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Easy Video Editing - Best Screen Recorder with Editor to Record Screen and Edit Video on PC

This screen recorder with editor enables newbies and the experienced to easily record screen and edit video on PC in 10 minutes.

Screen recording makes it quite easy to create a gameplay video with its finest moments, a tutorial with intuitive performance, and a meeting with visual and aural discussion details. After that, adding special effects, filters, and transitions to your recorded videos will make your content more attractive and easy to catch attention. It sounds great if you can record and edit video before uploading it to YouTube channels, which brings you approval, a sense of achievement, and chances to be popular.

How to Record and Edit Video

But how to find a powerful tool to record screen and edit video? This article has a wonderful recommendation for you. Keep reading and get an extremely detailed guide to start your creation now!

How to Record Screen and Edit Video Free on PC 

Want to get amazing clips from movies and edit them to create a short video? Wonder how to make a kill-moments gaming video without downloading software one after one?

There is a best of both sides choice - iTop Screen Recorder. With it, you have no need to waste time searching for ways to download movies or seeking a useful screen recorder and an effective video editor - iTop Screen Recorder which has a practical built-in video editing tool is what you are looking for. 

It is a widely used screen recorder for different recording tasks like recording Zoom meeting without permission, recording amazon prime movies, and recording switch gameplay, online lessons, and webinars. Except that, its newly updated built-in video editor improves its Comprehensiveness of functionality to a new level.

Feature 1: Record Flexible Screen to 4K Video Free.

The only demand is the video recording area must be on-screen. And it supports video resolution including 4K(2160p), FHD(1080p), HD(720p), and SD(480p).

Feature 2: Record with Facecam & Audio.

If you want to record and edit video free like a presentation, tutorial, gameplay, or online meeting, you need to record the screen with facecam and audio at the same time that iTop Screen Recorder can meet.

Feature 3: No Lag, No Watermark & No Time Limit.

With this screen recording and editing tool, making sure a smooth HD recording without lag is a must. Moreover, you needn’t worry about the recording time limit and watermark.

Feature 4: Enable to Insert Video, Audio, and Images.

It has a media bar that is used to temporarily save the videos, audio, and images locally uploaded.

Feature 5: Support Filters, Transitions, Subtitles, and Effects.

iTop video editor has popular editing material packages and it allows you to apply these filters, transitions, text fonts, and special effects to your videos.

Feature 6: Split and Duplicate Video Clips & Audio Tracks.

Cutting off and keeping the video/audio parts as well as duplicating are the basic features for a video editor like iTop Screen Recorder.

Record Screen and Edit Video by iTop Screen Recorder

A full guide to leading a new starter step-by-step.

Step 1. Download and install it on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Set the preference of recording settings like recording area, mic or speaker, webcam, mouse cursor, and video/audio formats. If you choose the game mode, you also need to turn on/off the HUD. 

How to Record Screen and Edit Video

Step 3. Open the screen(a window, a tab, a file, or a game) on the computer you want to record, and click “Rec” to start. 

Step 4. During the recording, you can draw graffiti, circles, squares, lines, and arrows, and take screenshots Windows 10 with the buttons on the bottom floated toolbar.

Record Screen and Edit Video Free

Step 5. When finished, find the recorded video in “My Creations” and select the video you want to edit, denoise, preview, delete, rename, upload or open its local storage.

Record and Edit Video for Free

Step 6. Click edit and your video will be shown in the media bar in the editing tool. Then directly drag the images, audio, and videos to the media bar from your computer desktop. Or you locally upload them by clicking the “+” button.

Record Screen and Edit Video Software

Step 7. Drag and drop the video/audio/image to the timeline. Here, you can easily add effects, transitions, filters, stickers, and texts to these editing materials.

How to Record and Edit Video - Guide

Step 8. Click the video/audio/image on the timeline, you can split or duplicate it. Also, you are able to adjust the speed, position, and size of the video/image.

How to Edit Audio Free

Step 9. After editing, you can click save to download the project file. Or you can click export with a suitable aspect ratio, video quality, and video format.

Edit Recorded Video and Audio

Step 10. Finally, you can upload the edited video to YouTube or other social platforms directly in this screen recorder Windows 10.

Screen Recording and Editing Tool

Bonus Tips - Record Screen and Edit Video More Easy and Convenient

According to the above steps, everyone can easily handle this free screen recorder in minutes, and here are some time-saving tips to make your progress of screen recording and editing more convenient and efficient.

Tip 1: Set the Hotkeys. 

Go to the “Options” at the top right corner > Settings >Hotkeys. Here, you can control the shortcut of start/stop recording, pause and resume, take a screenshot, and enable/disable the webcam during recording.

Tip 2: Schedule Recording.

 If you have no time to wait for live streaming or broadcast to start, you can set a scheduled recording that automatically records screen and stops at a scheduled time.

Go to the “Options” at the top right corner > Recording Schedule > Activate Now.

Tip 3: Remove Background Noise

When you record Mp4 video and audio in a noisy environment, it will be annoying to add BGM later. So iTop Screen Recorder updated a new feature named denoiser which can help you remove or mute the all the unwanted background noise from your video and audio files. 

Go to “My Creations”, pick the video you need to reduce noise, and click the three points - “More” on it. You’ll see the “Denoise” feature right here.

The Bottom Line

This article shares an extremely detailed guide for users in need to record screen and edit video with iTop Screen Recorder. For its free, no time limit, and 1080p HD edited video, it has gained great praise from gamers, vloggers, video creators, and so many related online workers. With it, you just need to do half the work, and you’ll get double the results. Download it to shorten your working time but output the same perfect result!

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