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2 Simple Ways to Add Music to a Video Free [Windows 11/10]

Here're two easy ways to add music to video for free on Windows 11/10 PC. Follow them to add background music to video clips/recordings with no effort at all.

Music is powerful! It is the thing that can heal you, inspire you and encourage you. It is also the best assist to make a video more charming and appealing. Form movie clips to landscape footage, appropriate soundtracks always drive viewers to immerse in the scene and give thumbs-up without hesitation.

How to Add Music to Video

To add music to a video is a common but valuable way to get more views, votes for your clips or recordings on SNS. How to add music to video for free? Here, we recommend two simple ways of how to add background music to enhance your video on PC with no effort at all.

Way 1. Add Music to Video for Free with Free Video Editor for Windows 11/10

A professional video editor can offer the most effective and convenient way for you to add music to a video. As a matter of fact, the market has been swarmed into various programs, some of which are free but with poor performance while some of which get high ratings but cost a lot. Is there free video editing software that can add audio to video free and gives fairly well experience? iTop Video Editor can be your choice.

iTop Video Editor is a built-in video editing tool of iTop Screen Recorder, that not only enables you to import and edit a video from computer, but provide one-stop solution to capture video on Windows and enhance the recording for later uploading. It embraces all primary editing features, and of course, allows you to add background music to video tracks.

How to add music to video for free with iTop Video Editor? Follow the guide.

Step 1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder. You can get the inbuilt iTop Video Editor after installation. It is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.

Step 2. Launch the program and click Video Editor in Tools panel.

Step 3. Click Start a new creation. Then, you will be directed to the video editor.

Add Music to Video - Start a New Creation

Step 4. Drag and drop the video and music tracks into media center. Then, click + button on the bottom right corner of the media files to add them to timeline.

Step 5. Modify the audio track.

  • To add music to a segment of the video, move the audio track to a certain position on the timeline.
  • To trim music, select the track and you can see slide bars at the start and end of the track. Move them to maintain the part you need. 
  • Click Adjust button to turn up or down the volume.

You can add multiple music tracks to a video or change audio tracks from one to another by deleting and importing again. Also, you can cut video to remove unwanted parts for bettering fit with the music.

Step 6. Click Export to save your video to a destination folder. Otherwise, you can save it to your hard drive if you want to do further editing later.

How to Add Music to Video with iTop Screen Recorder

What's More: iTop Screen Recorder gives you an all-in-one option to record and edit video. If you want to add music to a video recording, follow the steps.

1. Select recording area. You can record part of screen, full screen, a window, or any region on screen. It is suggested to turn off speaker and mic if you want to add music to video for free without any interfered audio.

2. Click REC to start recording. 3-second countdown later, the control bar appears. Click red square button to stop recording when you want to finish it.

3. Your recording is automatically added to My Creations. Click Edit button to access to video editor.

How to Add Music to a Recording

4. Now, you can import and edit audio track to add music to the video recording.

Way 2: Add Music to Video for Free with Photos App in Windows 11/10

Photos introduced video editing feature as a replacement of Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 and 11. With the feature, you can easily organize, create and edit videos. Certainly, you can add music to video for free with Photos.

Step 1. Right click the video you want to add background music to and select Open with Photos.

Step 2. Click ... to access to the setting list. Move to Edit More... > Create a Video with Text.

How to Add Music to a Video with Photos - Access to Editor

Step 3. The editor shows after you name the video

Click Background music to select a sample audio track for your video. The length of audio track will be automatically adjusted to fit the video. You can adjust music volume as well. Click Done to finish the task.

Add Sample Audio to Music

If you want to import your own music, click Custom audio > Add audio file. Now, the audio track will be automatically added to timeline. You can move to set it as background music for a segment of the video and cut it as you want. After that, click Done.

Add Own Music to Video

Step 4. Click Finish video. You can select video quality (1080p recommended). Then, click Export to save it to a destination folder. Now, you have added music to a video. 

How to Add Music to Video for Free with Photos - Export

How to Add Music to Video for Free: FAQs

Where to Get Background Music for Your Video?

Some free video editor like Photos offers a stock library that collects various audio tracks. You can choose a good one as background music to video. If provided tracks can’t satisfy you, try to download music from streaming sites below. 

Spotify: Spotify is one of the most popular music platforms. It has the latest songs/albums, customized playlists, podcasts and almost all music you want. Its free version gives you the choice to download podcasts while premium version helps you download albums, playlists and podcasts.

SoundCloud: SoundCloud gathers millions of songs from popular artists, some of which are free to download. SoundCloud Go+ is the subscription tier that empowers you to save unlimited tracks offline. 

Also Read: How to Record SoundCloud Music

Besides, there are some other good music streaming sites that allow you to get background music, like Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music. What’s more, you can record yourself singing and create own music video.

Why to Add Music to a Video?

Background music is not suitable for every video. If you need to make a presentation/lecture or create a video guide, you'd better remove background noise but keep your voice and narration clear. But music for landscape footage, vlog and entertaining clips can greatly increase enjoyment and engagement.


Video editor is undoubtedly the best tool to add music to video for free. iTop Screen Recorder, the best screen recorder for Windows 10/11, rolls out a free video editor with the purpose of offering a more efficient way for you to screen record and edit a video. You can use it add one or multiple audio tracks to an imported video as well as add audio to a recording with ease. It shows great performance that you can add music to video without quality loss at a fast speed. Try it to add background music to your video now.

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