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A Complete Guidance for How to Use Screen Recorder Chrome Extension

Want to record screen without download and installation? This passage provides you with a convenient way to record with screen recorder chrome extensions.

What makes Google Chrome different from other bowers? Apart from its simplicity, speed, and security, one unignorable reason is its appealing extensions on the Chrome Web Store. For example, sometimes you might want to record a screencast in your chrome browser, then it is necessary to have a screen recorder chrome extension for web screen recording. 

Cover of Screen Recorder Chrome Extension

Chrome extension record screen makes it possible for people to capture, record, edit, and share a recording with a simple click. It is a useful tool that powers up your Chrome by adding a recording feature to the web browser. Read the following content and get some glimpses on how to use the Chrome extension screen to capture the whole page.

What’s the Most Convenient Screen Recorder Chrome Extension? 

There are many screen recorder extensions for Google Chrome including Nimbus, Fluvid, Screenity, Screecastify, Loom, Vidyard, Drift, Outklip, ApowerREC, etc. Featured with powerful recording functions, Nimbus Screen Capture could defeat the number of video recording extensions, and maintain the leading position in the market. 

Nimbus Screen Capture is a lightweight screencast tool specially designed for Internet surfers to quickly take a screenshot, and record a browser tab in Chrome browser. In addition, this reliable chrome extension provides plenty of recording modes for users, ranging from full-screen recording to customized area recording. What is more, Nimbus users could annotate and explain while recording to make the screencast more informative. 

How to Use Screen Recorder to Capture Screen?

Step 1. Nimbus Chrome Extension Installation.

Head over to Chrome Web Store and enter Nimbus Chrome Extension in the searching bar. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button and there will be an “N” symbol appearing at your Chrome toolbar.

Step 2. Nimbus Chrome Extension Configuration.

Now you could start to customize Nimbus settings. Click the “N” symbol in the Chrome toolbar, and you will see a drop-down menu where you can increase or decrease the video/audio bitrate, reset frame frequency, and change the resolution quality to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Chrome Extension Record Screen With Nimbus

Step 3. Select the Recording Region.

This convenient tool provides multiple recording modes in accordance with users’ different demands. You can use “visible part of page”, “capture fragment”, “selected area”, “selected & scroll”, “entire page”, “browser window”, and “black screen” to record screen

Screen Recorder Chrome Extension With Nimbus

Step 4. Start, Pause, & Stop a Recording.

Hit the “Start Record” icon at the bottom of the drop-down menu to begin the recording. If you want to pause or stop recording, click the “N” symbol again and hit "Pause" or "Stop Recording". 

Step 5. Edit Recording with Nimbus Chrome Extension.

You could also take advantage of Nimbus advanced editing tools to crop & trim the video, add annotation, make a customized watermark, highlight content with arrows, and embed text messages. Make the best of these tools and create unique videos within several clicks!

Step 6. Save Recording with Nimbus Chrome Extension.

The footage will be available in the system drive and you could access the video from mobile, web, and desktop. You could also download it to a designated folder on your computer.

Nimbus Chrome Extension’s features

  • Support screenshots & screencasts
  • Flexible recording/capturing region
  • Annotation & editing tools
  • Multiple video quality such as 4K, Full HD, and HD.

Using the Nimbus Chrome extension record screen is fantastic. However, some practical functions are only limited to premium users. That is to say, you must pay to get more services such as customized watermark, multiple video formats, video cropping and trimming, and YouTube sharing. Therefore, we recommend another free alternative for the Nimbus screen recorder chrome extension: iTop Screen Recorder

The Best Alternative for Screen Recorder Chrome Extension 

Aiming at Windows users, iTop Screen Recorder is a versatile desktop screencast tool that offers people a one-stop solution of capturing pictures and recording videos in a simple way. Even the beginners could quickly master the utility and promote their work productivity. iTop Screen Recorder has no restriction on video length, and you could record videos as long as you want. In addition, this powerful tool is equipped with a basic video editor, which you can use to trim, cut, and split the recordings with ease.

Unlike screen recorder chrome extension that might stop working or cause the browser to crash, iTop Screen Recorder adopts hardware acceleration, which could stabilize the screencasting process, and ensure a lag-free recording at the higher video quality.

How to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Capture Screen? 

Step 1. Download and Setup.

Download iTop Screen Recorder and launch the software on your computer. The installation is simple, and just follow the instruction wizard to complete the setup. 

Step 2. Configuration.

Tweak the settings for your video. You can decide how you like your FPS, Bitrate, Resolution, etc. 

Audio options are also important too, try to manage your mic, system sound, and audio format to promise high-quality sounds.

Set the Parameters in iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3. Start & End a Recording.

Select a region you want to record, then press the red “REC” button to begin. If you want to stop the recording, click the red “Done” button to complete. 

Step 4. Save and Share a Recording. 

The recordings are automatically saved in your designated downloading folders. You could do more by previewing, editing, uploading, and deleting the video under the “My Creations” tab. 

Navigate to My Creation to Find Your Raw Footage

iTop Screen Recorder’s Features

  • Simple and excellent interface
  • 100% free to use
  • Screen capture and video editing feature.
  • Unlimited video length 
  • HD recording quality without watermarks
  • Multiple video output (12 formats) 
  • Quick sharing and uploading on video channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Comparison: Screen Recorder Chrome Extension VS Desktop Screen Recorder

After getting to know all the details of the two recording options, you must have further understood the two kinds of screen recorders mentioned above. Which one would you choose? A screen recorder chrome extension or a desktop screen recorder? To make it clearer, we have compared the two tools from different aspects, so you could weigh up the pros and cons and make a wise decision. 

Screen Recorder Chrome Extension
 iTop Screen Recorder
Screenshots & Screencasts
Recording Duration
Video Quality
4K, Full HD, and HD. 
Video Output Formats 

Limited output formats (WebM file format only)

Allow convert to MP4 and GIF formats only for premium users 

Multiple video outputs including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP3, GIF, etc.
Editing Tool 
Crop and trim videos only for premium users 
Trim, cut, and split the videos
Publish and Upload

Upload videos to Google Drive and Dropbox only for premium users

Publish screencasts on YouTube only for premium users

Upload videos to a wide range of platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, and Dropbox
User Experience
Chrome extension is unstable and might stop working or cause Chrome to crash at times.
Fast, stable without lagging

Final Words

From the table above, it is eminent that both screen reorder chrome extension and desktop screen recorder are powerful, and meanwhile, they have subtle differences to serve different occasions. Chrome screen recorder requires no download and is more convenient. And desktop recorder – iTop Screen Recorder is more functional. If you are on a hunt for a good screencasting tool, we strongly recommend downloading the ideal screen recorder for an easy and smooth recording experience. 

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