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How to Trim a Zoom Recording Like A Pro

If you need to trim or cut a Zoom recording, you can follow this post to find easy ways to trim or cut a recorded Zoom video clip in minutes.

Zoom, as one of the cloud-based video conferencing apps, has been popular among worldwide users. People from all over the world can use Zoom for online audio or video meetings to keep strong connections with each other. You can record Zoom meetings for later reference.

How to Trim a Zoom Recording

It is common that you need to trim the unnecessary part of a Zoom recording. For example, the waiting time in the beginning of a Zoom recording or cut off the sections which are irrelevant to the topic. This article tells you how to edit a Zoom recording including how to trim a Zoom recording and how to cut a Zoom recording step by step.

Let's jump to the point.

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How to Trim a Zoom Recording with Zoom's Native Tool

When you record a meeting to Zoom Cloud Recordings as a paid user, you can use Zoom's native tool to trim the beginning and end of the Zoom recording. Here are 6 steps trim a Zoom recording.

Step 1. Sign into your Zoom account and navigate to the recordings tab.

Find Zoom Recording to Trim

Step 2. Find the Zoom recording that you want to trim.

Select a Zoom Recording to Trim

Step 3. Click the "Play" icon to view the Zoom recording via Zoom's native tool.

How to Trim a Zoom Cloud Recording

Step 4. Click the "Scissor" icon in the bottom-right corner of the video play window.

How to Trim a Zoom Recording with Zoom Tool

Step 5. Drag the playhead sliders to set the "start" and "end" times of the video.

Trim Zoom Recording

Step 6. Click save.

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Record and Edit Zoom with a Third-party Tool

Zoom's native trim tool is convenient. However, Zoom has limited recording edit tools. It can only trim and "edit highlights" through its build-in video player for cloud recordings. If you need more video editing tools or want to trim the local recordings, iTop Screen Recorder can meet your needs.

iTop Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use and free PC screen recorder incorporated with a video editor with many editing tools. It can help you record video, audio and game. iTop Video Editor, as iTop Screen Recorder's native tool, can help you trim, cut, split, crop, add subtitles and music, etc.

Key Features of iTop Video Editor:

Multiple Editing Functions: It can trim, cut, split, merge, crop, and rotate video clips, and also can add music, image, text and subtitles to the recordings.

Multiple Tracks Editing: It has unlimited media tracks for adding any media files and effects.

Many Visual and Sound Effects: Resources and templates of annotations, texts, transitions, filters and animated video effects are also available in the video editor.

Easy-to-Use: It has a simple and friendly user interface which is even friendly for beginners to access quickly.

How to trim a Zoom Recording on PC with iTop Screen Recorder

When you review a Zoom recording, you may want to trim the excess time at the beginning or end of your recording. How to trim a Zoom recording via iTop? Here are 4 steps.

Step 1: Open iTop Video Editor

Download iTop Screen Recorder, open it and click iTop "Video Editor" on the right side of the user surface.

How to Trim a Zoom Recording with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 2: Load Zoom recording to iTop

Download a Zoom recording file to make it a Zoom local recording file. Click "start a new creation", then add the Zoom recording you just downloaded by clicking "add your media to get started".

Add a Zoom Recording to Trim

You can either drag the drop the recording to the timeline or click the "+" icon for adding the recording to the timeline to get started.

Trim a Zoom Recording on PC

Step 3: Trim the recording

Move the slider to the desired start and end time to trim. Don't forget to drag the trimmed recording to the beginning of the timeline bar.

Trim Begining and End of a Zoom Recording

Step 4. Save the trimmed recording.

Click "Save" on the right side of the menu bar.

How to Cut a Zoom Recording with iTop Screen Recorder

If you find a mistake when reviewing a Zoom recording or you want to make a Zoom recording shorter and more focused, the following steps tells you how to cut a Zoom recording to make your videos perfect.

Step 1: Install iTop Screen Recorder on your PC and click Video Editor to load a Zoom recording to the application.

Step 2: Cut the recording.

Drag the playhead to the position that you want to cut for the start. Click the "scissor" icon or press "ctrl+B" to cut the recording. Then drag the playhead again to the end point, then click the "scissor" icon again for cutting the recording.

How to Cut a Zoom Recording with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3: Save the cut recording.

Delete the selected segment by tapping the "trash can" icon. Drag the rest of the segments together in the timeline. Then you'll get a cut Zoom recording with the middle of the segment removed. Click "Save" at last.

How to Save and Export a Trimmed Zoom Recording?

1. How to save a trimmed Zoom recording?

Once you finish trimming or cutting a Zoom recording, don't forget to save it. Click "Save" on the right side of the menu bar, you'll get a window to name and save the recording on your computer. You can find all your recorded clips and edited videos in the "My creation" folder.

2. How to export a trimmed Zoom recording?

If you want to adjust the export settings of the trimmed recording, you can tap "..." besides the "Export" icon.

Step 1. Set the aspect ratio

There are 6 types of ratios: 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 2:3, 4:5, and 21:9. Different types of ratios are matching with different websites. For example, 16:9 shows widescreen that you can share the recording to Youtube, and Vimeo. 21:9 is cinematic for films, blog banners...Once you selected the aspect ratio of the recording, you can see the description below.

Step 2. Set the Video Quality

6 video qualities are available to select: 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K. You can choose the appropriate one for your recording.

Step 3. Set the Video Format

You can save your recording as MP4, AVI, TS, GIF, or MP3 by adjusting the video format.

Export a Trimmed Zoom Recording

After finishing all the settings, you can tap "Export" to save your new recording in your computer folders.

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FAQ About How to Trim A Zoom Recording

1. How do I trim a Zoom recording for free?

You can download the free video editor, iTop Screen Recorder to trim. Or use the Zoom build-in tool to trim a Zoom cloud recording.

2. How do I trim an audio recording?

After downloading the free editor, iTop Screen Recorder You can open the video editor to load the audio that you wish to trim to the audio track in the timeline. Move the sliders to trim the audio recording.

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In a word, as for how to trim a Zoom recording, you can use Zoom's native tool to trim a recording but only limited to cloud recordings. If you want more editing functions like trim, cut, split, crop, add subtitles, and music, iTop Screen Recorder is your best choice.

iTop Screen Recorder - Record Meetings, Webinars & Lessons

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  • Record meetings, webinars with webcam
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