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4 Easy Ways to Compress Video Size Without Losing Quality

Try to compress video for YouTube, email, discord etc.? Here, we show 4 easy ways to reduce video file size without losing quality.

Indeed, videos in high resolution give people a pleasant feeling, but the good quality also comes with a large video size. That could be a hurdle for other uses like hosting in local disk space or uploading to YouTube, social media, email, etc. to share with friends. When you try to upload a video in a large size, there is a pop-up 'file size too large'. Oh, no! What should I do? How to reduce the video size? How to compress video size without losing quality? Hundreds of questions flourish in your mind. Don't panic. Here you are in the right place.

3 Easy Ways to Compress Video File Size

After testing multiple ways to reduce video file size, we found 4 easy ways to compress video with no quality loss. Follow this guide and choose one of these methods to get a smaller video file now.

How to Compress Video File Using VLC

As it's known to all, VLC is one of the most popular open-source multimedia players among worldwide users that also works as a video editor and video compressor. No matter you want to compress video for discord, email or social media platforms, VLC can help recduce file size with no quality loss.  

Here's how to use VLC to compress video size:

Step 1: Download VLC from the official page and make sure to download the right version (Windows, Mac, and Linux are available). After installation is completed, open VLC and click Media > Convert/Save.

Step 2: Click the Add button to select and add your video file (or multiple video files). Then hit Convert/Save to bring up conversion options. 

Compress Video Size with VLC

Step 3: Click the Profile menu to select your preferred profile that best suits your device where you are going to play this video. Or upload it on other platforms. For uploading to YouTube, you may select Video for YouTube SD or Video for YouTube HD.

Compress Video Size with VLC of Profile Selection

Step 4: What's more, If you want to change any other specific settings to compress video file size,  you can access the settings window by clicking the spanner icon next to the Profile dropdown menu, where you can customize parameters including codec, frame rate, bitrate, resolution, etc. Here, we highly recommend you keep the ratio the same as before to compress video without losing quality. If changes, it may degrade the video quality and make this video useless.

Compress Video Size with VLC of Codes Selection

Step 5: When you are satisfied with all selections, click Save. Then, select one destination location to save the compressed video, and then click Start. Minutes later, you get the video in a smaller size.

How to Compress Video Size with Online Tools

If you are looking for more efficient solutions, try any online video compression tool. It could be a good method that allows you to compress video size without any software. Here is one of the best online tools - VEED.IO can help you figure it out. This is an easy-to-use free video editing platform that allows you to crop, add images, add subtitles to videos, and compress videos in a few clicks. Follow the steps to proceed:

Step 1: Upload

Open Video Compressor on Click Upload a File to upload the video you want to reduce. Or, you can directly drag and drop it from your computer. 

Compress Video Size with Online Tool

Step 2: Compress

Customize your compression options to decide on the final size you want. If you don’t know how to select the frame rate and resolution, let VEED choose for you. It will automatically select the best quality for your video. Then click Compress Video to start the process.

Step 3: Save

Click Download the new compressed video file.

How to Record HD YouTube Video in a Small Size

Although YouTube allows you to save your favorite shows offline, it's still a hard issue to figure out how to download YouTube videos at a small size to save local disk space. Luckily, here we find a good method to save videos in a small size but with original high quality at the same time. iTop Screen Recorder is a 4K screen recorder that can record any area of your PC screen on multiple occasions to perfectly record gameplay, conferences, courses, films, music on YouTube, etc., with no watermark & time limit, and save it in a small size.

4-Steps Guide to Record HD Video in Small Size with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1: Download iTop Screen Recorder. Complete the install process and launch it.

Step 2: To record sounds from a YouTube video, you need to enable the microphone first. Then choose any of the video formats to save. You can also customize other configurations, including size, frame rate, and bitrate to save in a small size.

Record Video in A Small Size

Step 3: Switch back to the main interface and select the recording region. You can select the best recording size to record YouTube videos with this 4K screen recorder. 

Record Video with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 4: Hit the red circle button to start the recording process. Click the red Done button to finish. Check the Video tab; all downloaded YouTube videos are here  in the My Creations folder. Now, you can enjoy HD YouTube videos. 

How to Compress a Video File to a Zip File

In Windows, zipped files not only take up less storage space but can also be transferred to other computers more quickly than uncompressed files. To share multiple files with a group of people, zipped folders can help you combine several files into a single zipped folder and compress video file without losing quality to a smaller one. You can create a zip folder for your video to reduce video size. Here's what you do to zip a file:

Step 1: Right-click the mouse to create a new folder. And select all the videos you want to compress and put them in that new folder.  

Step 2: Right-click the file you want to zip, and hit Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

Compress Video Size to A Zip File

Step 3: Seconds later, you will get the compressed folder. A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location. 

The zipped file is much smaller than the original one. Besides, this method works on most of the standard files. For example, no matter whether you want to send videos in MP4, MKV, or other formats, almost all videos can be compressed in this way. But keep in mind that this method does not work for uploading videos on YouTube or social media platforms. 

The Bottom Line

It's common to compress video size. Some people compress video for discord for sharing brilliant game video clips with friends; some people compress video for YouTube for sharing amazing footage; some people compress video for email for sending an important video file; and so on. Here, we list 4 easy ways to reduce video file size without losing quality. All of the methods can help you get a compressed video with fitting size for various online platforms. Pick one and compress video now. 

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