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How to Record Streaming and Live TV Shows on PC

How to record TV shows without DVR? Here, we list working ways to record streaming and live TV shows on Windows (11/10) PC with ease.

You meet fantastic TV shows every year. No matter what types you love most, Sci-Fi, murder or romance, you can get the favorite one. It's time to explore new TV shows or the latest sequels. However, it's a trouble to watch scheduled live TV shows at any time. Recording TV shows turns to be the solution for watching your favorite TV shows whenever.

How to Record TV Shows

How to record TV shows? DVR is recognized as an available way but its complicated setup forces beginners to seek for an easy solution. Well, lots of free screen recorder software that can help you record TV shows on PC without DVR with no effort at all. And here, we will show the best ways to record TV shows on Windows through screen recording software.

How to Record Streaming TV Shows on Windows PC

Video streaming service contributes a super convenient way to watch classic and new TV shows. If you would like to record streaming TV shows, iTop Screen Recorder, the expert screen recording software counts as a good choice to record TV shows from video streaming services with much ease. It enables you to record any TV shows that you are streaming while keeping original definition. That is, you can record 1080P HD/4K TV shows without compromising the image quality.

In the following, let's get how to record streaming TV shows on PC.

Step 1. Download and Install iTop Screen Recorder on Windows PC. It is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.

Step 2. Open a TV show you want to record on a streaming site (for example, Netflix). Launch iTop Screen Recorder.

  • Go to Record > Screen. Select recording area, full screen, a window or any region on the screen. 
  • Turn on Speaker to record TV shows with audio. Turn off Webcam, Mic and Mouse to capture streaming content without distracting things.
  • Click REC button. After 3-second countdown, it start recording automatically.

How to Record TV Shows on PC

Step 3. Click Done (the red square shaped) button to stop recording when the show is ended. The recorded file is saved to Files > Video. You can play, edit, upload it at will.

In addition to recording TV shows, iTop Screen Recorder empowers you to finish more recording tasks.

  • Record Zoom meetings and other online meetings, video/audio calls, online courses without permission.
  • Record screen with voice and webcam to create video tutorials/presentations, reaction videos etc., with ease.
  • Record audio only to rip music/podcasts/audiobooks from Spotify, YouTube and more without quality loss.
  • Record microphone to create music/podcasts/audiobooks without echo and background noise.
  • Record webcam video with virtual/blurred/transparent background. Available to customize webcam overlay.
  • Record game clips with webcam and audio, no lags and dropped frames.
  • Teleprompter helps professionally record videos while reading a script; voice changer helps disguise your voice; drawing tools help highlight important info in recording.

How to Record Live TV Shows on Windows PC

Recording live TV shows is not a big deal as many tools are available to record TV shows with smooth procedures. Some ways to capture TV shows using different tools are described below:

Way 1: Record TV Shows on Windows 7/8 with Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center allows you to record TV shows until or unless you have Windows 7 and 8. The steps to do so in Windows Media Center are all listed below:

Step 1: First of all, you have to find Windows Media Center on your computer's hard drive. If you can't locate the Windows Media Center's icon, you need to tap on the "Start" icon and go to "All Programs" to choose Windows Media Center from the available list.

Step 2: Once you launch the software successfully, open it up and select the "TV" option from its main menu. Now make sure that your cable TV device is connected with your TV Tuner Card and your PC as well. Users who are using Windows Media Center for the first time need to experience the software's live TV setup process.

How to Record Live TV Shows on Windows 7/8 -2

Step 3: To select the TV show you want to record, go to the "Guide" feature and search for TV shows you are interested in. Using the arrow keys, you can navigate through the guide and press the "Enter" key to choose a program.

How to Record Live TV Shows on Windows 7/8 - 2

Step 4: You can again hit the "Enter" key to access the info page where you can view distinct live TV recording options; this way, you can select a show according to your preference. To start the recording, click on the "Record" button, and the recording will be saved on your PC's hard drive. You can also cancel the recording with a simple click on the "Do not Record" button.

Way 2: Record TV Shows on Windows 10/11 with Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is an inbuilt screen recorder for Windows 10 and 11. It is designed to record game clips and also available to record active windows and apps on PC. Follow the guide to get how to record TV shows on Windows 10/11 using it.

Step 1: Xbox Game DVR cannot record some programs like file manager or the whole desktop; however, it can record the regular desktop applications.

Step 2: To open the Game Bar dialog, you need to press the "Windows" key + "G" simultaneously.

Step 3: For loading the Game Bar, you need to check the checkbox of "Yes, this is a game." You have to do this while recording a game or any other application.

How to Record Live TV Shows on Windows 10/11 - 1

Step 4: You can now initiate your video recording with a single click on the "Start Recording" button or press Win+Alt+R at once.

How to Record Live TV Shows on Windows 10/11 - 2

Step 5: Once you are done, you can end the recording by clicking on the red recording button or press Win+G to bring back the game bar.

How to Record Live TV Shows on Windows 10/11 - 3

Way 3: Record TV Shows on PC with Plex

The last way to record TV shows on Windows PC is with Plex. The steps that will provide you ease while using Plex are mentioned below:

Step 1: First, open up Plex and choose the TV show which you want to record. Click on the “Record” button to initiate the recording.

Step 2: You are also provided with the choice of recording one or all episodes. You can also substitute which libraries with recording will show up.

Step 3: You can access the advanced settings and customize the preferences like adjusting time, resolution, etc. Now select the "Record" button.

Bonus: 3 Best Sites for Live TV Show Streaming

There are some best platforms available that allow you to stream and record TV shows. Some of these places or platforms are mentioned below:


Netflix is a very well-known streaming service that offers a variety of entertaining shows to its users. This variety includes movies, documentaries, TV shows, anime, series, and much more on many internet-connected devices.

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Hulu is a streaming library with thousands of movies and TV shows available. It offers stream full hit movies, kids shows, Hulu originals, seasons of exclusive series, and current season episodes. It also offers various plans in which there is a 30-day free trial available for new users.

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Disney+ is a platform that provides all the greatest stories in one place. Using this platform, you can watch movies, shows, and parks. You are also allowed to shop for your favorite Disney products available in the wide collection of Disney+ products.

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The End

Both streaming TV shows and live TV shows can be easily recorded on Windows PC for later offline watching by taking advantage of various screen recorder software. iTop Screen Recorder is a highly-recommended program that can free record TV shows on computer with no hassle. It is clean, safe and easy to use. No matter which TV show on Netflix, Hulu or other video streaming services you want to record, it can help you out. 

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