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How to Make Reaction Videos with The Webcam Recorder

Thousands of creators start to make reaction videos to attract more audiences or to record big moments in life. This article is going to share with you how to make reaction videos.

Reaction videos, just as the name implies, are videos of someone reacting to something. Normally, creators of reaction videos will record their reactions while watching an existing piece of content. It can be everything from music videos and movies to video games. Viewers can see creators’ emotional reactions which connect the same way they would. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular genres on video hosting services, like YouTube, TikTok. As no script is needed and minimal production requirements, reaction videos lured thousands of creators.

How to Make Reaction Videos

The increasing popularity of reaction videos will be a good idea if you want to attract more audiences to your channel, or simply just want to record your big moments in life. This article is going to show you how to make reaction videos. Don’t miss it out.

How to Make Reaction Videos with a Webcam Recorder?

The process to make a reaction video is generally simple and quick as the minimal production requirements. Reaction video makers firstly need to decide which software to use that can integrate, record, and sync reactions and whatever reacting to. iTop Screen Recorder, a free webcam screen recorder, will be the best choice for you to start your reaction video journey.

Here are some feathers of iTop Screen Recorder on how to make reaction videos.

-Webcam Overlay

The reaction video maker can record the reaction with the webcam, you can overlay that part in your original video, also you can adjust the webcam’s overlay position and size in settings. Audiences can watch whatever you’re reacting to in real-time with you.

Webcam Setting to Make a Reaction Video on YouTube

-Supports 33 Languages

iTop Screen Recorder supports 33 languages including English, Filipino, Suomi, Vlaams, French, Deutsch, Hungarian, Indonesia, Italiano, Japanese, and so on.

-Watermark Customization

You can customize your reaction video watermark on iTop Screen Recorder - including the caption, font, color, position, and transparency. It helps your videos from being copied.

Edit the Watermark to Make a Reaction Video on YouTube

-Social Platforms Sharing

In one right-click, you can upload your reaction videos to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Sharing becomes simple and quick.

Social Media Sharing of Reaction Videos

-Shoot Region Select

iTop Screen Recorder is flexible in the recording. The reaction video maker can select any area of the screen to start recording, from the full-screen mode to a select region, it will always meet your needs.

Reaction Video Shooting Region Select

-Save an Extra Audio File While Recording

iTop Screen Recorder also provides an extra audio file saving function. You can have options to save the recorded video as both video and audio files separately.

Save Reaction Video Audio File

-Other Feathers

Besides the above feathers, iTop Screen Recorder has a lot more to be discovered. 

  • It is an easy-to-use screen recording software with a built-in video editor which records high-quality (4k supported) videos. Through the in-built video editor, you can trim, cut, and split the captured video. 
  • BGM and filters can also be added in screen recording.

Filters and BGM for Reaction Video

  • Recorded reaction video files will be back upped during recording in case of any damages. 
  • Various file formats and video sizes are available, for example, video formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF export, video sizes like 4096*2160 (4K)  1920*1080 (GHD)  1280*720 (HD)  720*480 (SD). 
  • iTop Screen Recorder will prevent the system from sleeping during recording and allows unlimited recording time. 
  • As one of the best screen recorders, iTop Screen Recorder accelerated by H. 264 encoder.

Online video recorder to capture webcam videos is also a good free way to make reaction videos for sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other sites. It enables you to record video with internal and external webcam on Windows/Mac only if you get an updated web browser.

How to Make Reaction Videos with the Webcam iTop Screen Recorder?

This part is going to discuss how to make reaction videos with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1: Download and Install

Visit the official website and download iTop Screen Recorder. You will see the main interface after iTop Screen Recorder is successfully installed and launched.

Step 2: Select Region

Before starting making reaction videos, select the region according to your needs. iTop Screen Recorder supports any area of your screen from full-screen mode to a select region.

Select Creation Videos Region

Step 3: Switch on your webcam.

Click the Webcam button, your webcam will be overlaid on the screen region you have selected just now.

Switch on Reaction Videos Webcam

Step 4: Tap F9 or REC button to start recording your reaction video.

Start Recording Reaction Videos

Step 5: Tap F9 or REC button to end recording your reaction video.

Your screen and webcam are recording at the same time, tap the F9 or REC button to end recording your reaction video. Until now, you should understand how to make reaction videos on YouTube. Yes, as easy as this, quickly have a try!

Ending The Reaction Videos Recording

Why Do YouTube Reaction Videos Celebrities Easily Go Viral?

A viral video is every reaction video maker’s dream. With the incredible popularity of YouTube reaction videos, more than thousands of new creators have come up in this category. However, only around 10% of reaction videos hooked audiences. Celebrities’ reaction videos are normally earlier to catch fire, this is probably because celebrities can reach thousands or even millions of people at once as they have lots of fans and followers compared to a nameless person.

In other words, popularity on the internet is mostly driven by influences. Celebrities such as actors and singers appearing in the media would be more attractive as a great number of people admire them and consider them important.

When celebrities make a reaction video on YouTube, it allows people to peek into their lives, who seem to live a more interesting lifestyle than ours. Celebrities’ reaction videos can make normal people feel that they are associated with those celebrities and are part of their lives, that’s why celebrities’ reaction videos go viral.

The Top Influencers Making Reaction Videos

In this paragraph, we are going to analyze some top influencers’ reaction videos and their video styles. How to do a reaction video on YouTube like those best reaction YouTubers?

Reaction Time, one of the top reaction YouTubers, who has amassed 15.3 million subscribers in 6 years. His videos attract audiences with his exaggerated reactions. Fancy editing and quality content also add credit.

Another famous reaction channel is SSSniperwolf. It is run by Alia Shelesh, a 29-year-old YouTuber. SSSniperwolf initially started as a gaming YouTube channel. Alia Shelesh shows her pro-skills in the game Call of Duty. To expand her audience, she started to react to various videos including wired hacks, different people in TikTok, and so on.

Good reaction videos always create something new from the original content. YouTubers express their emotions and ideas by passing funny and sarcastic comments or exaggerating expressions. You can react to music videos, video games, record reactions of elderly people, or challenge videos. But bear in mind, the content of reaction videos should always fit into your channel’s theme.

How to Make Reaction Videos Without a Copyright Strike from YouTube?

One problem with reaction videos is a high chance to get a copyright strike as you are using videos belonging to others. How to make a reaction video on YouTube and avoid copyright claims on reaction videos?

Make Reaction Videos Without a Copyright Strike from YouTube

Make Reaction Videos Without a Copyright Strike from YouTube

The safest way is to send an email to original creators for permission to react. With the creator’s approval, there is no worry about copyright claims. However, it may not work all the time.

Here are some other tips for reaction video creators to avoid the copyright strike from YouTube.

Firstly but most importantly, credit should be given to the original video.

Creators can also try to alter original content, for example, decrease the volume of videos, pitch the audio, or make the video smaller than the actual reaction so that it is still considered fair use.

In The End

Reaction languages have been developed into different forms like words, images, and videos. Reaction videos often say what words cannot. Believe now you should already know how to make reaction videos. With iTop Screen Recorder, the best reaction video software, get your reaction video just right! It is perfect for recording a reaction video and making your reaction video journey start with no hassle! Download the iTop Screen Recorder to your computer and create your reaction videos today!

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