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How to Record League of Legends Gameplay No Lag for Free [PC/Mobile]

How to record League of Legends without lag while playing? Here is a detailed demonstration on how to record gameplay which is helpful for you. Read on!

League of Legends, as one of the most popular tower push games in the world, allows you to greatly release the pressure of work in your spare time and have a great experience by defeating your opponents. Millions of people are loyal players of this game. The official organizes a huge world league to welcome people to cheer for teams from different countries. Well, how to record League of Legends videos while you are playing? How to record those highlight moments in your game? How to record live videos when you don’t have time to watch them on time?

Based on these scenarios, this article introduces some methods on how to record League of Legends gameplay videos for free without lag. After following this detailed guide, you can record all the precious moments you want to remain anytime and anywhere.

How to Record League of Legends

How to Record League of Legends Without Lag on PC 

League of Legends is an online game that consists of 5v5 players on three lanes. The player wins by overthrowing the opponent's tower and defeating the “Nexus”, which is the base of a team. This game is popular all over the world, especially for the PC version. Many players and bloggers record games and upload videos to social platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. It would be helpful if you record League of Legends gameplay in high quality with reliable tools. Read on, and there are feasible ways on how to record League of Legends on PC.

League of Legends is a professional and mature game with decades of operating experience. It is suitable for Windows and Mac system devices on PC. Now, let’s take a look at how to record your screen on PC - Windows and Mac.

1.1 How to record League of Legends on Windows

For Windows users, there is a default feature that allows you to capture the gameplay screen without lag. Below is the instruction on this built-in function. You’ll know how to record your screen on Windows.

Step 1: Click Windows icon>Settings>Gaming.

How to Record Screen on WindowsStep 2: In the Xbox Game Bar Section, turn on the Game Bar button. You can choose the keyboard shortcuts as you like to start your recording.

Step 3: Open League of Legends, start your game. Whenever you want to record a highlight video, use keyboard shortcuts “Win+Alt+R” to record League of Legends gameplay.

How to Record League of Legends on Windows Note: When you’re recording with this default feature, you can see the performance of game running. For instance, the FPS, RAM and CPU performance of it. You can judge the health of your computer according to the data that appeared here. It's a useful lol recorder for players.

1.2 How to record League of Legends on Mac

For Mac users, it’s not difficult to record League of Legends. Mac sets a built-in function for people to record screen gameplay, which is to use the Screenshot toolbar. Below is the description of how to record LOL gameplay on Mac

How to Record League of Legends Gameplay on Mac Step 1: Press the three keys together: Shift + Command +5, then you’ll see the screen controls for recording the screen. 

How to Record League of Legends on MacStep 2: Click record button in the onscreen controls. 

Step 3: Open League of Legends and start to play. You can record gameplay videos anytime once you click the Record button.

Record League of Legends on Mac Note: If you want to stop recording, click in the menu bar or press Command + Control + Esc together. Then a thumbnail appears briefly in the lower-right part of the screen. You can click to edit, save and share.

Except for recording gameplay like League of Legends on Windows or Mac, you can record everything that is happening on your screen, such as record Zoom Meeting without permission, record Messenger video call with audio, and record Netflix streaming without fps losing.

How to Record League of Legends Without Lag on Mobile 

Nowadays, most of the people's time is occupied by work. It is unrealistic to stop for hours to play games in a fixed place. Therefore, in order to bring greater convenience to users all over the world, League of Legends officially launched the mobile version named Wild Rift in 2020. You can play League of Legends with a small cell phone anytime, anywhere.

How to Record League of Legends on Mobile Regardless of whether it is on PC or mobile, there will always be some game highlights that need to be recorded. So how to record League of Legends gameplay on mobile? Next, here is the demonstration of recording screen videos on different system devices - iPhone and Android.

1.1 How to Record League of Legends on iPhone

Step 1: Start League of Legends, then drop down the control center. Click the Recording button.

How to Record Screen on iPhone Step 2: To stop recording videos, drop down the control center again. Then the game video will be automatically saved in the Photos. You can edit and share it to your social platforms.

1.2 How to Record League of Legends on Android

The way to record League of Legends on Android is almost the same on iPhone. 

Step 1: Open the LOL game, and start. When the highlight moment is coming, drop down the control center and click the Screen Recording button.

How to Record Screen on AndroidStep 2: When it is over, click again. Then you can go to the Gallery to watch the video you record. 

For the mobile version of League of Legends is launched last year, there are not so many users playing it. With the trend and heat of the game, attracting millions of players is not a dream. So, it’s necessary to master the basic ability to record LOL gameplay in high quality. You are the pioneer of this popular game in the mobile version. Then, you can record game videos to publish and reach subscribers. In this way, you can become a well-known blogger or celebrity. 

Best Way to Record League of Legends Gameplay - iTop Screen Recorder 

The functions of the built-in video recording tool are always limited. There is a time limitation, and you can not edit after recording and so on. If you want to share your gameplay videos to YouTube or Instagram, you should edit your videos exquisitely before publishing. So, a great lol recorder is necessary. 

To meet your multiple needs, iTop Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders recommended to you. It offers you a 100% free way to record League of Legends gameplay on PC. Now, take a look at its more useful features.

No Time Limitation. There is no time limit for recording with iTop Screen Recorder. You can record from the game starting to ending basically, and continue to record the next games.

No Lag. iTop Screen Recorder ensures that the videos you record are 100% real-time. There is no lag when you are recording. No lagging while recording is the hot feature of iTop Screen Recorder.          

Flexible Recording Area. When you start recording, you can select the area you want to record instead of just recording the full screen. It allows you to select windows, feasible region, and fixed ratio to record League of Legends.

High-Definition Videos. All the game videos you record with iTop Screen Recorder are high-definition videos. You can record screen with sound. What’s more, every corner of the video is clear and clean.

Totally Free. Except for all the good features iTop Screen Recorder owned, there is another issue most users care about. That is, iTop Screen Recorder is totally free for you to use. You can record HD videos no lag without a penny. 

How to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record League of Legends 

Step 1: Free download the iTop Screen Recorder to record gameplay on PC. And install it.

Step 2: Open this lol recorder and set up your preference. You can set the record region, audio format, frame rate and so on.

Step 3: Start to play League of Legends, you can record by clicking the Record button or pressing hotkey F9 to start recording. Then press F9 again to stop. Your gameplay video will be save automatically. You can find it in the iTop Screen Recorder’s album list.How to Record League of Legends - iTop Screen Recorder

The Bottom Line

It’s OK to use built-in screen recorder to capture highlight moments of League of Legends gameplay. But, if you want to explore more functions to record LOL gameplay and make videos delicate, iTop Screen Recorder is your best choice. The question “How to record League of Legends” is solved. Try this magic tool FREE now and share it with your friends.

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