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[6 Ways] How to Record WhatsApp Calls on PC/iPhone/Android

How to record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone, Android and PC? We have the best 6 methods for you to make it.

Whatsapp, as a cross-platform instant messaging app, enables users to send text, video, pictures, etc., which is very convenient for daily life. In 2016,  WhatsApp released WhatsApp Desktop software for Windows and macOS so that computer users can view and send WhatsApp messages with more convenience. Especially for those business users, or users who have foreign trade business will be easier and more convenient to use this tool to make the foreign trade road smoother. Especially when you have to talk to someone immediately, without the scheduled time, making a WhatsApp call is a brilliant alternative.

Whether you're using WhatsApp to chat with your friends, to communicate for business, or for other important cases like meetings or interviews, there will be certain cases you need to record some of your precious WhatsApp video calls and important WhatsApp voice chats. But, WhatsApp does not support recording. Then, how to record WhatsApp calls?

After purposed testing, this article screened out 6 practical methods to record WhatsApp calls, including how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio on a PC & laptop with a free screen recorder, 3 ways of how to record WhatsApp calls on an iPhone, and 2 solutions to record WhatsApp video call on Android.

Before starting check how to record WhatsApp calls on PC with the free screen recorder, you can get it first and then explore the detailed steps with ease.

The Best Way to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on PC & Laptop

At work, we often need to talk to others about details or confirm something important through WhatsApp. So recording the content of your communication is crucial when you are not sure about the work items and you have to recheck them. But how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio on PC & laptop? Then we have to mention our work good assistant - iTop Screen Recorder, an all-around screen recorder to effectively record your WhatsApp video calls but not limited to it. It also works well to record Zoom Meeting, lectures, gameplays, YouTube videos, and more.

iTop Screen Recorder-Audio Screen Recording Made Easy

  • Record sound in high quality with no noise and latency
  • Select to record sound from system or external device
  • Save files in varied formats such as MP3, AAC and WMA
  • Support "Record Audio Only" and save in pure audio files

iTop screen recorder is so captivating not only because of its facial attractiveness but also its sharp strengths.

● HD recoding
iTop Screen Recorder supports recording WhatsApp calls in high definition, so you can review the recorded videos without loss of quality.

● Record with No restriction
iTop Screen Record allows you to record screen flexibly. You can choose a specific area, the video call window or full screen for recording. There is no time limit for recording. What's more, it is an excellent screen recorder no watermark

● Free and safe to use
Users can download iTop Screen Recorder free or try its online video recorder and no need to pay for using it. Also, it is a 100% clean and safe program. No malicious or useless stuff are bundled. You can use it to record Whatsapp calls on PC safely.

● Easy to edit
It has a built-in video editor to trim the recording as well as add filters, stickers, background music, and subtitles.

Let’s go straight to the points that how to record WhatsApp calls with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download iTop Screen Recorder to your PC or laptop, then install it and set up your preference.

Select the full screen of WhatsApp as the recorded area and then slightly adjust the settings for both video and audio.

How to Record WhatsApp Call with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 2. Record the screen.

Press “F9” to tell iTop Screen Recorder that you are ready and wait for a three-second countdown, your WhatsApp video call will start recording. Then you can repress ”F9” to stop recording.

Step 3. Edit the recordings.

Go to the “My Creations” section. You can preview your recordings and trim them by dragging the red sidebar.

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3 Ways to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

We can start with the 3 ways to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone. This can be done on its built-in screen recorder, on third-party tools, and even on other devices. 

Method 1: Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone with Built-in Screen Recorder

The most basic and simple way to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone is to use the iPhone's built-in screen recorder.

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on “Control Center”. Tap “Plus” to add the “Screen Recording” feature.

Step 2: Swipe down from the top of your screen to enable the recording icon and record your WhatsApp calls.

Step 3: Click the Recording button again to stop recording.

How to Record WhatsApp Call on iPhone

Don’t forget to record your voice by holding on to the recording icon to enable the microphone.

Method 2: How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone with Record WhatsApp Calls App

The built-in screen recorder helps you record Whatsapp calls on iPhone easily but a third-party tool can automatically record all your WhatsApp calls. With Record WhatsApp Calls, you’ll never miss any important message during a call. 

How to Record WhatsApp Call iPhone with Record WhatsApp Calls App

Step 1: Install “Record WhatsApp Calls” by searching it in App Store.

Step 2: Give permissions to the app according to instructions.

Step 3: Enable the “Accessibility” settings and the app will automatically record the call you make or you get.

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Method 3: How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone without Jailbreak via Mac

In what’s probably the most direct method that ordinary people can think of in the first place, you can use another device to record WhatsApp audio calls, for example, a Mac.

Step 1: Enable the audio recording feature on your Mac and put it near your phone.

Step 2: Turn on the speaker on iPhone when beginning the call.

Step 3: Adjust the volume to make sure the microphone of the Mac catches the sound.

Step 4: Save your recordings when you finished the calls.

2 Ways to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Android

Unlike iOS, a great many Android phones have no built-in screen recorder to capture WhatsApp video calls, so users have to record video calls by virtue of other recording apps. Here, we recommended 2 excellent screen recorders to help record WhatsApp video calls on Android.

Method 1: Record WhatsApp Calls on Android with Cube Call Recorder

Cube Call Recorder is a useful widget that once installed and set up, then it can record any call without setting it in advance, so there's no risk of forgetting to record. 

Record WhatsApp Call on Android with Cube Call Recorder

Step 1: Search “Cube Call Recorder” in Google Play Store and install it.

Step 2: Open the Cube Call Recorder if you call someone on WhatsApp or you get a call from it.

Step 3: Click the cube call widget on your phone screen when the WhatsApp call starts. Then the call will be recorded automatically.

Tips: If there is no widget that appears on your screen during the call, your phone does not support the Cube Call Recorder.

Method 2: Record WhatsApp Video Calls Android with AZ Recorder

Except for Cube Call Recorder, another popular recording app is AZ Recorder which is good at recording WhatsApp video calls and also does well in edit the recordings.

Record WhatsApp Video Call Android with AZ Recorder

Step 1: Free download “AZ Recorder” from the Google play store.

Step 2: Click on the AZ Screen Recorder and click on the pop-up widget to set audio and video preferences.

Step 3: When you make a call or receive a call, click the recorder icon on the pop-up widget to start recording. Click the record icon again when you finish your call.


In this article, we've listed the 6 most effective and practical solutions on how to record WhatsApp Calls. Because users are using a variety of devices like iPhone, Android, Mac, iPad, and Windows. We've included detailed instructions and steps for each method, so you can get a wide range of best options from this article. Especially for Windows users, if you are not using the newest Windows 10 system, you have no access to its built-in screen recorder-Xbox Game Bar. As a user-friendly screen recorder, iTop Screen Recorder supports you in recording WhatsApp Calls on Windows 7, 8, 10. There is no reason that you'll dislike it. Try it now!

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