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How to Record Training Videos [In 4 Easy Steps]

Learn how to record your training video with the free capture software. Check the iTop Screen Recorder and what it can do. OBS and other alternatives are also included.

Video recording is on the rise now that the pandemic dictates that humans can’t interact as before. So, the training sessions in different work departments take the YouTube turn among other video hosting platforms.

How to get a training video done is hectic, especially when it involves computer skills. However, numerous tools are available now to help in directing how to record training videos without hitches.

Record Your Training Videos with Free Video Capture Software

It’s time to record what happens while on the screen, and we have a few tools to share with you. They make the tedious work done in minutes, and before you realize it, your audience will respond to how the training video helped.

Whether you want to show people how to use a particular software or get things done at work virtually, these are the video capturing tools you need in the current age.

How to Record a Training Video with iTop Screen Recorder

With iTop, it’s simple to kickstart the recording and share it with those concerned or the world. Here are the steps you need to get a training video.

Before the steps, you need to download the iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1: Open the window you want to record. You can always switch to others depending on urgency and what you need the video to possess. After that, run iTop after downloading it.

How to Record Training Video

Step 2: Deploy a few settings starting with the area to capture. Next, activate the microphone, camera, speaker, and mouse effects as you wish.

Step 3: If you would like to apply more settings, go to the Quick Settings tab to change the graphic and audio quality and save the file. More is found via the Advanced settings icon.

How to Record Training Video

Step 4: Once everything is set, hit the big ‘REC’ button to start recording. You can use the pause and stop buttons for control purposes. Once you are done, access the video via the My Creations tab.

Record Training Video

Choose Your Favorite Free Training Video Recorders

How to record training videos from your computer needs powerful yet dependable tools. We have a round-up of five tools that will help record every instance to be included in your training video.

They are all free to use, and in most of them, there are no limitations to what you need. There are different video formats to be utilized and many ways to upload your content once it’s ready. 

Do you need to edit before presenting it to the world out there? The recorders we have will not only show how to record training videos but also edit as well. We need to keep in mind that these software packages will help you record your video. You can also learn how to record online training videos that you don’t possess.

Does that sound like fun? Then, let’s get started.

1. iTop Screen Recorder – No Limits to Recording Your Training Video

If you want to record your training video for as long as it takes, you need to know about iTop. It’s a free-to-use screen recorder that works on all Windows PCs. You can use it on Windows 7 and above without any hitches, and the 32-bit and 64-bit users are all welcome.

Why should you go for the iTop option? Apart from details on how to record training videos, it’s full of features that help you customize what you get and various ways to avail your content.

You can use it to capture the whole screen or a part of it. More to that includes changing the bitrate and the graphics and audio qualities. That means it can record your voice as well. Do you want to involve the webcam? There is an icon for that, and it’s well labeled, just like the rest of the functions.

How to Record a Training Video with iTop Screen Recorder

We love it since it has a simple user interface that is loaded with everything you require. By just looking at it, you don’t miss a single thing. There are Quick Settings for you to change the watermark and where the final videos will reside.

More settings are in the advanced section, and you can change everything from the video quality to how you need the recording done. What’s more, there are no limits to the timeline. That means you can record for as long as you need and have everything captured in one video file.

It’s also possible to share via social media platforms and other venues such as YouTube. Everything you record can be previewed under the My Creations section. Anything you need to learn on how to record is accessed via the User Guide tab.

Therefore, iTop will train you how to record a training video and give you the features you need to proceed and complete.  These are some of the features that this software will share with you:

  • Save an extra video file during recording.
  • Record scheduling starts and stops at the stipulated time.
  • Video quality up to 4K resolution.
  • Quick and Advanced settings to customize your recording sessions.
  • Video editing tools.
  • Renaming the recorded files.
  • Watermark customization and removal.
  • User guide presence with tons of blogs and tutorials.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Supports multiple file formats and languages.
  • No recording limitations.

2. QuickTime

Are you a Mac user? Then it’s time to see how to record training videos using the QuickTime option. It’s an in-built tool for Apple PC users, and it can aid in recording the screen and the webcam.

How to Record a Training Video with Quick Time

Being an in-built feature is great since you don’t need third-party tools for that. After recording, you can save the video on your computer and share later using other means if you don’t need the QuickTime sharing option. The limitation is that if you need to edit anything, you need another software package.

QuickTime is also applicable on Windows, but it’s only compatible with older versions. The latest Windows may need something else (such as iTop) to make it possible. It’s possible to record the entire screen or a part of it.

More features here can include trimming the video.

QuickTime Advantages

  • It’s in-built for Mac users meaning no need for downloads.
  • Can record the screen, audio, and via the webcam as well.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Includes a timer which is up to 10 seconds.

QuickTime Disadvantages

  • Minimal video editing tools.
  • No option to choose the video quality.
  • Not compatible with the latest Windows versions.

3. Monosnap

MonoSnap can also help you solve how to record training videos from your computer. It will get the webcam and the screen too. Apart from recording, you can also use it to capture screenshots.

How to Record  Training Video with Monosnap

It works with Windows, Mac, and Chrome operating systems. While the compatibility aspect is well addressed, you only get the training videos in MP4 format, which is quite common. There are options to record the whole screen or a part of it.

The editing module available on Monosnap is trimming. The main advantage of using this package is that it supports multiple cloud platforms for you to upload after recording. If your option is not listed, you can still add it.

Monosnap Advantages

  • Can record the entire screen or part of it.
  • Compatible with more operating systems.
  • Records videos and GIFs.
  • More cloud uploading options.


  • Only one video format is supported.

4. OBS Studio

This is a free and open-source video training recorder that can also offer live streaming services. Most people use it to record gameplay, but its sophistication allows you to record anything on the screen.

How to Record  Training Video with OBS Studio

You get the videos in HD at 60 FPS, and you have an option to toggle with the video and audio mixers. There are robust editing tools as well, with options to upload to the cloud. The only problem with OBS is that you first need to learn before using it. Otherwise, it will be quite hectic.  

OBS Advantages

  • More capturing and editing tools.
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux environments.
  • No limits.


  • It requires you to take a learning curve.

5. BB FlashBack Express

The last one here is the BB FlashBack Express which has quite a long name. It’s available for all Windows users who need a way to record their screen proceedings without limitations. That means you can record for as long as you wish and perform editing too.

How to Record  Training Video with BB FlashBack Express

There is a webcam option, too, and the recordings do not have a watermark. The Pro version has more editing options, though, and you also get a chance to upload to YouTube or get the file in your local storage.

BB FlashBack Express Advantages:

  • No limit to recording.
  • Allows editing, which includes trimming and adding notes.
  • You can add music too to your videos.
  • Multiple file formats.


  • Available for Windows only.
  • It needs an add-on to work.
  • Few cloud uploading options.


With the tools above, you can choose any and use them to learn how to record training videos. The disadvantage is that in most, you will have to deal with the shortcomings.

If you want an excellent way to get your training video, whether making it or from a different source, then get iTop. It has a simple interface and numerous features to peruse as you record your online training video.

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