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The Best Game Recording Software no Watermark – Record Gameplay on PC without Watermark

Game record software has been widely used now. Find the best game recording software no watermark and record gameplay on Windows 11/10 etc. with ease!

With the rapid growth of the game market, more and more people start to play games. It seems to become a new type of relaxation in the current society. However, not every player can master a game easily, some experienced gamers start to share their strategies with those new joiners, one way is by game recording. To have the best video watching experience, game recording should be clear and without watermarks. Lots of free game record software in the market restrict users by adding a watermark on the recorded gameplay and can only be removed after paying for the software.

Game Recording Software No Watermark

Where to find game recording software no watermark? This article is going to recommend the best one for you.

Why Do You Need Game Recording Software no Watermark

Game recording software can easily capture your gameplay in HD quality. Compared to the old times, to demonstrate gameplay, people need to write a long and detailed article with lots of pictures, game recorder allows users to demonstrate gaming more vividly and clearly. It is much easier for people who wants to share game knowledge or describe problems faced in games playing. However, it is preferred to choose game recording software no watermark, especially for people who need to use non-watermarked gameplay video as a segment in other videos or want to share a clean gameplay video on social networking like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. What’s more, big watermarks on the recorded video may cover gameplay details or subtitles which lead to a drop in video quality.

What’s the Best Game Record Software Without Watermark

With the growing need for game recording software no watermark, there are many screen recording programs in the market. People seek reliable game recording software with no watermark and great performance. If you have no idea which one is powerful enough and have no time to test your discovered program one by one, you can trust iTop Screen Recorder. Why? Its excellent features tell.

Game mode with no watermark

As one of the best game recording software, iTop Screen Recorder can record gameplay with no watermark. The game mode enables users to record those wonderful and meaningful gaming moments extremely smoothly without lagging or FPS drop! iTop Screen Recorder can record GD gameplay videos as well as record VR gameplay, Switch gameplay and more on PC while keeping vivid image quality due to the relatively low CPU utilization. It is perfect for recording fast-paced games as iTop applied the hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder technique.

Easy to use with unlimited recording time

iTop Screen Recorder is very user-friendly software. The software interface is simple and clean. You can start a recording in three steps and each step is elaborately designed, beginners can master it within a few minutes! Users can record gameplay simply by setting up preferences, recording the screen, and saving videos. In addition, it enables you to record video with no time limit. That is, it can fully satisfy you no matter how long the recorded gameplay video will be.

Flexible screen recording with facecam & audio

This game record software without watermark can easily capture your online games, facecam and audio. Users can select any area of the screen to start recording, from the full-screen mode to a small dialog box, it can always meet your needs. It is also professional in audio, even a tiny microphone on your headset will be completely recorded. A perfect game record software like it also allows users to record their face in a video and you can even take screenshots while recording.

Multiple outputs and all-in-one video editing tools

Experience the most excellent free game recording software with multiple outputs and an all-in-one video editing tool. iTop Screen Recorder brings users far beyond recording, it allows users to record screen and edit videos simultaneously. It supports an easy-to-use built-in editor for cutting and trimming. More than 12 output formats are supported to be storage and conversion, for example, video formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, GIF, etc., and audio formats like MP3, AAC, AC3, etc.

How to Record Gameplay on PC no Watermark

At first, it should be mentioned that iTop Screen Recorder is exclusive for Microsoft Windows, it is fully compatible with Windows 11/10 and lower version, so there is no worry of PC incompatibility issues. Now, you can download and install the game recording software no watermark. Follow the guide to film your gameplay video now.

Step 1: Set up preferences

Firstly, choose the game recording mode. In the middle of the main screen, you will see feather settings for HUD, speakers, mic, and webcam. You can easily set them by clicking the On / Off button. If you see N/A for some feathers, it means you don’t have a related device installed.

Step 2: Record the screen

iTop Screen Recorder can automatically detect launched games. Click the REC button, the recording will be started after a countdown of three seconds. You can also automatically start and end the recordings at a scheduled time with the recording schedule function. To stop recording, press the stop button to end.

Step 3: Save and edit

Then, Click Watermark button to set no watermark on your gameplay video. Otherwise, you can customize own watermark which will not interrupt the gameplay video at all for protecting your copyright. Now, Game record videos will be found under the “my creations” tap. You can see preview, edit, upload, rename, delete, and open file location by right clicking the video. Sharing is also easy as users can upload their video recordings to SNS with just a single click within the software.

How to Record Gameplay on PC Without Watermark

Tip: iTop Screen Recorder can also help you record online videos on Twitter, YouTube etc. or live gameplay videos for later offline watching.

The End

Both the development of gaming industry and livestreaming services for gaming (for example twitch) inspire huge requirement of game record software. Online screen recorder or free game recorders empowers gamers or game lovers to record gameplay on PC easily conveniently, but always put the watermark on the video. iTop Screen Recorder, known for its power on game recording, eliminates the limitation to be the best game recording software no watermark for Windows. It helps game enthusiasts easily and quickly record wonderful moments with unlimited recording time! You can edit your gameplay within minutes. Quickly download iTop Screen Recorder, your free game record software, and enjoy the excellent game record software without watermark right away!

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