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How to Screen Record a Google Slides Presentation on PC

Need to record a presentation on Google Slides? Here introduces the easiest way to screen record Google Slides presentation on PC using a screen recorder.

You party hard yesterday, had a joyful hangover last night. Today is the workday. You wake up and get a headache, drive to the workplace a bit late. Your boss seems not very happy with it. Soon he asks you to turn over the work: we need to update the instruction manual now, in a second. The information must be in detail, the design must be fancy & modern. Oh, yes, for better presents to customers, you’d better have a google slides presentation with audio and video. Oh, sure, for possible communication to customers in the future, I want your face shows on the corner of the material & let the customer know who we are. Oh, well, don’t forget to put your work on a Google sheet so I am monitoring what you are doing in the working time!

How to Screen Record Google Slides

Alright then, Houston, we’ve got problems. How to record a presentation on Google Slides? How to record yourself on Google Slides video? It is a question.

What do We Need to Record a Presentation on Google Slides?

Luckily, to record the screen with isn’t rocket science to achieve, let us check the list:

How to Record Google Slides

First, you must have your slides showed on screen. (that’s for sure)

Second, your better have your voice recorded correctly and able to play with video at the same time. By doing that your content could be demonstrated & better interpreted.

Third, better to have your webcam displayed and record yourself on google slides. Don't forget your comments, explanation, and the value of your product could be adapted easily by the customers with your facial expression & body language presented.     

Forth, it will be good if we can show the trace of the mouse in the video, that will make your idea & logic easily tracked by the audience. Or to record the video in better video quality and better display the slide to your audience.

For better visual presence & agile information updating, google sheet is one proper choice since it allows you to share the slides online. And the authorization to edit could be given at the same time, make your work can benefit from the teamwork.

The rest preparation we gonna have is to find good screen record software, understand & familiar it operates, easy-to-use screen recorder to make the slide video quick & highly efficient. Namely, if we have a good screen recorder, all these problems will resolve like a hot knife through butter.

How to Record a Google Slides Presentation on PowerPoint Slides Presentation?

I would like to strongly recommend free software that can be an excellent assistant to help us with this task. iTop Screen Recorder can access all functions we need to use as we stated above, including screen record google slides, record your voice as the audio, record the webcam, highlight the mouse.

For capturing, it supports both full screen recording or capture part of your computer screen by selecting recording zone. That’s good for working because not everyone wants to show their desktop to the clients & boss. iTop Screen Recorder allows you to utilize the video by adjusting the video & audio option for your screen recorded video. For one who wanted to make sure their recorded their presentation in an appropriate video & sound quality, to custom the video output, adjust the parameters, trim & edit the video could be an important function to adapt. And sure, the usage of iTop Screen Recorder isn’t limited to record Google Slide, as an all-round screen capture & recorder, it is also capable to record Zoom meeting with presentations easily and efficiently.

Detailed Steps to Record Google Slide Video

Step 1.  Download, install & Run the iTop Screen Recorder,.

Step 2. Get your slides & presenting materials prepared. In our case, open the Google slide you’d like to record, click the monitor icon, and choose “select region” for recording part of your screen, “full screen” to record full screen. By clicking “select window”, the iTop Screen Recorder will detect the window and select the recording zone automatically (with tracking the moving of your mouse).

Run the iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3. Put the Google slide you want to record inside the zone selector, then click the red “REC” button, the recording will begin.

Select the Zone of Recording

Tips: you can also start to record by pressing hotkey F9, to pause/ resume the recording by pressing F10. Press F11 to do the screen capture.

Step 4. A control panel will appear in the right-hand corner of the screen after the recording has begun. Click the “Stop button” (red square) anytime you need to stop the recording.

Panel that can Control Recording Google Slides

Step 5. You can find & manage your recorded Google slide presentation video in “My creation”.

Manage Your Recorded Google Slides

How to Record a Presentation on Google Slides with Audio and Webcam?

Sometimes, videos for explanation purposes, for better understanding & communication to the customer, you might like to turn on your microphone & webcam, let your audience listen to your voice, and show the watcher your facial expression with the hand gesture, etc. In this situation, to turn on the audio/webcam recording to the video.   

1. Click “Select region” to record the screen region which we selected, click the “REC” button to start record. Don’t forget to turn on the microphone recording to record your voice.

Click the "Webcam" Button to Active the Camera

2.  By clicking the “Webcam” icon, iTop Screen Recorder will activate your webcam and film as well. As we said before, the webcam could be a good channel to communicate with the audience. You can set up the webcam overlay under the “Webcam tab” in the settings.

3. Stop the lecture recording by clicking the red stop button. You can manage your recorded lecture video in “My creation” You may play, delete, and edit the video you’ve just recorded. You can trim your videos under the edit function if you want to adjust your video clip.


Well done, it seems like our problems have been perfectly resolved. Or, you still want to add some ideas and decorates to your slides & make them look better. Anyway, you’ve got the full knowledge to record a google slides presentation with audio recorded, and your camera turned on. With the help from iTop Screen Recorder, which is capable of performing any kind of recording task, you get no problem with this kind of task that you might encounter in the future. You may use it anytime when you really in such trouble like we told in the story. But why not start here right now and have a try? iTop Screen Recorder costs you nothing economically but just a little time. Don’t let the chance gone!

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