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3 Ways on How to Do Video Trim for Windows 10 Free - Record & Cut Videos

Are you looking for a video trimmer for Windows 10? Check the top 3 ways to do video trim for Windows 10 and find out the best video trim software on Windows for free.

Whether you are a professional video maker or a beginner on Windows, you’ll know that video trim is a necessary video production process. When you shoot a video using professional gears, you will notice tons of parts that you don’t need. Those unwanted parts can be right at the beginning of the video, towards the end, or even in the middle. And to remove those unwanted parts, you will require a reliable video trimmers for Windows

3 Easy Ways to Do Video Trim for Windows 10 Free 2022

But the truth is that not every trimmer for videos will be trustworthy. Many users complain that they have encountered the following issues:

  • There are inconsistent and poor audio sounds. Either the audio is inaudible, or the sound quality is extremely poor. 
  • Some users complain that the overall video keeps crashing after trimming their videos. 
  • Some users say that they notice graphic interruptions and shaky footage after the trimming process. 

Since these are some of the issues people often encounter while using video trim software, we have hand-picked the top 3 best video trimmer for Windows 10. Let’s find out what these tools are and how to use them in detail. 

Video Trim for Windows: Does Windows 10 Have a Video Trimmer? 

If you are wondering if there is a video trimmer for Windows 10, then the answer is yes, Windows 10 have an in-built video trimmer. This tool is good enough for people who want normal editing functions and don’t want to download additional video trimmer free software. 

How to Do Video Trim for Windows 10 with Windows Photos

As said, Windows 10 comes with a function that allows you to trim your videos. Below, you will find detailed steps which will enable you to trim your videos efficiently. 

Step 1: Locate the video file you want to trim and then right-click the file.

Step 2: Now, choose “Open With” from the menu, followed by “Photos.”

Step 3: You will see the “Trim” option; please click on that. 

How to Do Video Trim for Windows 10 with Windows Photos - Trim

Step 4: Towards the bottom, you will see two white sliders. Pick the portion carefully. 

Trim Video with Windows 10 Photo App

Step 5: Now, click on the “Save a Copy” option. 

Step 6: Finally, give a name to the trimmed video and click on the “Save” option, and the video will be saved.

Although Windows Photos can help you as a video trimmer free on Windows 10, there are many restrictions on video trimming process in deed, like the trim length, trim tracks available, edit features, etc. So to trim videos with the best video trim software offering more edit functions without restrictions, it’s recommended to use iTop Screen Recorder

How to Do Video Trim for Windows 10 with Best Video Trim Software

iTop Screen Recorder is a professional video trimmer and screen recorder meanwhile for Windows 10. You can upload the video that you already have and start trimming it easily and flexibly. Or you can use it to record the portions of a HD video that you want and discard the rest. Besides, iTop Screen Recorder supports online screen recorder, and you can get started in a few minutes. 

Here’s what you can expect from iTop Screen Recorder:

  • The video will have ultra-clear picture quality. 
  • You don’t need to worry about any limitations to record the required screen.
  • Along with the video, it can also record sounds in high quality. 
  • You can edit your videos, such as trim, split, and cut. 

How to Trim Video Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder?

Now that you know how useful iTop Screen Recorder is, let’s find out how to use this tool to get started. There are three easy steps to follow, which are:

Step 1: Download iTop Screen Recorder on your Windows 10.

Step 2: Edit Your Video.

Click Video Editor on the right Tool bar and click the Add button to import video you need to trim from the folder. Then trim the video as you like.

Video Trim Using iTop Screen Recorder - Video Editor

Tips: You can also record a video through iTop Screen Recorder and then click on the edit option to trim your video after recording.

Step 3: Export the Video. 

How to Trim Video Windows 10 - Export the Video

Finally, click Export, then a new window will open, and there you need to select the local folder where you want to save the video. And that’s about it. Your trimmed video will be saved without any hassle. 

What Else Can iTop Screen Recorder Do?

Apart from trimming your videos, there’s a lot more that iTop Screen Recorder, the best screen recorder Windows 10, can do for you. Here are a few other fantastic features of iTop Screen Recorder:

  • Free and Personalized Video Trimming 

iTop Screen Recorder is a free-to-use tool. No matter the type of video you have, you can use iTop Screen Recorder to trim it whenever you want. 

  • No Time Limit to Screen Record for Video Trimming 

Here’s another good feature of iTop Screen Recorder. iTop Screen Recorder boasts as a free screen recorder no time limit for video trimming. You can screen record as many videos as you want and keep trimming them. 

  • Flexible Screen Capture for Video Trim 

There will be moments when you may want to capture only some portions of a video. Well, iTop Screen Recorder lets you do flexible screen capture for video trimming. 

  • HD Audio for Video Trim

The video trimming that iTop Screen Recorder will do for you will have HD sound quality, meaning the original sound quality won’t be jeopardized. 

Apart from iTop Screen Recorder, if you want to know about more video trimmers for Windows 10, this section will introduce you to two more video trimmers for Windows 10. These two video trimmers are also downloadable software and easy to use. Let’s explain what these two tools are:

Free Video Cutter 

 Video Trim Software - Free video cutter

Free Video Cutter is a free tool that can help you trim videos effortlessly. If you have large videos and you want a free tool to do the task, try Free Video Cutter. This video editor lets you split, cut, and clip your videos. Moreover, it accepts most video formats, such as MOV, Quicktime, AVI, MPEG4, etc. The audio that will be saved will be in MP3 format only. 

Online Video Cutter 

Video Trim Software - Online video cutter

If you don’t want to download any tool and instead of looking for an online tool to trim your videos, try Online Video Cutter. This is a web-based tool, which means there’s nothing to download. You can visit the website, upload the video, and get started with trimming it. It has a crop feature, which lets you adjust the frames as per your requirements. You can change the frame proportions as well. Not just this, it also lets you rotate your videos, save the video in different video formats, etc. It supports up to 4GB of files. 

Sum Up 

One video trimmer for windows 10 is enough to do the video trimming job for you, provided you have the right tool. We have shared the different types of tools that you can go for, and out of all, if we have to pick our favorite, we will say go for iTop Screen Recorder. iTop Screen Recorder is more than a screen capture video Windows 10 and video trimmer. It has many other features that allow users to effortlessly edit their videos. So, go on and download iTop Screen Recorder today! 

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