite simple, right? You can have a try if you need it. However, if the size of your video files is over 100MB, you need to download the Pro version. How can you merge large video files freely without limits to video size, number and quality? You’re lucky to have iTop Screen Recorder, a free screen recorder with powerful video editing tools without restrictions.

Best Way to Merge Videos on Windows 10 - iTop Screen Recorder 

iTop Screen Recorder, is not only a screen recorder Windows 10 as its name shows, but also an editing tool which contains multiple editing features for users. You can merge video files quickly, no limits to size, with multiple formats as many as you need with iTop Screen Recorder. What’s more, you’re allowed to adjust the Aspect Ratio, Video Quality and Format for exporting to get a personalized and higher-quality production.

Why Does It Stand out?

  • Merge Videos Easily in One Click

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to add video files by dragging and dropping or clicking to merge, which is rather convenient. You can easily decide which parts to be saved and the order of each video through your mouse. Just click Export and your videos will be merged in seconds.

  • No Limit to Merging Videos Files

Unlike other online video recorder and editors, iTop Screen Recorder supports any small or large size of video files to be added, including recorded MV, short videos, movie clips and so on. Besides, you can choose multiple video formats to export, like MP3, MP4, AVI, GIF, etc.

  • Merge Videos in Original Qualities

As a high-quality 60fps screen recorder, it will also guarantee HD video for editing. You are able to choose 4K, 2K, 1080P, and 480P quality to get original quality videos. Therefore, even though you have a brunch of video fragments, you’ll get a complete HD video by merging.

  • Editing Videos in Multiple Tracks/Effects

Besides simple merging, it allows you to edit the videos in multiple tracks simultaneously with masses of materials, including adding text, stickers, effects, transitions and filters. As an all-in-one tool, you don’t have to download any other editing software.

  • Bonus Screen Recorder for Merging Videos 

It can work for you as not just a video merger, but also a bonus screen recorder. When you need to record certain videos on your screen for creating videos, click REC to start recording easily. And it allows you to record part of screen Windows 10 or full screen, which is rather flexible.

That’s all the benefits of iTop Screen Recorder. Next, let’s see how to merge videos together in detail using the software.

How to Merge Videos on Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder

Here’s how to combine videos on Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder, please follow:

Step 1. Download and install the software on your Windows 10.

Step 2. Select Video Editor on the main interface.   

How to Merge Videos on Windows 10 - Video Editor

Step 3. Click the + icon at the right of Media. Then drag & drop or click files to add video files. Also, drag&drop media to the timeline to merge videos free.

How to Merge Videos on Windows 10 - Add Media

Step 4. Edit the video if needed, and click Export to get the merged video.

How to Merge Videos on Windows 10 - Export Video

It’s quite simple to merge several videos together with iTop Screen Recorder. To get your videos merged with HD quality quickly and efficiently, download iTop Screen Recorder right now!

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How to Merge Videos on Windows 10 with Windows Photos App

If you don’t like to download third-party software, you can also try the built-in free video editor on Windows 10, Photos App. Here’s how to merge video in Windows 10 on Photos App:

Step 1. Launch the Windows Photos app on your PC and click the Collections tab.

 Merge Videos on Windows 10 with Windows Photos App

Step 2. Click New Video > New Video Project. Name the project as you like and click OK.

Step 3. Then, you come to the Project library window and click Add to find the videos you want to merge. Select the ones you need and click Open.

Merge Videos on Windows 10 with Photos - Add Videos

Step 4. Select all the added videos, then click Place in Storyboard or drag & drop them to Storyboard. (The Storyboard is similar to the iTop Screen Recorder timeline.)

Merge Videos on Windows 10 with Photos - Merge Videos

Step 5. You can trim videos and add special effects before merging. If you don’t need to edit the videos before merging, click on Finish Video.

You can choose video quality to export from High(1080P), Medium(720P), Low(540P). But note that choosing the highest resolution will lead the size of the merged video file to be much larger.

Step 6. Input a file name and save the merged file to your Windows 10.

That’s how to merge videos Windows 10 with Photos App, if you don’t mind the limited features on video merging and editing in low quality, you may have a try. If you’re looking for a more effective merging tool in high quality, download iTop Screen Recorder.

The Bottom Line 

If you’re stuck in the problem of how to merge videos, now you should be enlightened by the specific guidance. You can try the online tool or third-party software to merge video, but in order to avoid unwanted troubles in the future, you’re more recommended to use iTop Screen Recorder to get video merged hassle-free.

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