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How to Record VR Gameplay High Quality for Free: 2 Easy Tricks

How to record VR gameplay on PC? What's the best VR screen recorder? Does OBS VR recording be of any help? This passage prepares 2 tricks to solve these questions with ease.

VR technology has the potential to change our life, the way we socialize, the way we work, and the way we entertain. Game makers always apply the latest technology to games to attract more eyes and this is exactly how this industry evolves now. VR games bring us unprecedented visual impact and game experience that is nothing like what happened in the 3d or 2d gameplay on your monitors. So, to make a copy of these stunning scenes, many of you may be wondering if recording VR gameplay is harder than recording ordinary gameplay or how to record VR gameplay on PC.

How to Record VR Gameplay

Well, recording VR gameplay is easier than you thought. And this passage will introduce the best way to record VR gameplay that is totally hassle-free. Let's see the smoothest VR screen recorder that anyone can obtain for FREE!

How to Record VR Gameplay on PC? 3 Necessary Tools Are Needed

There are some tools you need to prepare before recording VR gameplay. The necessary tools are:

  1. VR Game Devices
  2. A Computer
  3. A VR Screen Recorder
  4. (Additional) A Video Capture Card and A Camera


  • The VR game devices and the computer are certainly the most important. 
  • Game views on VR devices based on PCs such as HTC VIVE and Oculus Quest can be directly captured by the recording app on the computer, while that on other devices, like VR on Play Station, will need a video capture card. 
  • Then, the recording app, OBS or VRCapture, is needed to capture and record the game view. If you need to put yourself in the recorded gameplay, a camera is needed, too.

The Best Way to Record VR Gameplay on PC - Free & Smooth

iTop Screen Recorder, a free VR screen recorder, is dedicated to recording all brands of games in the industry. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can produce the best quality of gameplay clips on PC, with VR gameplay recording surely supported. It has a Game Mode that can detect video games and allows you to record HD gameplay up to 4K 90fps. Thanks to hardware acceleration, you can record gameplay with no lagging. Also, the inbuilt free video editor can help enhance your gameplay recording, for example, to add special effects, background music or text to videos.

iTop Screen Recorder-Record HD Gameplay With No FPS Drops

  • Record high-performance PC game with no lags
  • Record HD game clips up to 200 FPS
  • Record real-time gaming with audio & webcam
  • Upload game video to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

How to Record VR Gameplay on PC with iTop VR Screen Recorder?

Step 1. Download and Install iTop Screen Recorder for free.

Step 2. To play PC games on your VR devices or record the VR games from PC, you need to do some configuration between your Oculus Quest e.g. and your PC. You can check your VR Manual for guidance. And when everything is ready, activate iTop Screen Recorder and hit the Record button.

VR Game Recording with iTop VPN

Step 3. Hit the button again to stop recording and now please feel free to edit your clips before sharing them to other platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc. 

Besides gameplay videos, iTop Screen Recorder enables you to record zoom meeting without permission, Netflix/YouTube videos, and tutorial videos easily. It also provides tools to edit your recorded videos, which are capable of basic and practical functions, effortless to use. Perfect your screen record and later edit for later posting.

How to Record VR Gameplay Video with OBS?

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source application for video recording and live streaming. It’s regarded as a free and functional VR screen recorder. Yet OBS VR recording could be a bit more complicated - that's nothing to do with your VR gameplay though, it's all about OBS itself.

With some learning curves, you can record and save your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding or stream to Twitch, YouTube, and many other providers with OBS. You can also live stream and record VR gameplay with OBS

Record VR Gameplay with OBS - OBS VR Recording Tutorial

Step 1: Prepare the VR Game Screen to Make It Recordable.

If you are recording VR gameplay on Oculus Quest or HTC VIVE, you can simply set the game screen to the most suitable view in the app. OBS can directly capture the VR gameplay. If you are recording PSVR gameplay, you have to use a video capture card. Connect the PS console’s HDMI to the input interface of the card, and the computer to the output interface. Then the game view on PSVR can be captured by OBS.

Step 2: Create a New Scene and Add Sources.

Create a new recording scene in OBS, and then you can add the game screen and sound to it. To capture the screen from HTC VIVE or Oculus Quest, it’s better to choose “Display Capture” in the sources to capture from the screen, as this capture mode can make your whole screen in the recording, which can lower the possibility of omission.

To capture PSVR, you have to add the source of “Video Capture Device” and choose the video capture card. You can also add your microphone to it to record your voice.

Record VR Gameplay: Add Sources in OBS

If possible, you can use two screens to display the game view in one and open OBS in the other one. You can also choose the quality and frame rate of your recording in the settings.

Step 3: Add Facecam to the Recording.

If you want to add a facecam to the recording, you need a camera connecting to your computer. The view from the camera needs to be transferred to your computer while recording. Then add a “Video Capture Device” source in the same scene and choose the camera to capture facecam view.

You can change the size and the position of the camera view as needed. Finally, you can start recording.

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How to Record VR Gameplay Video with VRCapture

VRCapture is a free VR gameplay recording app on steam. It can only capture HTC VIVE VR gameplay, and it cannot live stream. But compared with OBS record VR, it is easier to use. VRCapture also provides users with recording quality options, and you can change the frame rate in the settings as well. Recording from the camera and microphone is supported as well. As a result, it is more suitable for ordinary VR game players to record their gameplay. VRCapture is only available on Steam. Therefore, if you want to use it, you have to download and install Steam first, and then search on Steam for VRCapture.

Steps to Record VR Gameplay with VRCapture

Step 1: Choose VR Device and Record Mode

Choose the HTC VIVE device you want to capture and record VR gameplay from and the mode you want to record in. 

Record VR Gameplay: Set Mode

Step 2: Set Video Quality and Frame Rate

Video quality and frame rate options are in the settings. You can change them as required. Then you can click the camera button to start recording, and click again to stop.

Record VR Gameplay: Set Quality

Bonus Tip: Live Stream and Post VR Gameplay Videos for Plenty of Traffic

You can record most of the VR gameplay with the methods mentioned above and use the recorded VR gameplay or any kind of recorded game videos for posts and live streaming.

Live Stream VR Gameplay on Live Streaming Websites

To live stream VR gameplay, you can only use OBS in the two applications. OBS can be applied to live stream on almost all the common live streaming websites, including YouTube Live, Twitch, Afreeca TV, etc. Because VR games give people a brand-new experience, many people want to watch VR gameplay live streaming for fun or to decide whether they should buy one VR game device for themselves. So live streaming VR gameplay may bring you much traffic.

Post Recorded VR Gameplay & Every Other Game Video on Social Medias

New things are always attractive to people, so are VR gameplay recordings. Posting short recorded VR gameplay and other PC games on YouTube, Instagram, or other social apps can help you increase your followers and posts’ likes.

Some VR games can be difficult for new players. Walkthroughs are always helpful to them and posts of walkthroughs can bring you much traffic as well. OBS and VRCapure can help you record good VR gameplay, and iTop Screen Recorder can help you edit the recorded video to make a good walkthrough.

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VR games can greatly improve the experience of video games, and that’s why there are more and more people want to know how to record VR gameplay. OBS and VRCapture can be used to record VR gameplay to save your wonderful game moments or to help you live stream your game. And iTop Screen Recorder is one of the easiest screen recorder Windows 10 game recording as well as editing, and it’s totally free! Just choose one that is helpful to you and save your fabulous game experience.

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