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Create and Edit Video on Windows with Best Video Editor

How to edit vidoe on Windows 10 PC easily and free in 2024? Here is a guide for beginners and experts to create and edit videos in simple steps.

Video editing is fun and it makes you feel a sense of achievement. The moment you blend images, video clips, and sounds into a new and smooth video, you'll feel emotionally connected. Especially when you are making a video of your daily life or the one you loved for keeping a memory, the feeling will be stronger and more incredible.

How to Edit A Video on Windows for Free

However, how to edit video on Windows 10 PC? How to make a video slideshow by combining pictures and clips with amazing music, motion, effects, and text? This passage will guide you to create and edit from zero to a complete video. Editing videos on PC is never an easy task. Let's get started by reading patiently! 

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How to Create Video on Windows 10

Whether you want to create a personal video or a business video, you need to prepare all the following materials first. Getting all things ready will make your video production process double the result with half work. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time doing useless things and finally gain experience from mistakes. 

A successful video starts with the video pre-production.

Step 1. Figure out the topic.

When the idea comes to you, you have to make it clear. First and foremost, you need to think about the emotional tone and a theme for the video which is a direction for it. The specific direction helps narrow the focus, that is to say, you'll be clear about what you want to express in this video, and the content for the beginning, middle, and ending.

Eg. if you want to create a video of a party, it can be a happy birthday party, a sad farewell party, and so on. "Birthday" and "Farewell" are the topics while "happy" and "sad" are the emotional tone.

Step 2. Write a script.

Once you settle down the video topic, writing a script or drawing a storyboard is the next step. It makes the storyline of your video more visual and the following video-making process in control. The plot development can be illustrated with a series set of "when, where, who, what, and how", just like telling a story.

Step 3. Single out proper images and video clips.

If you've stored a bulk of image and video material, you can directly screen out these matches with the video script. But if you want to make a tutorial, a narration video of films, a moments collection video of movies. Directly recording video clips on your Windows 10 PC and importing them to the video editor will be easier.

Step 4. Select suitable music.

To pick out suitable music from a wealth of musical material is a talent. Otherwise, you may need rich experience accumulation. So there is no need to force on this aspect and just selecting music can show the video's emotional tone, such as sorrow, pleasure, scared, etc.

Step 5. Choose the best video editor.

After you prepare everything, it's time to go further - how to edit video on PC. And the most important is to choose a suitable video editor that can record screen and edit video because it directly affects your video quality and progress. 

How to Edit Video on Windows 10 PC for Free

There are too many options of a video editor on Windows 10 on the market, here we recommend iTop Video Editor which is combined with iTop Screen Recorder. So you can download one software but gain two effective tools at one time. And more than that, it is totally free to figure out how  to edit video on PC and is convenient for you to screen recording footage on Windows PC for video editing.

This part is for users who need to record on-screen content as video material. If you don't need it, you can skip to the next video-editing guide directly.

Quick Guide - Free Record Video Clips on PC

This screen recorder offers no lag 4K recording experience. With it, you can record Zoom meeting without permission as well as gameplay without fps losing. A wide range of video formats and no watermark output are also supported.

Anyway, how does it work?

Step 1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your PC.

Step 2. Open the window, file, software, or anything you want to record on the Windows screen.

Step 3. Select to record part of the screen or the full screen, and enable speaker/mic/mouse/webcam if you need.

Record Flexible Screen

Step 4. Go further settings to make sure the parameters of video format, audio channels, and so on.

Go to Further Setting in Video Editing

Step 5. Click "Rec" on the interface to start the recording and stop it by clicking the red square button on the floating bar.

Full Guide - Free Edit Video on Windows 10 PC

Actually, the iTop Video Editor is a 100% free-to-use tool built into the iTop Screen Recorder. You need to download the free screen recorder to your Windows PC first, and then we can walk through the below steps.

Step 1. Enable the video editor on Windows 10 in the right-side toolbar. Choose to start a new creation or open an existing video editing project locally.

How to Edit Video on PC

Step 2. Turning to the operational interface, we can see a toolbar, timeline, and display screen. Here, you can import the prepared images, video clips, and music to the media base.

How to Edit Video on Windows 10

Step 3. And then, drag them to the corresponding timeline and order them according to the written script.

Drag Video to the Timeline

Step 4. Finally, you can go into detail about video editing.

Add transitions between video clips.

Add Transitions in Video Editing

Add background music to a specific part or the whole video.

Add Music to Video Clips with Video Editor on Windows 10

Add amazing special effects and popular filters.

Add Special Effects in Video Editing

Input text to the video.

Add Text to Video Clips with Video Editor on Windows 10

Slow down/speed up the video speed, etc.

Adjust Speed in Video Editing

In a word, you are able to do anything to perfect the video and make it close to the one you want to create in mind with iTop Video Editor.

The Final Thought

"How to edit video on Windows 10?" According to this passage, you learned how to create and edit a video from the preparation stage to the final cut. And with the guide in this article, you'll find it's easier than you imagine if you choose a suitable video editor like iTop Video Editor. It is totally free to use and also enables you to screen record video footage on PC. Download to try to record screen Windows 10 and edit video on PC fast and free!

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