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How to Change Video Aspect Ratio for YouTube, Instagram, etc., on PC

How to change video aspect ratio? Get the best tool to easily change aspect ratio of video without cropping for YouTube, Instagram etc., on Windows (10).

As known to us all, different social media platforms have different requirements for video aspect ratios. Hence it’s necessary to change video aspect ratio, to make sure your video is compatible with the platform you will use. If you don’t follow the recommended aspect ratio, your video will be automatically resized and cropped to a dimension that is deemed proper. This might make your video look awkward and impact your brand image and engagement negatively. 

How to Change Video Aspect Ratio

So how to change aspect ratio of video without cropping? Don’t worry. This article will introduce the best tool that can help you change aspect ratio of video easily. It’s simple and easy to use for everyone. Don’t miss out!

How to Change Video Aspect Ratio with Video Editor

An aspect ratio for a video is the video width in proportion to the height. However, not every video is created to match the recommended aspect ratio on social media. Hence you will need to change video aspect ratio with a professional editing tool, for instance, iTop Video Editor, the built-in module of iTop Screen Recorder.

With iTop Video Editor, you can change aspect ratio of video with just a few clicks. What’s more, no cropping would be applied and your video would be resized to an ideal dimension. Simply put, it is an all-in-one tool that allows you to screen record and edit videos with ease!

Change Video Aspect Ratio Effortlessly

With iTop Video Editor, you can change the video aspect ratio easily. No technical skill is required, simply upload the video and ready to go.

Change Video Aspect Ratio without Quality Loss

With the application of a high-quality encoding engine, iTop Video Editor guarantees that there won’t be any visible quality loss after you change video aspect ratio.

Support Multiple Aspect Ratios

Supporting multiple aspect ratios such as 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 2:3, 4:1, and 21:9, iTop Video Editor is the best video resizer that can satisfy all your needs.

Support Major Formats for Social Media

iTop Video Editor is the best free tool to edit videos on Windows 10. All major resolutions and formats are supported and you can export HD/4K video to MP4, AVI, and TS with ease.

Powerful Editing Features

It is packed with multiple editing features including cut, trim, crop, split, rotate, merge, add filters, and many more! Want to add special effects to a video before uploading it to social media? iTop Video Editor is here to help.

100% Free to Use

The other great part is that it is a 100% free video recording and editing tool. You can record Zoom meetings, streaming videos, game clips etc., and enhance the recordings with no cost.

How to Change Video Aspect Ratio with iTop Video Editor

Step 1. Free download and install iTop Screen Recorder to your computer.

Step 2. Click on the Video Editor icon to launch iTop Video Editor. 

Launch iTop Video Editor to Change Video Aspect Ratio

Step 3. Add the video to iTop Video Editor. 

Add Video for Aspect Ratio Changing

Step 4. Now you can trim and split the video, and add transitions, filters, and captions to your video on the editing panel.

Make Editing Before Changing Aspect Ratio

Step 5. Click on the 3-dot icon next to the “Export” button and change the aspect ratio you preferred. Export the video once you are done.

Change Aspect Ratio of Video and Export

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How to Change Aspect Ratio of Video Online

Alternatively, you can change video aspect ratio online. Here we recommend Kapwing, a collaborative content creation platform as another viable approach when you don’t want to install the software. Just upload the video to Kapwing’s media library and you can change aspect ratio of videos online for free.

Designed for modern content creators, Kapwing makes video editing accessible to everyone. With the intuitive process, you can change video aspect ratio and edit videos just like a pro! It also supports all popular aspect ratios for social media. You can change the video aspect ratio to 21:9, 16:9, 1:1, 4:5, 9:21, 9:16, and 820:312 as you see fit. What’s more, it is a good choice for content creation, especially if you need to edit videos for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and all major social media platforms. 

How to Change Video Aspect Ratio with Kapwing

Step 1. Head to Kapwing online video editor tool.

Step 2. Upload the video with the “Click to upload” button. You can also drag and drop the video to the panel or paste the video URL to extract the video.

Change Video Aspect Ratio Online - Upload Video

Step 3. Click the “Crop” button and choose the desired aspect ratio.

Change Video Aspect Ratio Online - Adjust Settings

Step 4. Click the “Export Project” button, and select the output format and resolution. Export the video to a preferred location.

The Best Aspect Ratio for Videos Online 

You need to change video aspect ratio for successfully uploading to social media. But, are you really clear about the best aspect ratio for videos? Here we’ve collected the recommended aspect ratio for popular platforms, just check them out. 

  • YouTube: Landscape videos: 16: 9; YouTube Shorts: 9: 16
  • Instagram: Instagram Feed videos & Carousel posts: 4:5; IG Reels, Instagram Stories, Live Videos, IGTV: 9:16
  • Facebook: Feed posts & Carousel: 1:1 or 4:5; Stories: 9:16
  • Twitter: Landscape video : 16: 9 or 2.39: 1; Portrait video: 9:16; Square: 1:1
  • TikTok: Portrait video: 9: 16
  • Pinterest: Landscape video: 2:3, 4:5; Portrait video: 9:16; Square video: 1:1


Aspect ratio matters because it affects how your videos and photos will look when you share them online. Hence, it’s always important to meet the requirements of aspect ratio to make sure your content visibility is optimal. This article has introduced iTop Video Editor and Kapwing to help you change video aspect ratio. However, online video editors rely on the network constantly, which can be not convenient at some point. That’s why iTop Video Editor is a more reliable choice to change video aspect ratio without cropping. Plus the free screen recorder, it is the best option for video/audio recording and editing. Just try it for free and change video aspect ratio with ease now!

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